Someone is localizing Lux Pain…

By Spencer . April 30, 2008 . 2:47pm

And it’s probably Rising Star. Marvelous Interactive who published the Killaware designed game earlier this year and you may have forgotten about Lux Pain by now. Maybe you never heard of it. This trailer should help get you up to speed.




lpain.jpgThe short story is Lux Pain is an adventure game where you scratch the bottom screen to uncover sigma icons. I tasted Lux Pain back at Tokyo Game Show and it’s pretty interesting albeit somewhat similar to Time Hollow. However, since it’s an adventure game most people probably want to play it in their native language.


Good news if it you’re fluent in English, Amazon has a listing for Lux Pain with Rising Star as the publisher. While this is far from official, it’s pretty much what I expected since Rising Star is the European subsidiary of Marvelous. Unfortunately, this news is only for Europe, but as long as an English version is in development importing from Europe is the worse case scenario.


Images courtesy of Marvelous.

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  • Mazen

    Great I really love this genre, and importing is always not a problem for me as long as its in English.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Sweet. Thought it was just US at first but Europe? Even better. Saves me from importing.

  • Aoshi00

    Ah.. the signature laughter of Yagami Light from Death Note :)

    I’ve had my eyes set on this and Time Hollow too, I think the latter stole all the attention, w/ the theme song being on DDR and all. I finally finished Anata wo Yurusanai today, great ending and fell in love w/ jazzy soundtrack.

  • EvilAkito

    Excellent news. I’m looking forward to playing both this and Time Hollow. It would be cool if somebody had the balls to localize the DS version of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

  • LuminousAtelier

    Ohh wow I’ve been interested in this since I heard about here on siliconera,I look forward to playing it.:3

  • @Ryu Kazama – Actually, the news is only for Europe now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lux Pain in North America too.

    @Aoshi00 – How good is Anata wo Yurusanai? I’ve been considering it since it’s going to be a budget re-release from AQ soon.

    @EvilAkito – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni… that would be a surprise if it ever came out. I think split licensing might play a role in the decision.

  • Aoshi00

    @Spence — I liked it a lot, very suspenseful, different than a lot of the regular detective games. I even ordered the soundtrack since I want to find out which tracks were composed by Uetmatsu (he did 9 out of 27).

    The first 3 cases have you investigate extramarital affairs. It might sound petty, but we’re told that a lot of the detective work in reality is actually comprised of tailing cheaters. Of course these cases eventually escalate to something more unpredictable. Then the last two cases is about the main story.

    One could make some choices that could bring to an immediate gamecover, but you can save at any time and there’s also a handly skip function. But be prepared though this is more like a visual novel, so most of the time you can just hold the PSP single-handedly and read it like a book, and get to pick some choices w/ the analog stick from time to time.

    After you beat the game, you have a menu to access any chapter and sub-chapter, I still haven’t gotten 100% for any of the case, I would go back to try the diff. routes later.

    I’ve waited months for the price to come down, I thought it would go on sale since it’s so text heavy, but I finally plunged $40 for a new copy, really worth it. I’m picky w/ cover art so I can’t stand the greatest hits cover :(… Unfortunately I think chances of this coming over here is rather slim though.. I would get the sequel if there ever is one.

  • neolink

    Yeah, his laugh sounds pretty reminiscent of Light’s Laugh.

  • Mazen

    I hope Anata wo Yurusanai get a western release I really love detective games, even Sony themself should release the game in the US if you look at the PSP release schedule in the US its a disaster there is nothing in the coming months.

  • Aoshi00

    @neolink – that’s because it is indeed the voice of Light (Miyano Mamoru), he also voices Ratix in the new PSP Star Ocean First Deptarure too :)

    @Mazen – there aren’t that many puzzles in this game though, it’s really more like a novel than anything, so might not suit everyone’s taste, it was quite thrilling to me.. Also the background art is based on real location shots except touched up by photoshop, so has a rather distinctive Japanese feel (the chars look Japanese too rather than the univeral anime look like Phoenix Wright). If they translate it to English, I’d buy it again. I still need to play Jake Hunter.. My next most anticipated PSP game is Infinite Loop.

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  • tiramisuforyou

    I’m playing through the game right now because my company is responsible for the English localization. I was told to finish the game over the weekend so I can get a feel for the ’emotional curve’ and character personalities.

    Anyway, interesting game. You basically just run around and talk to people, check internet cafe message boards, read peoples’ minds, etc. Basically, it’s a detective game, yet quite enjoyable. I’ve never played a dating simulation or any kind of game where you only talk, so this is a new experience for me. I like the dark atmosphere (group suicides, animal abuse, bullying, murders, hateful intentions, loneliness…) and music as well. The characters say interesting things so that means you’re having fun gathering information and looking for clues. Story is compelling. Voice acting is superb (it’s Japanese after all). Everybody has a voice for like half their lines.

    There are 21 episodes in the game. I am on episode 2. I’m just trying to blast through and only do what I have to do, but it’s taking time. I’d say, it takes at least one hour to finish an episode. So yeah.

  • bittertranslator

    tiramisuforyou, I’m on the translation team for this game. We’ve been going crazy trying to translate it and input the corresponding codes. How in the world did you get this in May, when we got it in July? If we had time to play the game, we wouldn’t be having such a difficult time right now figuring out things as we go with such a short deadline per the massive files we have to translate.

    As a gamer, I have to say that this game is fine if you are Japanese or have a firm grasp of Japanese culture *and enjoy such*, but if you have no idea about things such as Souseki and the multiple readings for Kanji, then you’re doomed. This may put off many otherwise interested gamers.

    Unless by localization, you mean rewriting the script. Oh yeah, and there’s a very tiny character limit. Good luck with that.

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