Atlus considering to expand Trauma Center on other systems?

By Spencer . September 3, 2008 . 7:27pm

tcotherSince the Trauma Center series started it found a home on Nintendo consoles by taking advantage of the unique controls found on the Wii and DS. This could change. In a recent survey Atlus asked their fanbase if they would be interested to see Trauma Center games appear on other platforms such as the Xbox 360, PSP, PlayStation 3, and mobile phones. Of course, a public survey doesn’t guarantee Trauma Center: 360th Opinion is in development, but Atlus is thinking about where else to take the series.


Do you think Trauma Center would be just as good or better with dual analog sticks and buttons? The PlayStation 3 is another option since it natively has motion control and the upcoming PS3 controller keyboard / touchpad device could give a new meaning to the Healing Touch.


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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  • i put down that it should stay for the ds, i like being able to play it wherever i wanted

    but to tell you the truth, i only did the survey for the gift picture they give you

  • Haha, I’m guilty of being persuaded to do the survey for the goodies as well. The picture of Angie was nice enough, but that I’m really gunning for that poster (oh, how I hope it’s actually the Angie illustration as well!).

  • RiceBoi

    I dunno, it just wouldn’t feel as tactile without the Wii controls or DS touch screen.

  • Pedro Silva

    what they should be thinking, is jumping ship with Persona and Shin Megami Tensei… onto the Wii no less.

  • SomeDude

    Pedro: Because sooooo many hardcore, mature-themed RPG players are on the Wii. I bet Barqoue sold a million copies for them.

    No, I think they’re going to keep SMT far, far away from the Wii.

    I will agree that Trauma Center doe not need to go elsewhere. I just can’t imagine this particular series on the Playstation or the 360. It’d be as out of place there as SMT would be on the Wii.

  • matty

    That “Nurse Angie in rather fetching swimwear” already had me, but I’m always interested in what Atlus has in their surveys. They seem to be tossing the idea that Trauma Center can expand it’s franchise a bit. I get the feeling that their using fan’s personal opinions to modal the next game, which could have the potential to really branch away from the traditional gameplay.

    I put down that I’m pretty comfortable with it on the DS as I haven’t played the Wii games, yet. My answer for the art style question might have fans call me out on this, but I put down that the new art creeps me out a bit (the eyes and lips, in particular) and the old art was generic, but homely.
    Also, under comments and suggestions, I put down “botch” surgeries, implants, dentistry, “fixing things like toilets with plungers”.
    We’ll see how that goes.

  • Pedro Silva

    SomeDude that’s a no argument, first how could they sell if developers don’t put them there? also baroque is a very niche game, I mean… it sold a million copies on PS2? that’s news.

    If they want to release games on the Wii they should release their heavy punchers not a obscure dungeon crawler.

    Also, Atlus can’t compete in graphics, and shouldn’t even try, their engine+16:9 and progressive scan=awesome already, so Wii actually should make a lot of sense for their game pipeline.

    Wii is a market leader, did you knew PSone had market for RPG’s before FF7? Nope, it was even deemed as casual. What’s ridiculous is always going there or a justification to not support the Wii.

    SMT would be fine on the Wii, with the lack of Square-enix putting stuff like numbered FF’s perhaps they might even grow their franchise… you know… just how Tales of grew in US on the GC because it lacked FF’s.

    Would be cheap for the developer too, instead of jumping for Ps3 and X360, that regarding RPG’s both of them fell short of selling one million of whatever (even first/second party ones in X360), let alone justifying the development cost increase and having to be compared to the graphics of FFXIII and the like.

  • SomeDude

    Pedro: If the PS2 version of Baroque even sold at a number that was close to the Wii’s that just proves my point. People just as likely to pick up the game for an older system, even though the Wii’s the market leader. Why would Atlus take a chance by moving their franchise series over to a console that’s performing just as well in their niche as a last-gen console?

    The SMT games are NOT mass market games. They’re niche games just like Baroque was. If that niche is underperforming for Baroque, it’s going to underperform for SMT.

  • jarrod

    Arguing against Megaten on the Wii seems pretty fruitless given today’s market realities… it’s more an issue of “when” than “if” at this point. Kaneko already said he wanted to bring the franchise to Wii a year back, and the overwhelming marketshare just clinches making that desire reality imo. I’d put money on having some 1st person demonic dungeon crawling as soon as TGS.

    Bringing up something like Baroque (which also flopped hard on the mighty PS2 coincidentally) sort of misses the point.

  • Pedro Silva

    jarrod thanks for understanding my point.

    I think stuff like persona 4 coming out on PS2 and Wii would be a great way of supporting yet another platform, basically we get ports all the time so why not getting a port of one of the best games available?

    it’s not like it pushes the PS2 anyway, but it lives off it’s visual style and wii is still an SD platform.

    Of course one day PS2 will die, and that way they could lead on with games on the wii, keeping their way of work but only with a higher roof that wii actually provides power-wise.

    HD consoles by comparison… are a lot more breaking graphics driven, and a lot more expensive to support while not even leading… so why not giving it a shot on the wii?

    The “casual” thing is an excuse really, when a lot of third party’s aren’t trying or rather are trying not to try, since it’s hard to not support and invest on a platform that sells so much.

    s for baroque… I think it’s even more niche than SMT, and if anything, an aquired taste. SMT is only hard to enter, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Then there’s Persona… I actually think persona is one of the most streamlined RPG’s in the last few years, and that if say… Square were to copy it, it would sell bucketloads.

    They could grow persona, a lot, on the Wii, IMO; specially if they manage to get there with the right timing (before it is flooded with RPG’s if that ever happens… hey it happened with DS, it’s flooded now)

  • seiya19

    I thought that people have already stopped using the archaic argument of “hardcore” or “mature” games (whatever those are) not selling on Wii…but I guess I was wrong.

    Like others have said, mentioning Baroque as a measure of success for “mature-themed” RPGs on Wii is ridiculous… I haven´t played the game yet so I can´t comment on it, but most reviews were completely unfavorable to the game, which combined to being a “niche” game to begin with and not having much advertisement, it´s a lethal combination sales-wise. I don´t actually know how much it sold, but I´m guessing that not much on both consoles… although if it´s a success or not also depends on Atlus expectations.

    “Why would Atlus take a chance by moving their franchise series over to a console that’s performing just as well in their niche as a last-gen console?”

    If the Wii version of Baroque sold around as much as the PS2 version which had around 80-100 million more of user-base… I think it´s a success. That means that the “niche” is there, and it will obviously increase with more Wii sales and games released in the genre.

    Like Pedro said, Atlus has to move their franchises to the current consoles sooner or later, and the Wii is not only the best selling console, but also the one with lower development costs. Let me ask you this SomeDude: How is it better for them to release their franchises on the consoles that sell less and have higher requirements ?

    The Shin Megami Tensei series has traditionally appeared on the most popular consoles aside a few exceptions, so I don´t know how the Wii should be the exception. Furthermore, the Wii already has several games coming that will probably be M rated (MadWorld, The House of the Dead: Overkill, The Conduit, etc), several JRPGs (Ougon no Kizuna, Arc Rise Fantasia, Fragile, Tales, etc) and some already succesful M rated games (RE 4 and UC, No More Heroes, Red Steel, House of the Dead 2-3 R, etc) so there´s no reason why an M rated RPG can´t appear on Wii.

  • They should totally bring Shin Megami Tensei to the Wii.

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