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Game Center CX For 3DS Takes Us Back To Simpler Times Of Gaming


In addition to the 15 retro-styled mini-games Namco Bandai will be including in Game Center CX: Arino in District 3, the game’s nostalgia-filled main story mode takes place in the 1980s, where you’ll be spending your time clearing events together with a young Arino.


In Game Center CX: Arino in District 3, you’ll advance through the story by taking on various events that happen in town; however, young Arino is apparently suffering a case of amnesia. In order to help regain some of his lost memories, the protagonist will be playing various games with young Arino.


Here’s a look at some of the key locations in town:


Toy store, game shop, and arcade center.


Snack shop, your room, department store’s roof floor.

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Model shop, with young Arino and the protagonist.


There will be many types of events, which include many of Game Center CX’s fan-favorite staff members, who’ll occasionally be giving you hints and tips for the games.


These events will consist of tasks such as “Clear until ____” or “Clear this event in one try” or “Figure out this riddle”. Each of these events will change in terms of strategy, so you might need to take your time and figure them out at times.


Upon clearing the events, time will also progress as the story advances. There will be some areas that change and others that will grant you access only during certain periods of time.


Namco Bandai will be releasing Game Center CX: Arino in District 3 in Japan on January 23 for Nintendo 3DS.

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