Lux Pain English Trailer Gives off Death Note Vibe?

By Ishaan . January 25, 2009 . 11:36am

This is the one of the trailers for Lux Pain in Japan:




Typical Japanese game trailer. Very shounen-esque with a great cheesy J-pop soundtrack blaring in the background. Time Hollow gave me a similar vibe when it was first announced.


This is the debut trailer for the localized release:




Is it just me or does it give off a very Death Note-ish vibe? The ominous background music…the close-up of the girl’s face and mouth (or was that a guy?) as veins sprouted all over it. The tagline at the end. Heck, even the art looks like Takeshi Obata’s to me.


It was interesting to hear that Ignition Entertainment was going to be localizing and publishing Lux Pain in North America, and that they were playing it safe and staying true to the Japanese script by keeping all the original names.


I fully expected Marvelous or XSEED to pick it up, so I was a little wary when I heard that Ignition – a company very new to the localization scene – was going to take ahold of the reins. I figured I might end up having to import the Rising Star release from Europe.


Well, thankfully, it looks like there’s no need for that.


Congratulations, guys. I’m sold. Give your marketing department a pat on the back.
Images courtesy of Ignition Entertainment.

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  • Aoshi00

    I rather like the Jpn theme song sung by Takahashi Youko (EVA’s Cruel Angel’s Thesis), her deep voice is quite iconic.

    Actually the Jpn spot reminds me more of Death Note because the main character is also voiced by Yagami Light, w/ his signature silly chuckle :) For some reason I couldn’t really get into this or Time Hollow (well, the latter I got stuck..)

  • It does indeed give a bit of a death note vibe.

    … I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that I managed to recognise Koyasu Takehito’s voice in that blur of lines in the Japanese trailer.

    • Wow, Koyasu’s doing one of the voices? I don’t know how I missed that. I also had no clue that Takahashi Youko was the singer for the Japanese theme. I hope they decide to keep the song in the game for the English release.

      @Aoshi00: where in Time Hollow did you get stuck? I spent around 4 hours in the bicycle area before giving up and looking at a FAQ myself.

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, I think it’s that section. It’s when the glasses dude was accused of murdering someone.. I try not to use FAQ if possible.. I poked at everything and went around all locations but can’t advance further :(.. guess I need to resort to gamefaqs after all..

        • That’s the bicycle part all right. Here’s the thing: you need to look behind the bushes near the bike, not at the cycle itself.

          That’s easily the most frustrating puzzle in the entire game, so you shouldn’t have to look at a FAQ for anything after that. Then you can say you beat it without one! :P

          • Aoshi00

            Appreciate the help man. But it’s actually the damn dog! FAQ says it would be at a different place for each playthru, so I try going everywhere again, sliding the screen left and right, there is the mutt standing in front of the school. Can’t believe I got stuck at this part for hours. I like adventure games like this and Phoenix Wright, but it’s annoying sometimes you just get stuck by missing a certain object. Now I can finally go on w/ this game :)

          • DarkAesthir

            Aoshi, I feel your pain.
            I was stuck there for hours as well, and he was in front of the school for me as well.
            Doesn’t help that the location is kind of a passthrough to the rest of the school so expect little to happen there, and the dog shows up outside of the default display area of the screen.

      • Yes, he did Liu Yee, that chinese looking person xD

        I don’t know if they will keep the song, chances are high that they won’t. But they also kept the original names, so maybe there is a ittle bit of hope ^^

  • Ignition know exactly which audience this game is for, so they aren’t screwing with the game.

    Congratulations. Sure we have Aksys, Atlus and XSeed but we can always use more market-conscious localizers. Someone send a memo to O3 and UFO.

  • Tofuuu

    I… must’ve missed the Death Note references in the trailer because i don’t see it ANY WHERE D:

    Then again… I never really bothered watching the anime =D

  • Mazen

    After Phoenix Wright I will buy any japanese detective/mystery game released in english blindly I just want more.

  • Nekobo

    Looks cool. Been looking for another solid text driven/puzzle game on the DS.

  • wario4ever

    i wonder what voice actor studio they’ll use for the english dub?

    • IDEALLY, I’d love to see them use Brad Swaile who did Light’s voice in the Death Note dub and did a pretty damn good job of it. Hoping for Mignogna and Lowenthal, too. Those two did such a kickass job in Persona 3.

  • DarkAesthir

    I received the Japanese version of this game from a friend as a gift, but unfortunately my kanji-reading ability is close to non-existent, and I’d rather not try and dictionary attack a very text-based game, especially when I don’t know the stroke order in order to use the dictionary… ~_~
    Glad to hear I’ll be able to eventually play and understand the game.

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