Two editions of Tales of Hearts planned for Japan

By Spencer . August 20, 2008 . 2:03pm


In a strange decision Namco Bandai will release two SKUs for Tales of Hearts when it comes out in December. As seen in this issue of Famitsu, you get to pick if you want to purchase Tales of Hearts with anime movies or CG movies. The cutscenes appear to be the only difference between the two games. Which style do you prefer?


While I appreciate the choice releasing two different games seems excessive on my wallet. I wonder which game or games Namco Bandai will bring to North America if they decide to utilize this trademark they registered.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • Ana

    Bleh, I don’t like the way those characters look in the CG scenes. If this game gets released in America I hope they don’t skip on the anime version. D:

  • bamcorofl

    Namco hometek will pick the 3D CG version. They have horrible taste and have no idea what gamers want.

  • Nabe

    Right one, pls.

  • Nabe


    If the previous Tales releases are any indication and they decide to choose one over the other, it’s likely they’ll take the anime scenes.

    Give Namco Bandai some credit. If they had no idea what gamers want, would they have bothered to bring any of the Tales series here?

  • Laexerias

    Wah, i pick up both… its hard for me to decide

  • Aluxes

    ANIME!! yeah lol hope that if they release it here in america they’ll release both as well…or at least the anime version…CG doesnt suit the ”tales of” series..

  • rainking187

    That’s certainly a new one. It’d be cool if we could get both in the US, but at this point with Tales DS games I’d be happy to get it at all.

  • RiceBoi


    If Namco Bandai had an idea what gamers want, then why isn’t Tales of Rebirth or Tales of Innocence here? Where’s our Tales of Destiny PS2 remake and Tales of Destiny 2?

    Anyway, I hope they bring the anime version over too. CG just looks weird, more like Final Fantasy then Tales.

  • bamcorofl

    The CG is awful looking, but gives Bamco Hometek a chance to brag about DAZZLING REALISTIC 3D ANIMATION.

  • Al

    I’d have to go with the anime one myself. The CG clashes too much with the in-game art and graphics. It’s even worse than FFX where all the characters had Asian faces in the CG and Caucasian faces everywhere else.
    Kind of an interesting idea to offer two versions I guess. Though it seems like just a way to capitalize on collectors.

  • That is actually a brilliant idea. I’ve heard several people complain about the CG. Namco bandai certainly like to please the fans… well the ones on their home turf anyway.

  • Pichi

    I wish they would have brought over Tales of Innocence. I’m still undecided which version I would want to get.

  • seiya19

    What the… This is really surprising. Well, I guess that having the choice is better than not having it, although I hope this doesn´t become a trend for JRPGs…

    Both styles look good to me, but I think that I would choose the “anime” one…

    If the game is localized, I hope that they bring both to the US. After all, Megaman and Pokémon games (for example) have been released in their different versions, so there´s no reason why Namco-Bandai can´t release both versions. They have no excuse…

  • Hello Hello

    I like the anime style better. If this does get localized I hope that we get the anime version.

  • Mikael

    As people have made jokes about before, if this gets localized you betcha they will use the CG (since fools think its cooler than cartoon), I found the CG in Revenant Wings just so ugly (almost as bad as this) and why they always have to force upon you these! it does not contribute to quality or tell a story in a good way…

    FF 3 CG was fine however as an intro thing, the same with Ring of Fates (but could be fine without it).

    Well fingers crossed for a localization at least,

  • R

    Cartoon version all the way.

    But since US gamers haet unrealistic 2D (or so says the stereotype) there’s no way we’ll get it. IF we get anything at all. Sigh.

  • Tim N

    I would buy both if both were released here. For gosh sakes, I have 3 copies of Rings of Fate D: It doesn’t matter to me.

    But if only one were to be released here, I would go with anime since all the “Tales of” series here are anime styled.

  • jarrod

    I’d actually suspected this way back when Namco announced their 400k sales target in Japan. LOL.

  • Nika

    I go with anime like most people here, somehow the CG just doesn’t feel like the Tales series. But I can’t really say untill I’ve tried it of course.

  • divinelight

    I’ll choose CG.
    But, this news really got me. I don’t understand at first looking at the trailer, but I know that this game will have two version like this.

    Maybe one word to describe… weird.

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