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Tales of Series Reaches A New Sales Milestone Of 20 Million Units Worldwide

By Sato . May 8, 2019 . 3:30am

There hasn’t been a new Mothership Tales of game for a few years now, but the series is well and alive as Bandai Namco announced that it has reached a new milestone of 20 million units sold worldwide.

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Tales Series Has Topped 16 Million Units Shipped Worldwide

By Sato . December 17, 2015 . 12:00am

Bandai Namco announced today that their Tales series has shipped 16 million units of its games worldwide, since starting the franchise back in 1995 with Tales of Phantasia on Super Famicom.

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Tales Of Festival 2014 Set For May 31 And June 1

By Spencer . December 24, 2013 . 11:06pm

Every year, Namco Bandai holds a festival for Tales of fans. Tales of Festival 2014 is scheduled for May 31, 2014 and June 1, 2014 at the Yokohama Arena.

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Teaser Site Has Hints About The Next Tales Of Title

By Spencer . December 6, 2013 . 12:58am

A book with the Legend of the Priest says long ago during the era of myths when the world was covered in darkness, someone appeared and restored the light.

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Next Tales Of Game Will Be Revealed On December 12

By Spencer . December 3, 2013 . 10:02pm

After all of those flashbacks to other mothership Tales games, Namco Bandai’s Tales of teaser site… led to another countdown. But, wait! We will actually find out what the next Tales game is on December 12.

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Namco Bandai Has Buy One Get One Free Tales Of Game Sale In Japan

By Spencer . November 28, 2013 . 2:21am

Black Friday doesn’t exist in Japan, but this sale on Tales of games is quite a deal. You can get two downloadable Tales games for PSP for the price of one.

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A Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest And Tales Collaboration Might Be Possible?

By Sato . October 17, 2013 . 1:33am

So a Slime, a Moogle and Lloyd Irving walk into a bar… okay, I got nothing. However, this month’s issue of V Jump does!

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Tales Producer Hideo Baba Explains Why They Register So Many Tales Trademarks

By Cheng Kai . October 14, 2013 . 2:33am

Tales Of producer Hideo Baba explains why they register so many Tales trademarks and how one Tales name ended up unused because it was the name of a company in Canada.

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New Tales Smartphone App Coming In 2014

By Spencer . October 1, 2013 . 12:35am

Namco Bandai is cooking something new in the smartphone division and it’s tied to the Tales series. Jpop group Do As Infinity leaked the news in the description for their 15th anniversary album.

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Next Tales Of Artwork Almost Has A Final Fantasy Feel To It [Update: Teaser Video]

By Spencer . May 21, 2012 . 1:59am

Series producer Hideo Baba said the upcoming Tales game is a mothership title and will have a more modern style. He wasn’t kidding. The Next Tales of title has giant cities and futuristic trains.

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Next Tales Of Game Asks Would You Destroy The World For A Girl?

By Spencer . May 15, 2012 . 10:40pm

While other Tales games have a fantasy feel with swords and magic, this Tales game will have a modern feel to it.

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Nineteen Days Until Namco Bandai Reveals The Next Tales Of Game

By Spencer . May 14, 2012 . 2:03am

Before the game’s premiere, Namco Bandai will promote the next Tales of game with commercials in Fuji TV show Hey! Hey! Hey! on May 21 and May 28.

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Next Tales Of Game Will Be Announced In June

By Spencer . May 9, 2012 . 12:00pm

Next Tales of title will be announced during Tales of Festival 2012, which will be held in the Yokohama Arena on June 2 and 3rd.

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Tales Of Producer Wants To Make Better Tales Games With Existing Hardware

By Spencer . May 3, 2012 . 3:30pm

“For now, we are looking at making better Tales of games with existing hardware. Of course, when the new generation of consoles appears, we will develop for those as well.”

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Tales Producer Hideo Baba Answers Fan Questions, Says No To Realistic Tales

By Spencer . April 23, 2012 . 4:01pm

Taking questions from Tales fans in Europe, Namco Bandai put together this video of Tales producer Hideo Baba answering questions like,” Is there any Tales of game you guys regret making?” (Spoiler alert: No.)