Is Square Enix working on a Bahamut Lagoon remake?

By Spencer . September 4, 2008 . 3:35pm

This is a long shot and a blind guess based on a recent Square Enix trademark for “Blood of Bahamut”. Bahamut Lagoon was a late Squaresoft developed Super Famicom game that blended a strategy RPG grid based combat with traditional 2D turn based battles. On second thought, the gameplay is kind of like ASH, at least in the fighting phase. If you haven’t seen Bahamut Lagoon before take a look at this clip.



A trademark doesn’t guarantee Square Enix is working on Bahamut Lagoon remake or anything of the sort. Blood of Bahamut could be a subtitle for an existing or to be announced Square Enix game. This could be the name for their untitled next-gen MMORPG or something in the Final Fantasy Fables series. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo and the Blood of Bahamut. No, that’s not right. Hmm… this is a tough mystery to solve. What do you think Blood of Bahamut will be used for?


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Sir Fratley

    Maybe Blood Of Bahamut is going to be a Nintendo DS Port of bahamut lagoon, i really hope that if this happens Square release the game out of japan this time.

  • BlueMako

    Let’s hope if they remake Bahamut Lagoon, they make the story and characters not quite as lousy as they were in the original games…

  • jp

    They’re gonna make a lagoon of Bahamut’s blood. Man, that is a lot of blood.

  • krypt

    Did the artist or pixel artist behind Ogre Battle work on this? Some of the battle graphics have a very similar look to them.

  • Me

    If it is so, I hope it’s a remake (Sequel even?), and has some graphical upgrades…

  • urmom

    i doubt that it’ll be a remake, remakes usually keep their original name
    this name is totally different

  • Brandon

    I think it’s the US name of “Bahamut Lagoon” when it comes to the virtual console here in america.

  • seiya19

    “seiya19 does not comment on rumors or speculation” (just kidding, I wanted to say that…)

    Anyway… “Bahamut” has appeared on Final Fantasy games as well, so it can also be an FF spin-off or a new ip. I don´t think it makes much sense to call a remake of Bahamut Lagoon, “Bahamut Lagoon: Blood of Bahamut” because it´s too redundant and the name doesn´t need to be changed for US release (it could though) and wouldn´t be changed for a JP release.

    Will Dragon Quest IX or Valkyrie Profile include Bahamut ? We don´t have US subtitles for those yet, and both are likely to be released in the US.

    If I had to guess, I would say that it is either a subtitle for Dragon Quest IX (it has also the same letter on both words, like the remakes) or for a completely new game (not a new ip necessarly).

  • A great game on Snes, good history, amazing graphics, cool battle. I want see that on DS. :)

  • RayFoxSith

    Oh man, definitely would love to see this game localized.

  • Spencer

    @seiya19 – I believe Covenant of the Plume which has already been registered will be the subtitle for Valkyrie Profile DS. I mean that’s like a shoe in for an international release.

  • FoliathR

    Gosh I loved that game… ASH seriously disappointed me (maybe I had too high an expectation that it will be worthy of the comparisons to Bahamut Lagoon.. But something in the game just isn’t right) so I hope that this signifies a remake/port of Bahamut Lagoon to DS, like they did with Chrono Trigger. =)

    Spin-off game will be fine with me too, I love Bahamuts, they need more publicity! xD

  • lastworthy

    I wouldn’t buy a port, But I’d be all over a remake.

    The original was wayyyyy too easy, which made it’s unique mechanics irrelevant.

  • seiya19


    Oops… You´re right, I forgot about that one…


    I haven´t played Bahamut Lagoon yet so I can´t comment on its difficulty, but just in case you´ve played it through an emulator, there´s an issue with a certain ROM version of the game that gets your party members to level 99 instantly… Your comment reminded me of that.

  • firenze

    2009 FFXI expansion. Bahamut is a key boss monster in the MMO, and it just sounds like a FFXI expansion name:

    Rise of the Zilart
    Chains of Promathia
    Treasures of Aht Urghan
    Wings of the Goddess
    Blood of Bahamut

    You heard it here first.

  • seiya19


    That really makes sense… I haven´t thought about FF XI…

  • moki

    Bahamut Lagoon? I don’t think so. As firenze said, FFXI sounds more likely. But then again, what did “Dirge of Cerberus” or “Crisis Core” have to do with Final Fantasy 7?

    And if Covenant of the Plume isn’t an indicator for a Valkyrie Profile DS international release, I’ll eat my hat.

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