Capcom USA Says No To Monster Hunter G Wii And Awesome Controller

By Ishaan . January 15, 2009 . 10:12am

As a lot of you know, Capcom’s message boards have recently become one of the most active developer/publisher fan communities. Not only is it a great place to hang out and shoot the you-know-what, it’s also very informative and a great source of news at times.


Unfortunately, this time the news is of the bad variety. Capcom’s (here we go) Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson clearly ruled out any possibility of a Monster Hunter G release in the U.S. or the awesome themed Classic Controller that comes with it. Says Svensson, “You’ll have to get it from an import shop. Neither MHG or that controller is coming to the US. Sorry. :(“. Sympathy appreciated Sven.


No news is available yet as to whether the controller will also be sold separately in Japan for us import-crazy types to buy at high prices. We’ll keep you updated, so prepare your best Merchant imitation and cross your fingers.


Images courtesy of Capcom.

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  • Damn it, and I was looking forward to actually buying a Wii game this year. :(

  • ShinRekka

    Well that sucks…..was hoping that it would be my first MH game since I never got to play them on PS2(don’t got PSP). Still waiting for MH3 though….

    @ Phil – There are quality 3rd Party Wii games coming out early this year.

  • jeffx

    Is this a surprise to anyone? This is basically Capcom throwing a bone to the legion of MH fans in Japan to satiate them until MH3 comes out.

    At least Capcom USA didn’t flat out deny MH3. That, I am confident we’re getting.

  • JeremyR

    It’s not really a surprise. But I don’t see how they could lose money on something like this.

    Look at smaller publishers, bringing over stuff that maybe a few thousand people will buy (Hammering Harry, for instance).

    MH isn’t nearly as popular in Japan as here, but just go to Gamefaqs, there’s quite a following.

  • Ishaan

    I wouldn’t say I’m “confident” we’re getting MH3, but the chances are looking pretty good so far. Capcom has on multiple occasions stated that they want to grow the series in the Western market. Demand for it on their forum is pretty high, too.

  • Jay

    @Phil: You aren’t buying MadWorld? :(

  • alice


    I would imagine it has a lot to do with Capcom’s reputation as a publisher with retail outlets. They are known for big box AAA titles, while other smaller publishers (Atlus, NIS, Mastiff, etc) are known for small runs of niche titles. Capcom might not be able to sell a niche small run title without hurting their chances of decent placement for the next Resident Evil/Street Fighter/Devil May Cry.

  • jeffx

    alice nailed it. look at how Zak and Wiki is billed a commercial failure even though the game is a ton of fun. A company like Capcom does not want its games to pop up in the bargain bin a few weeks after release, it’s just part of the company mission.

  • justinslot

    Couldn’t Capcom farm out something like this to a niche publisher, though? It would probably do quite well in niche terms, with no skin off Capcom’s nose.

  • @justinslot: Just a guess, but if Capcom is serious about wanting to grow the series in the West, they’re going to want to be in control and bring it out with a bang on both the handheld and console fronts.

    From that perspective, Monster Hunter 3 looks far more lucrative as it will probably impress people more…it’s a newer game, looks better…all that.

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