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Xseed Will "Do What They Can" About Localizing Corpse Party: Blood Drive


Xseed have been been bringing the Corpse Party series of horror RPGs over to the west for some time now, but haven’t announced plans for the next game, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, which is slated for release in Japan in 2014.


Over on their Facebook page, a fan asked Xseed if they could “plz for the love of god” localize Blood Drive in 2014, and an Xseed representative responded: “You’re preaching to the choir, but that’s not our decision alone to make. Will do what we can, though.”


Meanwhile, another fan asked about Xseed publishing Game Center CX: Arino in District 3 for the Nintendo 3DS. The response to this request was less positive. Xseed replied: “Nobody would be happier than us to publish it, but our bank would cry…”


Finally, Xseed also reiterated that a physical release for the PSP version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter wouldn’t be possible.


In response to that particular request, they replied: “Sorry, but that’s just not in the cards for this title. Releasing a PSP game in mid-2014 even as a download-only title was risky enough as it was, since from a business perspective doing PC only was the smarter move, but still [got] a PSP release approved somehow so that we didn’t leave the original supporters of the first game on PSP hanging.”

Ishaan Sahdev
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