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Game Center CX’s Shinya Arino Super Mario Maker Level Playable On November 4

By Jenni . October 28, 2015 . 11:30am

A level created by Shinya Arino, from Game Center CX, will be available in Super Mario Maker’s Events section on November 4.

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This Week In Sales: Snake Returns In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

By Ishaan . March 26, 2014 . 9:00am

Last week saw a large number of new games released in Japan. On the list were Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, J-Stars Victory Vs., Samurai Warriors 4 and Mario Party: Island Tour.

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Game Center CX Has Its Take On Final Fantasy V Complete With A Job System

By Spencer . January 24, 2014 . 2:54am

Blood of the Dragon is one of the games inside Game Center CX and it brings back memories of Final Fantasy V.

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In A Game Center Far, Far Away…

By Eugene . January 19, 2014 . 5:00pm

Game Center CX: Arino in District 3 has been delayed till March 20th, but in the meantime, here’s another look at some of the games you’ll find in it.

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New Retro Game Challenge Has Star Wars Inspired Box Art, Delayed Until March 2014

By Spencer . November 26, 2013 . 11:06pm

Namco Bandai bumped Game Center CX: Arnio in District 3 back from January 23, 2014 to March 20, 2014. The Nintendo 3DS game has its roots in the TV series where Arnio plays NES games, but has brand new retro games in it.

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It’s A Walk Down Memory Lane In Game Center CX 3

By Eugene . November 25, 2013 . 12:29pm

And I mean that literally. Game Center CX: Arino in District 3 has players helping Arino out as he clears up his memory by completing gaming challenges.

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Tired Of Shoot-em-Ups With Precise Timing? Game Center CX 3 Has Something For You

By Eugene . November 24, 2013 . 9:30am

A top-down, scrolling fighter game, Zoliates is a hat-tip to originals such as now-defunct developer Hudson’s Star Soldier back when gaming was in its infancy.

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Game Center CX: Arino In Disctrict 3 Features A Retro-Style Action RPG

By Sato . November 19, 2013 . 4:01pm

In the latest update on Game Center CX: Arino In Disctrict 3, we get a look at a game that appears to be inspired by SNK’s Crystalis, and a couple of Game & Watch-type titles.

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Game Center CX For 3DS Takes Us Back To Simpler Times Of Gaming

By Sato . November 15, 2013 . 3:36pm

The new Game Center CX’s nostalgia-filled main story mode takes place in the 1980s, where you’ll be spending your time clearing events together with a young Arino.

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Xseed Will "Do What They Can" About Localizing Corpse Party: Blood Drive

By Ishaan . November 12, 2013 . 1:40pm

Xseed respond to a variety of localization requests on their Facebook page.

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Retro Game Challenge For 3DS Has A Town For Arino To Walk Around In

By Spencer . September 10, 2013 . 6:57pm

G.rev known for Under Defeat HD and Senko no Ronde is developing a new game in the Retro Game Challenge series for Nintendo 3DS called Game Center CX: Arino in District 3.

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Shooting Games Are At A Difficult Crossroad, Says Shmup Developer G.Rev’s CEO

By Spencer . August 22, 2013 . 2:51am

“Yes, the current shooting market in Japan is at a very difficult crossroads. I am certain that the genre will not fade away at the dojin level, but in terms of an incorporated studio, to put it bluntly – you are not able to make a living on just making shooters.”

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Game Center CX: The Movie Set For Spring 2014

By Spencer . July 24, 2013 . 12:59am

Game Center CX is a long running show where Arino plays (and sometimes suffers through) retro games. Viewers watch Arino complete challenges occasionally with help from his “interns.”

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Namco Bandai Is Reviving Retro Game Challenge With 3DS Game Slated For Winter

By Spencer . June 16, 2013 . 10:17pm

Arnio returns with a new Retro Game Challenge or if you’re in Japan Game Center CX game.

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Game Center CX Arino’s Challenge 2: The First Three Games

By Spencer . May 8, 2009 . 6:29pm

The chances of seeing Game Center CX 2 overseas looks grim. Bummer because the sequel’s faux retro games are better designed and more relevant parodies for North America.

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