Xbox Live’s Favorite Soulcalibur IV Souls, Yoda Doesn’t Top The List

By Spencer . September 15, 2008 . 11:27am


Playing as Yoda may have been a novelty when Soulcalibur IV first game out, but he’s far from the most popular character on Xbox Live. I chronicled 100 online fights with 100 different, random players over Xbox Live and only fought against Yoda three times. Starkiller beat Yoda with four matches. Online players were far more interested in using their custom characters, which appeared 40% of the time. Here’s a pie-chart breakdown of my matches.




Kilik, Cervantes, Maxi, and Mitsurgi were popular choices. Hilde, one of the few new characters made by Namco Bandai for Soulcalibur IV, not so much. Now let’s break down the custom character group into the specific fighting styles used, and add the data to the other sixty fights.




Kilik and Cervantes still top the charts. However, Taki and Siegfried got a huge boost, the latter thanks to Cloud Strife outfits. More characters are represented in this graph, but some characters like Sophitia, Zasalamel, and Ivy aren’t commonly played. Well at least they made the list. During the 100 recorded fights I didn’t run into Lizardman, Setsuka, or Amy once. This list might be a little skewed since players cannot make custom Jedi. If Yoda or Starkiller could be outfitted with status boosting ox heads and afros they might have fared better over all.


If you have been playing Soulcalibur IV online chime in with your experience. Do you find players are dropping the Star Wars characters to play as Soulcalibur characters? Are things different on the PlayStation Network?


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai / Siliconera.

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  • EdgeKun

    So umm, yeah. . . am I the only person out there who actually tries to play Tira? =P I’m guessing her % is rather low too if she doesn’t show up even after removing the 40% of custom characters.

    All said, I typically use Siegfried on LIVE since I’m better with him. I have been trying though to step up my skills with Tira. I think I’ll try a little more once i have more reliable internet, since it nets me uniqueness if nothing else. ;P

  • I would say the PSN is a little different. There seems to be nothing but Mitsurugi players… and Vader.

    I myself use Sophitia :D

    And @ Edgeken – My friend’s main is Tira! He’s really good with her!

  • Zhemos

    People always use Mitsurugi and Maxi 80% of the time when I play. I always use Astaroth and Amy.

  • HeeroYhui

    Well, I use Raphael, Amy, Yoda and Starkiller… I used to be a Link user, those were good times.

  • Groovy

    I always play with Talim or Kilik (I mean on the previous SC games too). I used to play ranked matches until I reached the rank 50… but I got bored, I only play with other good players which live nearby (to get a good connection), because the most of the xbla players are button smashers and people who are always yelling or screaming stupid things because they lose really fast.
    So far, I’ve encountered any kind of character Cervantes, Siegfried and Mitsu players are always there (most of the people don’t choose Kilik when I’m using it, don’t ask why xD).

  • Ryu Kazama

    I play on PS3 and most tend to be Cervantes, Mitsurugi or Kilik. I’ve found a fair few Sophitia’s as well. Out of the 3 popular newbie characters, only a handful were actually good and didn’t repeat the same things. Heck, Cervantes users are some of the worst. Parry their silly Psycho Crusher or air slams and they end up having nothing left to do. I just stood there parrying begging for them to be different…what did they do? Continue to do the same thing or shoot me (which is easiy ducked).

    I’ve had a number of encounters with Astaroth users. Only two of which showed any real skill and knowledge of their character. The rest were the constant low sweep, high slam, barge and repeat.

    Hilde unfortunately isn’t used an awful lot. I used to use her a lot myself but she really isn’t that good with agressive opponents. Her charges don’t take too long but enough time to distract. Personally, she’s probably a lot easier to use on a stick than a pad. Out of all the Hildes I faced the best was……umm…me…sounds incredibly big headed but no other Hilde player except one other made use of her charge attacks. I quite like Hilde but I’m not good with her when fighting agressive people.

    I have only ever fought one Setsuka. He/She was definitely skilled and knew what he was doing. Zasalamel I fought about 3 or 4 times total. Only one of which was good who happened to be someone in the Top 10 rank. Although good, he did repeat the same few things but he was a good player in general anyway.

    Now for Raphael…very rarely used and if he is, it’s by a rubbish player. Mind you, he’s not as good as he once was. Compared to Amy he is very strong and has great reach. But his horizontals are poor. As for Amy, my main, I’ve only fought a few other Amy users. Most were ok and some were quite good (but lost to me! sorry, too much bragging is bad, I know).

    The rest of the characters tend to be ignored or used by newbies. From your chart it’s kind of clear the top ranked characters are easily spamable.

    A word of advice to newbies, stop using Cervantes or use a variety of moves other than constant teleports, which a good player will always see coming.

  • lastworthy

    No Nightmare love? Do people skip him ’cause he’s cheap-ish? I’m kinda surprised he doesn’t factor more, seeing as he’s the logo and people aren’t embarassed by Siegfried or Misurugi.

  • shion16

    I use Kilik =P
    kilik rocks!

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