Is this the name of a new Suikoden game?

By Spencer . August 6, 2008 . 10:23am

ski.jpgKonami has been quiet about the Suikoden series. I believe the last official release was Suikoden V on the PlayStation 2 Things may change for the better since Konami trademarked Suikoden Tierkreis in North America for use with “video game software”. Chances are good this will be a new entry in the Suikoden series, but before you get your hopes up remember Square Enix cancelled Chrono Break. Hopefully, Konami will warm PSP/PlayStation 3 owners up to the series by releasing Suikoden on the PlayStation Store. It’s already been rated by the ESRB.


Images courtesy of Konami.

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  • Jenni

    I can only hope that maybe, maybe, this could refer to a NA release the Japanese Suikoden I&II game.

  • Simon

    yea seeing there doesn’t seem to be any news for new Suikoden games in Japan.. and the game has already been rated.. it is very likely it be the Suikoden I&II on the PSP

  • @Simon – Just to play devil’s advocate you know Konami trademarked names for two Castlevania games before they were announced in Japan like a few months ago. Trademark stuff is usually a pre-cursor for news rather than an offical announcement.

  • Tierkreis is German for “Zodiac” according to Wikipedia, so maybe we can glean some kind of meaning for the game off of that. I didn’t play the original; I hopped on board with the second game, so I don’t know if the first game had any symbolic ties to the Zodiac or if it’s a new story idea. Maybe 12 important Runes? Who knowz.

  • @Nick Doerr – Thanks for the info :). I didn’t know that! I wonder how that works into the whole connection with Shui Hu Zhuan and the 108 Stars of Destiny. Interesting side note: Konami released a game loosely based on the Chinese Zodiac called Twelve for the PSP. I used to own it, but it’s in better hands now.

  • Al

    Suikoden 6 please. Or at the very least another spin-off like Tactics/Rhapsodia but with more interesting characters than the ones from S4.

  • Melody Kitn

    *Bounces up and down all giddy-like*

  • Mazen

    Hopefully its the next Suikoden, and anyone who read this and didn’t
    play Suikoden 5 you should, its one of the best RPGs.

  • Jerk

    Non-spoilers Chrono Break was never a real game, it wasn’t even a Square game it was just some internet bull.

  • LeafPanda

    I hopes its for the PS2. Even though deep inside I know its not. Tierkieis is the German word for Zodiac. -Ty google- Spin-off maybe?

  • Pesmerga00

    Please be Suikoden 6 on a console, not hand held. I heard a weird rumor about it being on PSP, but I think that was disproved( Some Japanese Retailer listed it as such).

  • EvilAkito

    Sweet! It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything at all regarding the Suikoden series. Although with that title, I’d expect that it’ll end up being another spin-off game, but I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

  • Sac

    Any new release in the Suikoden series would be good, though I’m also hoping this will be Suikoden 6, just with a subtitle added to try and make it seem like a new game.

    Like what happened with the English release of Shadow Hearts 2 (The “2” became “Covenant”…or however that sub title was spelled!)

  • Pichi

    I still want Suikoden 1&2 to come over here! Good if a new one is announce, but I would want 1&2 to come over so bad…

  • Antimatzist

    Could you please change the last sentence? There is a lot of confusion, as people start thinking that “Suikoden Tierkres” has already been rated, but in reality, it’s the first Suikoden. A lot of people misunderstand this.

  • Pesmerga00

    I was thinking that this might be a side story. Nick Doerr said that Tierkreis means Zodiac. So it might possibly have to do with the Zodiac Sword from the game, which is also the Night Rune. Though I believe that it was called the Star Dragon Sword in the English version.

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