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Do You Want Mana Khemia 2 Portable Plus?

By Spencer . November 20, 2009 . 2:20pm

I asked Nao Zook, Marketing Coordinator at NIS America, if they have plans to release Mana Khemia 2 Portable Plus in North America and she responded with a question.

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Mana Khemia 2: Presentation and Pacing

By Ishaan . October 11, 2009 . 3:12pm

The first aspect you’ll come to appreciate is the stellar voice-acting. And make no mistake; this is NIS America’s English dub I’m referring to — not the original Japanese voice-overs.

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Mana Khemia 2: There’s No "Falling of Alchemy"

By Ishaan . September 18, 2009 . 12:36pm

Mana Khemia 2 tells the story of Al-Revis Academy and its fall from grace. Due to a decline in the number of capable teachers, it fell from great heights (literally!) to an institution on the verge of bankruptcy.

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Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Takes Extra Credit PSN Download Class

By Spencer . June 25, 2009 . 11:16am

Loading times ruined Mana Khemia: Student Alliance for me. Even with the jumpstart feature the game chugged along. Perhaps, Mana Khemia would work better if it was saved on a memory stick.

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Gust Makes Streaming WiiWare Sound Station

By Spencer . June 1, 2009 . 6:09pm

Like Gust’s games? Like the music in those games? Game Sound Station might be for you. This WiiWare app gives users access to a library of music from a range of Gust titles like Ar Tonelico and Mana Khemia 2.

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The Biggest Problem With Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Is…

By Spencer . March 16, 2009 . 12:02pm

Mana Khemia: Alchemist of Al Revis exists.   I played the PSP version and it’s a minimally expanded port of last year’s PlayStation 2 game. The key new feature is wireless multiplayer battles which I haven’t tried since I have to track down someone who purchased the PSP version to give wireless battles a go. […]

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Mana Khemia 2: Fall Of Alchemy Coming In June?

By Spencer . March 3, 2009 . 9:04am

The age of PlayStation 2 RPGs won’t be over anytime soon. We know NIS America is localizing Mana Khemia 2, but haven’t heard when its coming out. Gamefly offers a clue and claims the game will be ready in June.   June 25 to be exact, but games are rarely released on Thursday so we’ll […]

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Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Studying Until Spring

By Spencer . January 21, 2009 . 2:00am

The warning signs were right. Mana Khemia: Student Alliance won’t be in stores this January. NIS America is rescheduling Mana Khemia: Student Alliance for the spring. Between now and mid February extra time will be spent on improving the quality of the final game. Hopefully, this means NIS America will clean up the loading times […]

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Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Likely To Be Tardy

By Spencer . January 12, 2009 . 10:28am

When NIS America announced Mana Khemia: Student Alliance it was on target for January 2009. We’re a third through January and haven’t heard anything about Mana Khemia: Student Alliance. What happened? I believe the game has been quietly delayed.   Three retailers switched Mana Khemia: Student Alliance’s release date from January to different dates in […]

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Cross Edge Crossing Oceans In March, Mana Khemia 2 In The Future

By Spencer . December 19, 2008 . 12:22pm

I’ve known this for awhile, but since someone else revealed the secret I can finally talk about it. A lot of you guys figured this out too. NIS America is taking care of Cross Edge (X-Edge) and it’s tentatively slated for March. Cross Edge, much like Chaos Wars, unites characters from multiple games into a […]

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Mana Khemia Schools The PSP In January

By Spencer . November 13, 2008 . 4:46pm

Mana Khemia’s academic quest missions made it feel like a handheld game. You can play Mana Khemia in small bites rather than marathon-like chunks. Someone at Gust must have had the same thought since they ported Mana Khemia to the PSP.   Mana Khemia: Student Alliance has a meager selection of new features such as […]

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Wait… we’re getting Mana Khemia Portable Plus?

By Spencer . July 8, 2008 . 5:11pm

NIS America just released Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis in April, right around the same time we discovered Gust was developing a PSP port. Mana Khemia Portable Plus is scheduled to come out on August 28, over a year after Mana Khemia came out on the PS2 in Japan. We haven’t heard anything concrete about […]

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Mana Khemia Portable Plus brings Japan back to school in July

By Spencer . May 7, 2008 . 2:07pm

While it feels like Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis just came out, the game is about a year old in Japan. Apparently, that’s fair game for a PSP port because Gust is planning to release Mana Khemia: Gakuen no Renkinjutsu Shitachi Portable Plus in Japan on July 31.   What’s the “plus” for? Extra event […]

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Mana Khemia – live blogging the first few days of school

By Louise . March 31, 2008 . 12:26pm

< Spencer’s note: In case you forgot about Mana Khemia: The Alchemists of Al-Revis it comes out today. We covered it before, but we’re trying something new, a liveblog style introduction to Mana Khemia to give you a feel for gameplay flow. >   Oh noes, don't tell me it's another protagonist with no memories.   […]

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Mana Khemia plus something comes to the PSP

By Spencer . March 24, 2008 . 8:56am

We haven’t got Mana Khemia in North America yet and Gust is already working on a port. Mana Khemia: Gakuen no Renkinjutsu Shitachi Portable Plus heads to the PSP sometime this summer in Japan. As the “plus” in the title implies there is something extra in the PSP release, but details have not been revealed. […]

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