Namco Bandai Announces A Trio Of Tales Games

By Spencer . April 1, 2009 . 11:18am

image imageShonen Jump scans reveal Namco Bandai’s plans for the Tales series pre summer festival. First, Tales of Vesperia, which was released on the Xbox 360 last year, will come to the PlayStation 3 in 2009. Like Eternal Sonata, the PlayStation 3 version will have bonus content. A new kid pirate named Patty can join your party.


We first heard about Tales of Vs. from a US trademark. Now, we know it’s a PSP fighting game that supports four player battles. Richter (Dawn of a New World), Shing (Tales of Hearts), Luke (Tales of the Abyss), and Yuri (Tales of Vesperia) are confirmed for the game. Tales of Vs. will come out in Japan this fall.


Tales of Graces is the Tales mothership title for Wii. Asbel is the main character and the mysterious swordsman previously shown in a trailer. Namco Bandai has this Tales game pegged for release “this winter” which could mean the holiday season, but more likely Jan/Feb/March 2010 for Japan.

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  • D-5

    Awesome. Will be double-dipping with Vesperia if the PS3 version comes out here and if this isn’t another April Fool’s joke.

  • jarrodand

    Graces and Vesperia PS3 seem like sure bets for the US. Versus is 50/50 imo, the trademark’s encouraging but we’ve gone down that path before with no result (Innocence).

    • KCdash

      Reminds me when they also trademarked Tales of Rebirth for the ps2 a while back, hate it when they do that.

  • Vrakanox

    I’m entering a state of Eupohria right now. First Tri-Ace reveals that they are making a new multi-plat game and now this? Finally time to get a PS3 :)

    • lostinblue

      Microsoft’s moneyhatting couldn’t last forever (might still end up being a X360 timed exclusive though :p)

      Props to PS3 owners though, for finally getting the game like they should day one.

      • jarrodand

        Well, the only reason it led on 360 was due to Team Symphonia getting access to kits earlier. Namco’s been pretty upfront with that, the title really wasn’t moneyhatted in the classic sense (unlike Infinite Undiscovery or the MistWalker games).

        • lostinblue

          don’t believe in everything you hear, they had plenty of time to put their engine running on the PS3 before launching the game, and announce it; they didn’t for exactly 6 months for a reason… they had an agreement with Microsoft.

          ToV for PS3 was being leaked in roadmaps and stuff before ToV was out even, why do you think they never ever get clean about it and instead covered it up?

          it’s all more obvious when all the X360 moneyhatted games stay exclusive for a year and the announcement of port always comes roughly 6 months after release (jeez)

          • jarrodand

            Well, I don’t doubt they gave Microsoft a window after the fact (likely in return for a reduced royalty rate), but that’s not really moneyhatting. By that standard, Sony “moneyhatted” most of the PS2 library…

          • lostinblue

            Sony didn’t need to, back then.

            Which is not necessarily a good thing, mind you.

          • TurkeyPotPie

            You’re kidding yourself if you think Sony didn’t “moneyhat” games during the PS2 era (not to mention the PS1 days). They’d still be doing it too, if they had half a brain or any money. Then perhaps the PS3 wouldn’t be in the straits it is in today.

            That aside, this port is good news, and I hope Namco does a competent job on it. ToV is (IMO) the most “complete” JRPG on the 360 in that it is very polished and it doesn’t feel like the developers cut corners anywhere (like some of the other 360 JRPGs *cough* Infinite Undiscovery *cough*).

  • Nekobo

    Hurray, I’ve been waiting for Vesperia to be announced for the PS3. New flagship Tales for the Wii is a bonus, too.

  • BlackFreefall

    So this is not an April Fool Joke. Awesome. PS3, here I come.

  • Wishy


    I KNEW IT!


    • Sekaru

      Ugh -_- ToV was the worst game in the tales series I have ever played.. to think it will poison the ps3 aswell brings tears to my eyes..

      thou on a brighter note tales of vs :D heres hoping the symphonia(original) cast will be in it aswell :P

  • None

    WOW. Tales of Vesperia, PS3 Namco Bandai release Japan.

  • Tales of Graces could be very promising. The Tales series tends to have great RPGs, and I’m excited to see a new entry created just for the Wii.

  • qr

    and i was hopping for a new tales game.. well.. leftovers are better than nothing i guess.. =<

  • Awesome news that they finally announced the ToV PS3 port, that we all knew was coming.

    Now we PS3 owners just need announcements for the Star Ocean 4 and Braid PS3 ports!
    Once that happens, I’ll have no reason to want a 360! Fwahahaha…
    Actually, if that happens I’ll probably just buy the $200 dollar 360… That way I’d be able to play the only 2 games that would be left on the 360, that are of interest to me(those two games being Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon).

    As for Tales Of Vs. I like the idea, here’s hoping there’s at least ad-hoc multiplayer if that’s the case it’ll be a must buy.

    • There’s almost always ad-hoc when it comes to PSP multiplayer games. The problem is that no one* in North America owns a PSP — much less the specific game you want to play (and most games require two copies for multiplayer)

      What’s really needed is infrastructure multiplayer, but that never happens.

      * This is an exaggeration.

      • My hope is, if there is ad-hoc multiplayer(which it would be insane for them, NOT to have in, a Super Smash Bros-like, fighting game), that it’ll be compatible with the ad-hoc party system, that way it’ll be online. But yeah, it would be nice if they just had online multiplayer, built into the game. But Ad-hoc Party is the next best thing so here’s hopin’ for that.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    *drools* Tales of Vesperia is my favorite J-RPG on 360. If this hits PS3,it will be for it too :D I will buy it again, though I want to see more of this Patty. I heard rumors that it was going to be Flynn, but I guess that does make the story a bit confusing. MORE COSTUMES PLEASE! <3

    I hope Tales of Gracia is good. ToS:2 didn't do much for my Wii. I could barely play it.
    And VS will be a buy for me if it hits NA, if not, I may import it.

  • Aoshi00

    I have the 360 LE version alrdy, but I would import the PS3 version w/ addt’l contents again to play the game in Jpn. It’s too bad the US ver. of Eternal Sonata didn’t come w/ the extra video footage narrated by Hirano Aya/Polka.

  • Zhemos

    Knowing Namco I’m betting ToV for the PS3 will never see the light of day in American. I own a 360 and love ToV and I’m willing to buy a PS3 just to see how it is on the PS3. I’m not gonna get my hopes up for this one.

  • FStubbs

    I find it funny how nobody accuses Sony of moneyhatting Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles, or Disgaea 3.

    • Cross

      That’s because Sony didn’t moneyhat those titles?

      Valkyria Chronicles was orginally a Xbox 360 game, but shift platforms due to a choice from the development team.

      White Knight Chronicles wasn’t on the Xbox 360 because Level 5 has a good working relationship with Sony, and a poor one with Microsoft (with Microsoft did themselves).

      As for Disgaea 3, a version for the Xbox 360 wasn’t released/created because they probably knew the title wouldn’t sell on that platform. Not to mention, Nippon Ichi has never released a title on a Microsoft platform as well.

    • Volcynika

      Probably should rethink what you just said.

  • While my opinion on what the VS trademark meant was wrong, I was still right about a PS3 port of Vesperia. Weird how I keep myself on the wrong track, but with accurate guesses all the same o_O

  • Chris

    ‘Kid pirate’

    Those are two things that make an annoying, cheesy RPG character. No need to buy the PS3 version.

  • islaja

    Please oh please do not let these be dubbed… ^.^;;;

    • Pichi

      Why? Would you not want these games outside of Japan? Really now…

  • islaja

    Please oh please do not let these be dubbed… ^.^;;;

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