Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Gets Mickey Mouse Checkered DSi

By Ishaan . March 5, 2009 . 1:41am


After being subjected to numerous delays, Japan finally has a solid release date for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 — again, in the interest of public sanity, that’s “Three hundred and fifty eight over two” — Days. That date is May 30th for Japan.


The game will ship with the limited edition Nintendo DSi (pictured above) that Square announced a few months ago. The game + DSi bundle will retail for 24,880 yen ($250), while the game alone will cost 5980 yen ($60). If you wait for the announced English version coming later this year Square Enix should sell it for the usual $39.99.


Also see some new screens of Roxas, Organization XIII, and the other Disney friends he meets in the Sora-less Kingdom Hearts game. Keep in mind, DS games look a lot better in motion, so don’t judge this one by screenshots alone.


image image image image image image image image image image


It’s going to be very interesting to see how Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is received in Japan. It’s a Kingdom Hearts game, it’s on a popular system, and it’s been heavily marketed as a local multiplayer experience — something that worked wonders for Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star Portable. I just wish Square had made this one a Nintendo DSi-exclusive that took advantage of the hardware.

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  • SpoonerismsRock

    Finally Zero gets some screen time!…pretty sure he wasnt in KH1 or 2

  • Chow

    Why would you have wanted it to be DSi-exclusive? That would’ve pissed off a lot of people. Even if there were some extra features that’d be available to DSi owners, that’d still be pretty bad.

    • Oh, agreed. It would’ve pissed off a HELL of a lot of people. But this is a multiplayer game, and there have been plenty of reports about the framerate not holding up particularly well. I think it would’ve benefited from the DSi’s beefier hardware…no other reason.

  • Normally I am totally envious over the Japanese exclusive, Square Enix DS units… but that DS seems like an eyesore to me. I much prefer that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles DSi unit released a while back.

    The screens from the game look absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for the DS Kingdom Hearts.

  • Kaoro

    “I just wish Square had made this one a Nintendo DSi-exclusive that took advantage of the hardware.” I definitely agree. That more powerful hardware could have made the visuals less… dated. But I will wait till I see it in motion, like you said. I would think movement would be kind of awkward without an analog stick.

    Am I the only one who really likes the DSi design? I think I’d rather just have a plain black console instead of any design, but I wouldn’t mind having this one :).

  • I can’t lie… that DS is REALLY cute, I would even consider buying it and I was planning on not picking up the DSi at all. But it probably won’t come stateside. Can’t believe they pay $60 for DS games though, that’s so wrong.

  • ryukyus

    It’s a good thing that your wishes never come true, you mean according to you just because people wants to play king hearts they would have to buy a dsi which is not even that great, Moron, it’s a good thing they don’t think the same way you do.

    • Anon

      Why is the DSi “not even that great”?

      … because it doesn’t have any exclusive software worth buying it for?

      … wouldn’t that be a good argument FOR making the game DSi exclusive? :p

  • MisterNiwa

    Oh, Zero was in Kingdom Hearts, well but i cant remember seeing him in KH2…
    But he was in Zero, im sure!

    • Joanna

      yeah he was in KH1, but he only had a really minor role.

  • Axelanddeidara

    sweet! I was wondering why this game was taking so long to be released.

  • That deal looks interesting – did they say if The deal with the Dsi would be availble in Europe/

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