Current Tales of Vesperia DLC won’t give you God-like characters

By Spencer . August 22, 2008 . 12:48pm


Kotaku sparked an interesting discussion when Level up packs appeared as Tales of Vesperia downloadable content. There are three packs online now: Level Up + 5 (1), Level Up + 5 (2), and Level Up + 10. However, you cannot repeatedly buy the Level Up + 10 Pack and skip grinding all together. Each of these packs and the 300,000 gold can only be purchased once. If you buy all of the level up packs the maximum paid level boost you can get is 20 levels for 700 Microsoft Points ($8.75).


The paid content items are actual items as seen in the above screenshot. When you use them the Xbox DLC item is consumed. In the case of the level up items you won’t be able to buy another one unless Namco Bandai sells Level Up + 20 in the future. While this may save you time on a quest to become level 99 you still have to work towards the achievement. The official Tales of Vesperia blog doesn’t state the cooking ingredients have a limit so you can probably buy those over and over again, but if Tales of Vesperia is like any other Tales game cooking items should be easy to come by.


Namco Bandai is probably aiming at casual gamers and RPG novices with the downloadable content. This reminds me back to E3 where someone checking out Tales of Vesperia and explained their disdain for combat. A Namco Bandai representative then demonstrated how all of the characters can be set to AI and you can literally watch the fight. I thought it was strange at the time because the Tales games are pretty much about fighting. At least this content is optional and some packs are free. I would rather have unnecessary content like this than missing levels like in Beautiful Katamari.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • 123

    I don’t see why people are making such a fuss about this.

    It’s not gonna be required to download this stuff to play the game.
    And if you think it’s stupid, hey don’t download it. I’m not gonna download it.

    It’s not spoiling the game in anyway for me. Why do I care if some chump spends 10 dollars to make his characters better. This isn’t an MMOrpg. It’s not like it affects everyone that buys the game. I just don’t understand the whining about this.

    Sure you can look at it as Namco milking fans for money, but they’re a company, thats what they do. blah blah blah

    Okay i’ll shut up now

  • Daizyujin

    Yes please do. It is people like you with this lazy attitude that makes it worse for all of us who are getting sick of companies trying to nickel and dime us to death after we supposedly bought the whole game. And Namco/Bandai is the worst offender of the bunch.

  • byrc


    ummm, seriously wtf. All of the items are accessible through the game normally. Just because you don’t have the will power and financial self-control to not buy this, doesn’t mean everyone is going to buy it. If this DLC included parts of the story of the game, I would be pissed. But all of this stuff is accessible through the game. You’re not paying for sword that isnt’ in the game. How are they nickle and dime-ing you? Are you going to buy this? Is this stuff you can’t get if you actually try to play the game?

    Namco can do whatever they want, heck they can sell the fucking cutscene for the end of the game, so you don’t even need to finish it, but I would care at all. Do you know why? Because I won’t buy it. It doesn’t effect me whatsoever.

  • Daizyujin

    You can shut up as well. Seriously I don’t care what it is. DLC should be free. If the dlc is available day and date there is something wrong. You are being ripped off. Perhaps this don’t bother you but other publishers are doing this crap as well and that is what we as gamers need to stop. Send a message to these companies that we are not going to give them $60 for something where they expect us to shell out more cash to get what we should have gotten in the first damn place. I speak so harshly because I feel this is one thing that truly runs the chance of destroying this industry. You make a crack comment about selling ending movies but if you allow it, it will happen. There have to be boundries. Selling something to somebody as a “full product” and then expecting cash to unlock something that is already on the disc is not good business practice, it is a lie, making it fraud and that my friend is theft. Perhaps that means it is ok for me to go download a bunch of pirated software. Heck they are doing it to me so why not. And just for the record I am not buying it because I am not going to support games with day and date dlc. I am nobody’s female dog.

  • RagolSlayer

    @Daizyujin – lol at you saying that companies shouldn’t be looking for ways to make more money. You sound like one of those people who’re all like “if it involves downloading, it must be free!”

    About your crusade about how nobody should be paying for DLC – a good deal of it is misguided.

    Most DLC that you pay for is entirely optional. It will not make your game incomplete if you don’t buy it. All it does is add to it. Really.

    It seems your whole argument against DLC is that you’re paying for an incomplete product, which is incorrect. By that logic, developers should never release Directors’ Cuts of games because people who’ve bought the previous version paid for an “incomplete copy” of the game. Or that music games shouldn’t offer downloadable songs for sale since if you don’t buy the songs, you’re getting an “incomplete game”.

    Honestly, in this day and age where game production costs are getting higher and higher, developers have to constantly find ways to make more money – and it just so happens that DLC has a market. Millions of people are buying DLC and that number is constantly rising. Anybody who thinks DLC will destroy the game industry obviously has no idea how the industry works at all.

    Now, I’m not saying it’s alright for developers to lock levels that are already in the game for DLC (though it makes complete sense from a business standpoint), but you’re just going to have to accept that paying for DLC is here to stay.

    P.S Anyone who whines about paying $60 + small change for optional DLC for a game obviously never paid for games in the SNES days. =D

  • Aoshi00

    I know these nickel and diming is optional, but I would have to agree w/ Daizyujin on DLC going too far sometimes, especially something that is clearly on the disc and we have to pay extra to unlock it, blatant rip-off. Case in point, Lost Odyssey’s movie-viewing lamp and “extra” novel, 200 MS points might not sound too bad, but what the heck which are alrdy there. Don’t even bring up the abyss dungeon which was a total waste of 400 pts (or was it 600), a horrible boring repetitive “dungeon”, if one could call it that w/ 25 almost identical floors..

    Or Blue Dragon’s hard difficulty on the Jpn version, which was a free d/l, but they didn’t let us unlock it much later until I finish the game..

    I know game companies need to make money (I certainly won’t be buying outfits for IdolMaster w/ real money, this is just like getting a weapon on a MMO), but if we are okay w/ this practice, we will keep getting half finished games like “Beautiful Katamari”, which has an ironic title..

    I guess it’s like the “rebate” method where they count on some people not bothering to mail back the UPC codes and forms. Here they could count on some people buying these stupid DLCs.. sigh..

  • Aoshi00

    Really though, the Director’s Cut analogy is true to an extent.. PS3 is getting a enhanced version of Eternal Sonata and Bioshock (or Capcom’s dozen of SF2s), it would be nice if I could “upgrade” my Xbox version w/ DLCs, but they need to move the PS3 copies..

    I just wish they don’t withhold contents that are available on day one, embedded on the disc itself. If they decide to add better things later, then it can’t be helped.

  • RagolSlayer

    I just noticed that the majority of complaints about paying for DLC content stems from mostly 360 exclusive games (Blue Dragon, Vesperia, LO, Beautiful Katamari, etc)

    And after hearing how Valve was forced by Microsoft to charge MS points for the 360 TF2 expansion, I’m wondering if MS has any sort of policy that forces developers to charge for DLC.

  • Aoshi00

    I don’t think it has to do w/ MS, game companies just see Xbox live being a viable market, just like the Virtual Console. While it’s nice to have a chance to play some obscure oldies, sometimes we’re just re-buying old SNES and N64 games for nostalgia’s sake. There’s also DLCs for Folklore, Motor Storm, Soul Calibur, etc that are on the PS3. But the worst offenders are the ones that sell us 75% or 50% of the games for full price.

  • Daizyujin

    RagolSlayer you are a moron. Seriously stop caring about the industry. It isn’t your place as the consumer to give two craps about what is good for Namco/Bandai, besides most of your logic was equally flawed. If people buy into it, it will get worse. Take Toy Home on PS3 as an example. You buy the game for $10. Then after having it for a month you open it up to find it makes you download a 500 mb update. After this you open the game and notice that there are a ton of things in the menus that are greyed out teasing you to buy the expansion pack. That my friend is theft. You obviously always intended it, the game had almost no content before hand (seriously the car roster was over trippled), and at $7 the expansion was nearly the cost of the game. I bought it since it was my first real experience in this area and I kick myself ever since. I felt like a moron when I bought it and found the update was 104kb. In other words I had the content already, I was forced to get it despite if I had even bothered to buy it or not. It was just completly locked out. This is seriously one of the worst I admit but it is a prime example of just what can and will happen if people don’t put their foot down. Having the right to make money is not an excuse to rip people off. Go hang out with guys from the Cato Institute if you think that is actually justifiable. By the way, if you add up all the costs of some games dlc you will find it is far more than “small change.”

  • Daizyujin

    One more thing. I have been in games since the 2600 so I know what games used to cost.

  • RagolSlayer

    @Daizyujin – Congrats, you’ve completely ignored the fact that I agree with you on the fact that nobody should have to pay for DLC that was already on the disc to begin with (only real point you had) and instead choose to patronize me simply because I disagree with you on your oh so epic crusade against paying for DLC of any form.

    Internets is working!

  • Daizyujin


    Only point I made eh? Well it seems it don’t matter what I say you are not going to listen so I suppose there is no point. Regardless I find it odd that a gamer would be up for this. It just seems to me more like the stance of a developer would take. Regardless I do apologize for calling you a moron. It was uncalled for. But you need to kill the insulting comments. That epic crusade bit was unnecessary. I am just stating that the more people buy into it, the further the industry will take it. They are business and that is exactly why gamers can’t take this laying down. Seriously though I can’t think of too many newer games Namco/Bandai hasn’t pulled this with. Beautiful Katamari, Ace Combat 6, Tales of Vesperia, and the granddaddy of them all Soul Calibur 4 where we have seen proof that Vader and Yoda are in both versions. Granted we don’t know if they will charge for that update and for the sake of balance I don’t see how they could but it is possible. At least SF 4’s director said if there was paid dlc it would be limited to costumes.

  • RagolSlayer

    The reason why I disagree with you is that you’re looking at a gust of wind and calling it a hurricane.

    You’re saying that if we let companies like Namco-Bandai continue their current DLC model, they’ll eventually start locking out content from the main game and all hell will break loose for gamers. Not necessarily true.

    Let’s look at your examples:

    Beautiful Katamari – That was a mistake. Gamers called out Namco-Bandai like crazy on this. And so far, they haven’t done anything similar since.

    Ace Combat 6 – Extra planes, extra missions, new multiplayer modes as DLC. Nothing locked out of the main game here. Only people who have a complaint here are those who judge the value of their $60 by the amount of content instead of how much fun they had.

    Tales of Vesperia – So far we’ve seen level-up packs and item sets. Sure, we may see an extra dungeon or two, but they haven’t locked out the main game itself. Level-up packs aren’t necessary at all in an RPG amd item packs only serve to make your game easier. You can still play Vesperia fine (heck, I’m playing the JPN version right now without any DLC).

    Soul Calibur 4 – It’s a fighting game. Costumes don’t affect your enjoyment of a fighting game (unless you’re playing it for a completely different reason). The equipment packs – dirt cheap and you don’t even have to buy them unless you feel you must create the perfect characters (if that’s the case just pay the 100 MS points!). Music packs – nope, not necessary. As for Yoda/Vader – most people bought the game under the pretense they’d be getting only one of them. If they want to give players the chance to have both and make a bit of money on the side, be my guest. Could they have had both characters in the game to begin with? Maybe. But there’s probably much that happens behind the scenes that most people aren’t aware of.

    Again, most DLC = you can still play your game and get your $60 worth.

    Judging from comments you’ve made on other DLC posts, you’re acting like even the mere idea of having DLC like extra content will cause this chain reaction that will lead to things like developers locking game endings for DLC. It may very well happen, but it won’t be because people are buying DLC currently. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

    Then again, you’ll probably just think I’m emphasizing with the developers and ignore this.

  • Daizyujin

    Honstly, I just think you are foolish. This generation is the test phase. They are trying to judge how far they can push it before consumers get pissed off. Unfortunatly the market seems to be too willing to accept the idea of day and date dlc. Seriously I don’t see why you are so much on the side of the developers as a gamer. It makes little sense to suggest they will not take it as far as possible. Perhaps you have secret agenda or a link to the industry. It sure does seem plausible. Especially since you fail to see how naive you are being. The basic point is that if they can do it, they will. If you buy it they will keep doing it. And honestly as for your comment about directors cuts, essentially the person who bought the original version was ripped off ie the double and triple dips on dvds. As for music games, this is honestly the only area I can understand day and date dlc from the standpoint that the music is liscensed and the more songs added on the disc would raise the price of the game. Your laissez-faire attitude is very disturbing. One last thing I find it odd that I can compare the content downloaded in Tales to something that would be unlocked with a code that is typed at the title screen in the old days. Seriously, look at EA’s treatment in the Need for Speed series. Instead of entering a button code they just have you enter your bank card code. Personally I don’t like to cheat, but I find it disturbing that such things are allowed. And you said that you were against content being sold that is on the disc, but that is exactly what is happening with Tales of Vespiria.

  • RagolSlayer

    I love how instead of actually addressing my points, you spend the time to write up a long paragraph just to rant about how somebody disagrees with you.

    And about your comment about how consumers are more than willing to chug out money for DLC – you greatly underestimate the intelligence of today’s consumers. The reason why most people have no problems with DLC is because they find DLC to be completely optional. When it gets to the point where gamers feel they need to pay extra for DLC just to play the game, then we’ll talk.

    I guess we’ll just have to see what happens in the next five years. =D

    About Vesperia – I thought your whole issue with DLC was that in order to get access to that data on the disc, you would need to pay extra? Last time I checked, you can still level in Vesperia without DLC. >_>.

  • Daizyujin

    The intelligence of today’s consumers? Is that a joke? Seriously that makes me laugh. I have addressed everything you said and this is like talking to a brick wall. Later.

  • JeremyR

    It seems almost like a “free” MMORPG to me, though. Sure, you can play those for free, but in order to level up at a reasonable pace you often need to spend money on cash shop items.

    Same with crafting. Often you need cash shop ingredients to make the really good stuff.

    This doesn’t seem to be completely down that path, but it sure looks like they are taking a step towards it.

  • Edgeworth

    @ Daizyujin

    You DO realize that the point you’re making is almost non-sensical?

    I agree with you 100% that we shouldn’t have to pay for DLC that does nothing more than unlock content that is already on the disc, that you wouldn’t be able to get any other way.

    That said, Namco is not doing this.

    I’m gonna repeat it since you seem thick-headed. NAMCO IS NOT MAKING YOU PAY TO UNLOCK CONTENT ALREADY ON THE DISC.

    Namco is simply adding the option (key word here, option, not mandatory) to download level ups (something you could get in the game through effort, they aren’t locking you at a level different than those who bought the DLC, everything is the same except the people who buy the DLC don’t have to work for it) or to buy in-game money (again, you could work for it if you wanted to).

    By Namco adding this completely optional, non-important DLC to the game, noone is losing anything. It’s just Namco giving the less patient of us a choice to move through the game at a quicker pace.
    THIS IS ALL IT IS DOING. NOTHING ELSE. (except, I suppose, making Namco some more money)

    Stop your elitist faggotry, kthxbai

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