Dive into Lost Odyssey’s Seekers of the Deep

By Spencer . May 23, 2008 . 1:35am

lo.jpgThe third (well, second for North America) piece of downloadable content for Lost Odyssey is about to arrive on the US/Canada Xbox Live Marketplaces today. We talked about it before, but in case you don’t remember for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) you get an extra dungeon. The Seeker of the Deep (aka Seeker of the Abyss) package brings Kaim into an underwater area with new monsters and items not found in the regular game. One of them is the Eternal Magic Engine, an accessory that removes MP costs from all skills. Yes, immortals can learn the ability essentially making them even more overpowered.


While no further Lost Odyssey content has been announced in any other region there is one content package absent from the US Xbox Live Marketplace. Microsoft gave out cards with a code to unlock the Master’s Secret Scroll and the additional dream sequence as a pre-order bonus in North America. However, this content has yet to appear on the US Xbox Live Marketplace. Meanwhile, it’s available in other regions and the downloadable content is completely compatible with the US version.


Images courtesy of Microsoft.

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  • Mazen

    They are too late if they released it 2 months ago I would play and analyze every corner, well I will get it to support the by far the best 360 game.

  • Aoshi00

    This dungeon is okay, a little boring actually, 25 floors of more or less the same thing.. I still haven’t figured out how to beat the boss (Professor K) yet since there’s no save point nearby, one needs to go down the whole dungeon in order to reach the boss every time.

    Despite being an avid Lost Odyssey fan, I would say it is okay to save 400 MS pts.

    Actually I regret getting this DLC from the Jpn marketplace since it’s only compatible w/ the Jpn game, while the US piece would give us access to all 5 languages.

  • Jake

    Fuck this download. No saves in a 25 floor dungeon, the boss has 108k hp, it can hit you with Annihilation and a special attack called Kolo-timate hit(16k damage to your whole team), its basically immune to physical damage, it casts reflect, which you can’t get rid of, and makes it impossible to beat. It also casts regenerus which makes it heal 20k every god-damned turn. Fuck that dungeon, fuck that boss. And even if you get the perpetual magic engine, which drops your magic cost to 0, you’ve beaten the hardest boss the game has, so what the hell do you even need it for? All-in-all, DO NOT BUY the Seeker of the Deep!

  • Tam

    I’m agreeing with Jake. A dungeon that huge and difficult without save points? I might try again just to level up my people a little but after doing all but 2 of the sidequests I’m already at level 80 and this dungeon is still near impossible for me. I was tempted by the eternal magic engine but by the time you hit floor 20 its just not worth it. The random battles become too hard and the boss is near impossible to beat, if not completely impossible. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could go up to save and then just go back down to the level you were at instead of having to do the entire thing all over again. Dying on level 22 is no fun.
    Really Seekers of the Deep should have had 10 floors, elevators every 2 floors, and maybe more random battles b/c a lot of the floors have the same enemies. AND it wouldn’t have hurt to throw in a save point!
    Don’t buy it unless you have absolutely nothing better to do and love to be frustrated.


    I can tell you kinda a walkthrough to beating Prof. K. I beat him after like 40 tries and you need Reversa,Divide,and your immortals equiped with persistence, (which can be learned from Tolten).I also used,Kaim,Seth,Ming,Cooke,and Sarah, all around lvl 95.Keep Reflect constantly casted on your entire party,if Reflect happens to go down,just recast it. Typically, Prof K only cast regenurus on himself at the beggining of the match.Wait for it to wear of and still continue Double-Casting Reflect on your party.Keeping Reflect up will allow you to hit Prof K with his own Prismus, it also makes Annihilation Miss.Eventually he will use either Kelo-Cannon or Kelo-timate Hit.Hopefully, (this is where luck comes into play) it hits Sarah or Ming and persistence will hold them at 1 hp. If Prof K casts Reflect on himself,cast dispel, it will get rid of his reflect then it will also randomly get casted on one of your party members, (just have cooke recast reflect on that party member).Once reflect is stable and you you have time to attack have Seth and Kaim use Double item to heal and have Sarah, Ming, and Cooke cast Divide-if hp is full, or reversa- if hp is at 1 from persistence. I also had Ming and Sarah learn royal equipment and taught taught them Hp Max 4(its one of the accesorries from the tolten sidequest).This then would allow me to either do 9998 damage per turn or 9999 damage per turn.You should beat him after about 40 turns or so with this strat. Hopefully I helped someone out with the frustration part lol

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