Cross Edge Crossing Oceans In March, Mana Khemia 2 In The Future

By Spencer . December 19, 2008 . 12:22pm


I’ve known this for awhile, but since someone else revealed the secret I can finally talk about it. A lot of you guys figured this out too. NIS America is taking care of Cross Edge (X-Edge) and it’s tentatively slated for March. Cross Edge, much like Chaos Wars, unites characters from multiple games into a single PlayStation 3 game. Familiar faces from Ar Tonelico, Darkstalkers, Mana Khemia, and Disgaea come together in Cross Edge.


NIS America also says to “look forward” to Mana Khemia 2 which means it’s also getting localized. Yes, you’re still going to be playing RPGs on your PS2 in 2009.


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Images courtesy of Compile Heart.

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  • Volcynika

    PS2 will never die! I’m ok with that.

  • Nick Doerr

    Yeah, well, since I was fortunate enough to get a launch PS3, technically I’ll just “still be playing PS2 games” on my PS3. My poor PS3 games are getting shafted, man. I need to give them some love, too. But where’s the time when the PS2 still kicks so much ash?

  • hayden

    Interesting note there on Sakura Taisen on the RPGamer interview. Makes this heart very happy. But why start with weak sister 5 when 1-2 compliation and 3 are also available for the system?

  • Damnit, why can’t they release stuff like this in Europe :/ It would sell like there’s no tomorrow and no one cares about localization anymore! Atelier Iris sold well? …didn’t it? :'(

    In other, and slightly obvious news: PS2 still rocks my socks.

  • daizyujin

    Hopefully they will translate the whole game and not just the parts that are convienent for them.

  • RiceBoi

    Excellent news! I knew NIS America would come through for us! Yay for Mana Khemia 2 coming out.

  • FStubbs

    hayden: Probably because V takes place in “America”.

  • cj_iwakura

    Article definitely needs more Sakura Taisen info. That’s the biggest revelation ever.

  • hayden


    Yup, and I even remember back when Sega had gone so far as announce 5 with their own release in the states. Just figgured that if a niche developer like NIS America was doing the port, they would know the score on the various versions of ST.

    Course it’s quite likely Red themselves wanted ST5 brought first as the best ‘introduction’ to the series for Westerners. Let’s just hope this apparent unintended leak doesn’t backfire since rumors of failed attempts to port ST go all the way back to the original Saturn version.

  • Jay

    I have a feeling I’m gonna be broke next year

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