Retro Game Challenge: The Quest To Unlock Guadia Quest

By Spencer . February 13, 2009 . 7:30am

gq1 Retro Game Challenge has a string of retro games to beat leading up to an awesome treat. Many of you probably know the “surprise” already, but if you haven’t heard Retro Game Challenge has an 8-bit RPG called Guadia Quest. Before you get your hands on Guadia Quest you need to beat twenty four challenges from six other made up retro games. Some of the games like Cosmic Gate and Star Prince are excellent, but more than half way through Retro Game Challenge I felt like I was “grinding” just to play Guadia Quest.


At first the challenges were a breeze. Cosmic Gate’s goals can be completed in less than half an hour providing you read issues of GameFan, Retro Game Challenge’s in game “magazine”. The issues, packed with photos of veteran game journalists, have all the tips and cheat codes you need to complete Arino’s challenges. I used cheats liberally. They don’t block you from clearing challenges and they shorten the time to Guadia Quest. And, getting to Guadia Quest was my personal goal.


gq2 While you’re going through Rally King, a top down racing game, GameFan mentions Guadia Quest and starts a long series of teases via previews and “delays.” Huh? That sounds sort of familiar… During the virtual hype I was stuck playing Rally King SP, a spin-off of Rally King that is basically Rally King with new graphics. This was where Arino’s challenges got frustrating. Rally King SP is a joke because it’s supposed to be a “new” or “enhanced” game with few new features. It’s a parody of games that had minor changes and were re-released as quick cash outs. A funny premise until you’re stuck on the second challenge scrambling to shave seconds of your race time to finish it. Painful.


gq3 And we’re still not at Guadia Quest yet! A tougher sequel to Robot Ninja Haggle Man still stands in the way. Unlike Rally King SP this game wasn’t a total rehash. However, it still felt too much like Robot Ninja Haggle Man. Was the whole process worth it? Yeah! Guadia Quest is worth it and has even more grinding. Like Dragon Quest that inspired its creation you have to spend time walking in circles and fighting monsters to level up. In fact, leveling up your party is one of Guadia Quest’s challenges.

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  • The Rally King SP challenges are trivial, because the magazine that arrives at the same time gives you the “remove rival cars” cheat code (so you automatically come in first, as well as having nothing to crash into) as well as the level skip code (so you don’t have to beat level 1 to get to the level 2 and level 3 challenges) – and since it’s just a rebrand of Rally King, the same cheat codes work.

  • Yeah I didn’t have that much trouble with Rally King SP, except for that 2:28 one which I did in 2:23…

    It’s kind of satisfying to get to Guadia Quest but don’t spend too much time leveling up, since nothing carries over to the “free play” section!!!

  • JeremyR

    That’s the one thing that makes me wary about this game, having to unlock the games. I wish it was like a real retro compilation, and just pick the ones you want to play.

    Since my PSP broke, I was looking for something like this to take its place. I mostly used my PSP to play old 2600/Colecovision games for short bursts of action. But not having a flash cart for the DS (and I don’t know if they even have a Coleco or 2600 emulator) I need to find something comparable, game wise. I’ve got some GBA retro compilations, but it seems like it’s just the same games over and over and over, I want something other than just Galaga, Dig Dug, Time Pilot

  • EvilAkito

    I’ll tell you what’s worse than grinding through the previous games to unlock Guadia Quest: grinding through Guadia Quest to unlock Haggle Man 3!

    Seriously, I think that the last challenge in Guadia Quest took longer to complete than all the previous challenges before it combined… well, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but it was still an exercise in patience. Those trap doors, cheap over-powered enemies, and weapons that miss almost every time were enough to make me wish I was still playing that crappy racing game. It’s a really good thing that Guadia Quest lets you save anywhere and use your teleport spell to return to town even in the middle of the dungeon. Otherwise, I probably would have given up.

  • Chow

    It should be worth noting that the fictional game company that made Guadia Quest has Atlus colorings, probably since the guadia recruitments are similar to the Shin Megami Tensei games. Though, I wonder if there’s a double meaning to the company’s name, considering it seems to be a mix of SMT and Dragon Quest.

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