Seriously Sega, What’s With All These Dreamcast Trademarks?

By Spencer . December 31, 2008 . 3:31am

image On one hand Sega has been moving forward with new franchises like Valkyria Chronicles and Sands of Destruction. On the other, well at least in the USA, Sega seems interested in their past.


In another Sega trademark search we discovered ChuChu Rocket was re-registered by Sega USA on December 22, 2008. Does this mean Sega is secretly working on reviving ChuChu Rocket as an online enabled Xbox Live Arcade game? Hopefully yes, but not necessarily.


This year Sega has re-registered lots names for Dreamcast titles like Sonic Shuffle, Cosmic Smash, Jet Grind Radio, and Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram. Like we mentioned before these are probably protective trademarks, but it is strange to see Sega spend money, and registering trademarks costs quite a bit of money, to protect so many game names. Interestingly, in the case of ChuChu Rocket the previous trademark isn’t even expired. So why would Sega spend all of this money to protect names of games that aren’t even their hot properties? Is Sega going to pull a Nintendo with a “New Play Control” series of their own?




Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • Kuronoa

    If they rerelease the games I would buy Jet Grind Radio and Chu Chu Rocket.

    A sequel could be in the works too, they already revived Samba de Amigo which was Dreamcast as well. Maybe Chu Chu Rocket will get a DS game or a Wiiware title.

  • A dreamcast collection in the style of Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection is something I would kill for. Never had a Dreamcast and if they release games like Virtual On, Jet Grind Radio and Cosmic Smash together, then release this in europe I’d be forever grateful. We’re talking $70 grateful.

    Everyone’s starting to get tired of Genesis so Dreamcast is probably the way to go for a collection and we all know that’s pretty much how Sega get money these days.. :)

  • Franco

    DREAMCAST 2 is on its way 9/9/09

  • jarrod

    Wii/DS version of Chu2 were said to be in development last year by surfergirl. The touch/pointer interfaces would make sense with the game anyway, but I hope they’re downloadables (ie: WiiWare & DSiWare).

  • daizyujin

    I agree this would be completely awesome. Not to start a war, but it would be nice if they made it a PS3 exclusive. That way they could use all that extra room on the disc to store more games. Hey I can hope.


    We can only wish. With their early 2009 lineup for the Wii, I am actually thinking Sega could regain some of their greatness in 2009.


    I agree, I liked the original, but I felt its presentation and longevity was far too simple for a full priced retail release in ~2000. It is the perfect type of game though for download services.

  • Ana

    Sega said they were remaking some classic games in flash for their Play Sega site, and then specifically mentioned Chu Chu Rocket among other games, so maybe this is for that? I would love to see a xbla, psn, or wiiware version though. A DS release would also be nice… XD

  • @daizyujin – I’m generally in favour of multiplatform since the PS3 and X360 are so much alike now anyway. Something in the way of additional DC-games as DLC would help expand the collection too. Perhaps two-discs or separate releases?

    I for one would LOVE to see all the DC shmups collected, even though sega didn’t develop them… because damn, that’s a token bunch of games.

    For a big collection of DC games I’m hoping retail X360/PS3 and for a couple I’m hoping DLC on both platforms. I would get them either way.

  • matty

    illbleed, please!

  • jeffx

    ILLBLEED!!!!!!!!!! YES
    but Nishigaki-san… RIP

  • JeremyR

    I really don’t understand why we haven’t seen compilations of Saturn and Dreamcast games. At least one the PS3, with the Blu-Ray, they become feasible

  • arollo

    I bought a Dreamcast just so I could play Chu Chu Rocket, that’s how much I love that game.

    The GBA version is fun, too.

    But the real question is when/if Sega will ever re-release Seaman. I could see it as a really fantastic DS title.

  • Yoneda

    Maybe they are just doing more model kits, resin statues or trading figures. They’ve already started with VirtualOn OT. Jet Set Radio would make awesome figures, but what about Sonic Shuffle? A Sonic Ultimate Dreamcast Collection including both Adventures and Shuffle would be nice…

  • daizyujin


    Or on Wii using WiiSpeak.

  • Kuronoa

    @ Yoneda

    I was thinking that too with Shuffle.
    Nintendo systems got the adventure games but Sony and Microsoft didn’t.

    Mega Collection was Genesis era, Gems Collection was Saturn era (I’m talking two of the main games R and fighters)
    So a dreamcast era collection makes sense.

  • Clouds End

    I swear by god i want Jet Grind Radio 2 (not Future..)

  • lostinblue

    @ arollo – About Seaman… Seaman 2 came out last year in Japan for the PS2… But Sega isn’t bringing it over, it was shot right away in interviews as “not profitable”

    I doubt you could expect anything Seaman from now on to reach here (and tbh, I woudn’t even expect a seaman 3 ever)

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