Testing Kurenai in Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2

By Spencer . July 9, 2008 . 8:23pm


When I had a chance to play Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 the first thing I did was select Kurenai. The leader of Team 8 doesn’t attack with illusions like in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3. Kurenai has in your face kicks and a few tree tricks. As for jutsus she can tie up another character with a branch by pressing down + A. This move is a retooled version of Yamato’s wood binding jutsu from Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX 2. Another move summons a wood spear from the sky, which momentarily stuns another plyer. Kurenai can also teleport by holding back on the analog stick and pressing A.


The wood binding move is useful if you can catch another player in it. Once bound, you can walk up to them and do the Tree Binding Death ougi. Kurenai also has a second ougi, which functions more like a powerful counterattack. If you hold back on the analog stick and press down on the D-pad Kurenai switches into counter stance where she reacts to any attack by sealing the opponent to a tree and slashing him/her with her kunai.


When I talked to Tomy I tried to get more information out about the other characters. Tomy’s representative was tightlipped, as expected, but told me “Kurenai is the tip of the iceburg.” Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 still has many more characters to reveal since we’re not even close to identifying everyone in the 35 character roster. The story is an original plot, which might be a surprise. There is also another unknown use for motion control other than shaking to punch and doing chakra recovering hand seals.


Later in the conversation I found out the fan feedback Tomy listened to led to adding options which allow players to remove the breakable objects and stage transitions. Tournament players should be happy about this. Hardcore Naruto fans will be pleased to know Naruto has a new jutsu when he transforms into the One Tailed Kyuubi. Instead of the feral slash combo in Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4, Naruto has a Kyuubi powered Rasengan.


Images courtesy of Tomy.

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  • Hello Hello

    Wow. 35 characters and an original story? This one might actually be good!

  • SomeDude

    Well, Naruto fans…

    If 35 characters and an original story doesn’t motivate you to buy this game, then be satisfied with just getting the ports of the JP version 2 years later…

    I guarantee you putting in all 35 of those characters into an original Naruto game cost someone a crapload of cash. “Believe it”.

  • shizune

    i read that they created
    4 new characters never before seen in any clash of ninja game

  • Wow, I hope they put the Hokages in this one.

  • superfan

    well the coment sorta doesnt make any senes because naruto in his one tailed form already had rasengan but somedude is somewhat right in a way but then again if it has aqn original story there can possibly be worthless characters

  • All these stuff like more than 30 characters, new and long storyline, better stages than before, and even more… This is going to be the greatest Naruto game on the Wii in english. All Naruto fans will get this, and nonfans should, b/c i just know this is goibg to be a great game. Because am myself is a Naruto fan, i will get this game as soon as it opens.

  • shizune

    I WANT TO CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE SOUND 4?????

    Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 Character List
    Below we have listed all 35 of the characters that will be available in Clash of Ninja Revoution 2. The list is based on the screenshots and interviews by D3/TOMY and the demos which were playable at Anime Expo 2008 and E3. The last four are characters exclusive to the game.
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 1-Tailed Fox Form
    Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Cursed Seal Level 2
    Sakura Haruno
    Kakashi Hatake
    Choji Akamichi
    Ino Yamanaka
    Shikamaru Nara
    Asuma Sarutobi
    Rock Lee
    Neji Hyuga
    Might Guy
    Hinata Hyuga
    Hinata Hyuga in Awakened State
    Kiba Inuzuka
    Shino Aburame
    Kurenai Yuhi
    Itachi Uchiha
    Kisame Hoshigaki
    Anko Mitarashi
    Yugao Uzuki
    New Character 1: 2nd row 5th person (has red hair)
    New Character 2: 2nd to last row, 1st person (has white hair)
    New Character 3: 2nd to last row, last person (has ANBU / Hunter-Ninja mask)
    New Character 4: Last row, 1st person (has ANBU / Hunter-Ninja mask)

    All trademarks, logos, and images are the property of their respective and rightful owners. This web site has been created for the sole purpose of providing entertainment, knowledge and encouragement toward the growth of Japanese Animation

  • eclipse

    Hey SHizune, remember me.

    Yeah I saw that list too. There is no Sound 5, no third Hokage, No Zabuza, or Haku either. This game will be okay, but not including those chracters is a great turn off. If it had these characters plus the america exclusive it could be that much better. I don’t know what to think about this game.

  • army

    I saw the (i expect not) complete roster and is a good idea to put have those characters plus haku, zabuza, iruka, mizuki, 3rd hokage and the sound 5

  • shizune

    heyyy!!! i remember u!! lol

    yea i know i was dissappointed and sad but i will get over it…..i was reading some of other peoples comments on other websites and i saw that people were MAD!!

    i know i mean to me personally i would have wanted the sound 5 more than anyone and shizune lol i mean who would have thought of baki and yurao uzuki would be on here u know? and i had a feeling about kurenai and asuma being on here so it was not a surprise to me

    but those 2 weird charcters and those 2 anbus? come on i would have expected someone else :( like shizune *cough*cough*

    like this whole intire year i have been telling myself “eeek the sound 5 are almost here to the wii!!!” but then to find out that they r not is just…..sad to me :(

    but im still going to get the game lol but its just…..i dont know my excitiment for the sound 5 just came crashing :'( :(

  • eclipse

    Was that the absolute final list? Maybe the sound 5 appear in hidden spaces that are not shown from the begining on the character select screen like CON2. Wikipedia still has question marks next to the sound 5 and haku, zabuza and the third, so who knows if they are added also. Thats my only hope. But either way, like u I plan on getting the game.

  • eclipse

    Hey everyone,

    For those who think that the story mode is after the sasuke vs Naruto arc, wiinintendo.net has the whole interview with one of the guys working on the game. He says the storyline starts after tsunade becomes hokage.

  • shizune

    hey guys!!!!

    ………….damn!!! i forgot where i saw it!!!!!
    or did i read it??

    anyways i read/saw that the story is after the filler arc but before shippuden…..its the 2 1/2 year spand between them

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