Tales of Hearts trailer now with 100% more anime

By Spencer . September 8, 2008 . 5:19pm

The key difference between Tales of Hearts: CG Movie Edition and Tales of Hearts: Anime movie edition is the movies. One has anime cutscenes and the other has CG. We’ve seen the CG models before so let’s take a look at how Shing and Kohak as illustrations.



In case you missed the CG trailer it’s below for comparisons sake. (Thanks Pichi!!)




Reading through previous comments it look like Siliconera readers are more interested in the anime version. Now that you’ve seen both trailers do you still prefer Tales of Hearts with anime movies or CG cutscenes.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • Keriaku

    I’m actually not sure. The anime version looks prettier, but the CG version seems like it could be more epic.

  • Pedro Silva

    only if it’s more epic fail :p

  • anno

    There is alot more of action in the anime version.

  • Pichi

    @ Spencer

    Your showing the old trailer for the CG. Here is the second one that shows some newer CG scenes:

  • Judo

    I recall seeing the same CG trailer with abit of extra scene in the end that showed the whale in CG. Anyways, the anime version looks better to me except for that whale scene.

  • Judo

    Ok, I didn’t see Pichi’s post <.<;

    Anyways, the trailer he posted has the whale scene I was talking bout.

  • Spencer

    @Pichi – Thanks for the update. I switched the trailers under your suggestion!

  • Pichi

    @ Spencer: Your welcome! Glad to help!

    I also feel like the CG is more “epic” looking. I guess I’m still in the small camp that prefer the CG. ^_^;; The trailer seals the deal for me!

    Judo, you can call me she. :D

  • EvilAkito

    It’s like Ys: Ark of Napishtim all over again: ugly-as-hell CG or decent-looking anime art. I think the choice is pretty obvious. Of course, if this game were to see a US release, I have a feeling we’d get the ugly CG version since the ignorant suits over in Japan would probably think that that’s the version that Americans would want to play.

  • Kijof

    I prefer the CG version. I think is time for a new ideas for the serie.

  • matty

    Are either shown much during the game?

  • James

    Both look decent but I’d go for the CG one just for a change, gettinga bit sick of the genric animie style they keep using.

  • Judo

    @Pichi: Sorry about that, I almost always assume that the person I’m talking to is a guy. <.<;

  • Pichi

    @ Judo

    Its alright! I understand that logic, lol! I just wanted to let you know. ^_^

  • Andy

    The CG looks a bit more creative and impressive in my opinion.

  • Aoshi00

    Anime looks fluid and more in line w/ the traditional Tales style, but I have to agree they start to look generic. I think the CG looks pretty good and I’m probably more curious about this version if I have to choose. When I was playing Archaic Sealed Heat, I was always hungry for the next brief cutscene in between, something cool about seeing such amazing sequences on the small DS screen.

  • Whorl

    Voices don’t seem to match the CG characters as much.

  • RiceBoi

    I am excited for this game as I always am for Tales games, but who came up with the names this time around? Shing? Kohak Hearts? Do these names sound less retarded in Japanese?

  • Looking back at the CG models and the most recent scan revealing two more characters and their CG/anime models, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how good they look. Anime version looks as good as the anime version of previous Tales games with the same character designer (Mutsumi Inomata).

    Definitely leaning more towards the CG version now.

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