Klonoa Character Design Being Checked For North American Wii-make

By Spencer . October 30, 2008 . 11:10am


Technically we have Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, but after seeing the gorgeous Wii remake I don’t want to go back to it. Since Namco Bandai already has a completed build of Klonoa it’s easy to imagine the Wii version is getting localized. A survey sent out by Namco Bandai makes it seem even more likely. But, the survey Jeff sent (thanks!!) has some strange questions about Klonoa himself.


First the survey asks which version of Klonoa do you like more classic Klonoa or hatless Klonoa. OK… let’s go with the new Klonoa design.




Lack of hat? 1.




Is this Klonoa is supposed to be totally hardcore and therefore imply a more challenging game?


The survey actually takes you through both characters so it doesn’t matter which Klonoa you pick first. I’m not sure if I like the “new” Klonoa, but it’s a good sign that Namco Bandai is inquiring about Klonoa. Whether you like the revised Klonoa or not at least Namco Bandai is still interested in keeping the Klonoa franchise alive in North America. Maybe the “new” Klonoa will get his own hat shopping spin-off.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • jeffx

    new design is ridiculous. I voted 1 everywhere for it.

    Then I made sure to suggest a Nightmare of Druaga sequel in the comments box.

  • Advent

    I think its a cool new design! The original Klonoa is awesome, but it is good to see them update the series for next gen.

    I vote for the new one!!

  • jeffx

    Have you not played the previous Klonoa titles, Advent? The ears are pretty crucial to the gameplay as it helps him “glide” around by holding down the jump button. Plus they’re so cuuuuute~~~~ The new design gives him a bit of an arrogant look, which instantly loses points with me.

    As an unlockable skin, sure, OK, whatever. Or a second playable character that has a different set of moves. Because to me that thing doesn’t look like Klonoa at all, more like his older brother who listens to nu-metal and loves to show off his tribal tattoos. Why mess with a time-proven design? It’s not like they _have_ to start marketing the series from scratch. It has its fans and they know it.

  • Douglas

    Old Klonoa for sure. Since when has Klonoa been ‘cool’? He’s always had a cute appearance. The new one looks more like if he would be Klonoa’s older rebellious brother.

  • I’m getting a Shadow the Hedgehog vibe from this. Don’t follow that route Namco Bandai…

  • DIRU

    don’t fuck with the original design namco bandai. leave it alone please! who cares about updating it for the kiddies. us old timers like the character design just the way it is. i repeat, leave it alone!

  • bigmac996

    I don’t think this character design change is a good idea at all. The original klonoa has a great profile silhouette with the large ears and all which is important since the game plays out in a 2d angle. The new character, however, would likely look extremely boring and generic in actual gameplay.

  • My God I’m going to be so torn if we get Klonoa on the Wii in the states, and then it turns out to star that abomination that is the “new” design. Please Namco, don’t do anything stupid and give us the regular, cute looking Klonoa.

  • Advent

    @jeffx- Of course I have played every Klonoa game. I guess I’m the only one that likes his new design, but I’m not arrogant to change.

    His ears could still be used to glide in his new design, just cause they arnt jumbo sized doesnt mean his gameplay would change.

    Why would anyone compare this franchise with Sonic? Namco bandai is a much better company than Sega, and they dont cash in there popular franchises just for money.

  • Seen

    Fucking sellouts.

    Klonoa isn’t some “cool” generic furry like Sonic the Hedgehog. Besides, the ears and hat, thats his FUCKING TRADEMARK. How can you even call him “Klonoa” if you get rid of that?

  • badfish

    Keep it OLD SCHOOL. Don’t change IT!!!

    Bandai programmers must have been on the toilet when they thought about changing the design.

  • Peridot

    This is a big mistake, Namco. Why change something that works? It doesn’t make any sense. Everyone I know LOVES Klonoa’s design so don’t change it!! Keep the cute, ORIGINAL design!!

  • jarrod

    New design doesn’t look terrible, but it really would be too bad if they changed the classic design. I dunno, it’s just so much more unique.

  • Kaylun

    The new design has some cool points but the ears and the hat need to stay. Klonoa would look much more male. I almost didn’t play Klonoa when I was younger, only reason was cause he reminded me of Tails. I’m a boy so I dont dig cute things but the ears and his hat GOTTA stay.

  • Infi

    That’s not a very fair comparison, since the new design is clearly hand-drawn art, whereas the old design is shown as in-game graphics.

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