Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Officially In The Wild

By Ishaan . May 8, 2009 . 12:25am



http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/chikorita_gen4.jpg Yes, they’re real. And they’re coming to Japan sometime this fall, coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver. No other details have been announced as of this post but we can expect more information next week in mags CoroCoro and Nintendo Dream.


While nothing has been officially announced in this regard, it’s safe to assume the games will will be compatible with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. In the meantime, you might want to check out this neat piece of speculation regarding the new games.


Really though. “Heart” Gold and “Soul” Silver?

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  • Mr. Mee

    Howabout Solar Gold and Lunar Silver? or Sun Gold and Moon Silver? Nevermind potential copyright infringement,s.

    • Hey, you may be on to something. Sun Gold would represent Ho-oh (Phoenix) while Moon Silver would be perfect for Lugia.

    • Vino (Tim N)

      Yeah, that sounds way better then the current posted. Finally ran out of gems?
      I use a DSi now though >>; Though I still ahve a couple of my old DS. I’ll probably only get the game if it comes out here just to add to the collection.

      • Griff48

        i’m pretty sure these are coming out for the DS not GBA

        • Klavier_Schwupp

          Well duh, GBA is out of sale, kaboom, corrupt…

    • daizyujin

      Especially since the theme song for the Gold and Silver arch of the TV series used the phrases “Golden Sun and Silver Moon.” I seriously wonder what they will come up with for here.

    • White Maskk

      Megaman Battlenetwork 4 – Red Moon and Blue Sun

    • Brad

      I Dont Really Agree With Heart Gold, But I Dont Think There’s Much Else That Would Appeal.
      But SoulSilver Sounds Pretty Cool.

  • Wishy

    I guess I’m the only one who likes the names lol. Gold Heart and Silver Soul would make sound a bit better though.

  • Corey Lucas


  • Pichi

    I can understand Heart Gold. Every heard of the phrase, “Heart of Gold”? I wonder if the English version would but the “of” between the two to make a bit more “sense.”

    Looking forward to the remakes because I didn’t finish Gold at the time!

    • alex

      fire red/ leaf green didn’t make much sense either, these names will remain the same

      • Pichi

        Actually, fire red and leaf green make more sense since fire is obviously red and same for leaf. For Gold and Silver, things are more metaphoric. More people seem to miss the phrase “Heart of Gold.”

  • mina

    Heart Gold sounds like the saying, “Heart of Gold”
    Those pictures of Chikorita are fake though.

    • Pichi

      That’s the point, hackers were able to find in-game data in the game that has Johto for a place pokemon can be found. And of course, the only way to show is to hack it.

  • “Brain” Crystal

    I can’t wait..! I want a mohteruckigs Ho-oh/Lugia!

  • Kyle

    okay, first off i think this is great that the new games are finally coming out. Although they are remakes, they still appeal in my eyes. Considering the fact that they are being set out in Japan in fall ’09, i expect them to be in the US by spring ’10. Its worth the wait, since i never got platinum yet. However, my Diamond team would whip anyone. I beat Cynthia 85 times, and i unlocked a new dungeon where you first encounter Heatran. I’m inthere now, its a huge obstacle. There’s ice, like in the 7th gym, and theres also lava bridges to cross. my question is; is there a secret mystery pokemon here?

    • Gondall

      wtf….what do you mean, ice? Do you mean Snowpoint Temple? Regigigas is there if you have the other three golems. And I can’t wait for the remakes – but I heard somewhere that they might not have the second region….that would be really lame.

    • cool

      howd you get to the new dungeon or w/e?????
      pleasee tell

    • Bryan

      Liar, I beat Cynthia 108 times lol.

  • pokemon diamond master

    I think this game is somewhat cool.

  • Dreams come true! Man I’m so pumped for this! I can’t wait to see my favorite Pokemon game with the Diamond and Pearl engine! This is gonna be the best!

  • Ash

    Holy FRICKIN CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cory

    I knew GOLD and SILVER were going to be remade again! Yes!!! I personally want to thank the millions of die hard Pokemon fans that put hard work and effort into spreading the word in petitions and on the internet. Thank you Japan. I can’t wait until these games come out. My team in HeartGold will be: 1. Cydaquil, 2. Quagsire, 3. Dunsparce, 4. Gligar, 5. Sunkern and 6. Ledyba. In soulsilver i will pick 1. Chikorita, 2. Mantine, 3. Houdour, 4. Stantler, 5. Rikou and 6. Delibird.

    • Kat

      Ledyba was only in Silver and Crystal, so you won’t be able to have it in HeartGold.

      Also no one reads those stupid petitions. Why there were petitions for something like a video game is beyond me, anyway.

  • Luckybuizel

    I reckon the fake remakes (Pokemon Dusk Gold and Dawn Silver) had WAAAAAAY better names. I think I will get Soul Silver.

  • Pyro

    Well “Glimmering Gold” and “Shimmering Silver” Had been claimed by Nintendo, but i guess the name would be too long to fit in..
    I dont like “heart gold” but soul silver sounds pretty good C: Maybe Yin Gold and Yang SIlver might’ve been good.

    • KattoTang

      Yin and yang sound good except then they’d be backwards. Yin is feminine and of the winter season, yang is masculine and of summer. So, in essence, it would be like saying “MoonGold” and “SunSilver”

      I think the names come from the phrase “Heart and soul” Like, “I put my heart and soul into this.” Heart and soul, Gold and Silver…plus there’s that “Heart of gold” phrase as well.

      Other people suggest SunGold and MoonSilver, which makes sense. It’s really a wonder why they didn’t go with DuskGold and DawnSilver as were the rumors. (Those names actually do make sense if you know about the towers. The Brass Tower is in the west and the Tin Tower in the east…essentially these towers could be considered gold and silver in colour. Since the Tin is in the east and would be the representative of silver, even though Ho-oh resides there, you get “DawnSilver” because of the sun rising in the east. Likewise, with the Brass being in the west, where the sun sets, you get “DuskGold”.

      Or maybe those names were just meant to confuse people.)

  • lucariolv1

    the best games, in the best region with the best starters are back!
    i cant wait! :D
    anyone know when its coming out in japan though?
    i’ll get it on my r4 ;D

    • pokemon

      Sane here, BUT! I will be playing my R4 version while waiting for my actual cart to come from import since i reads the japanese texts xD!

  • blondyman1503

    OMG cant wait

  • SailorEarth

    I think the names are great. It’s based of “A Heart of Gold” and” A Soul of Silver”. I think it represents the Lugia and Ho-Oh just fine

  • Moo

    Dusk Gold & Dawn Silver
    Yang Gold & Yin Silver
    Solar Gold & Polar Silver
    Stellar Gold & Celestial Silver
    Savanna Gold & Forest Silver
    Glimmering Gold & Shimmering Silver
    Diurnal Gold & Nocturnal Silver

    Really… Heart Gold & Soul Silver is your final decision?


    I can’t wait for them to come out in America! does anyone have the dates

  • yuphaa

    Can I import one from japan and change the language in the options menu to english? anyone?

  • omar

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    ‘onioopkojjuijhi ji jniji jio jni[jormdfoef?

  • slapper

    This game is gonna suck

    you people should just give up pokemon died years ago….

    • Slapping Slapper

      Pokemon has not died
      it is a great game

    • blah.

      if you’re saying that pokemon sucks,
      what the hell are you doing here, then?!

  • bob saget

    i like pokemon platium but to get all the starters i just cheated in pearl that traded them all

  • nikoc

    why in the pokemons version have very little story?

  • DJ

    Awesomeness, but the names suck XD And I’m replaying Crystal for what seems like the millionth time now….and this news T_T

  • Vee


    Silver, Gold and Platinum were definately the best – can’t wait to catch myself a Teddiursa and a Houndour!

  • Go-Rock Quad’s Giratina

    OMG!! :D I can’t wait!! I have never played Gold/Silver/Crystal (I have Gold because my friend gave it to me; it doesn’t work D.:) but it sounds so freaking fun!!
    Dream Team for SoulSilver: Meganium, Lugia, Ho-oh, Umbreon, Skarmory, and Tyranitar

    But Heart Gold and Soul Silver………… crappy name (Soul Silver is a pimp name, though). Dusk Gold and Dawn Silver is SO better.

    Go-Rock Quad’s Giratina signing out! :D

  • snorlax

    when will it come to U.S

  • Mizty

    I can’t wait! I like the names. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice, but I understand the logic in it. I liked SoulSilver most at first, but when i knew HeartGold will have Ho-Oh, then I wanted the other version. My starter will be Chikorita. Think SolarGold and LunarSilver is better, though. :)

  • scarface

    i rekkon soulsilver and sungold is better than heart gold/soul silver

  • Pierrick

    I like that Solar Gold and Lunar Silver thing….i wonder if pokemon contests will be in these games…probably not because they’er remakes of gold and silver…I hope they are in there though!i like the little feature of having a pokemon follow you! It’s about time they decided to add that after yellow…am i right?

    • yeah that would be nice but all 493 pokemon are capable of following you what im trying to work out is how the hell can a magikarp or a goldeen walk around with you? lol

  • cblue

    I prefer sungold and moonsilver. I can’t wait though! I’ve already mentally made a team:
    Typhlosion, Skarmory, Scizor, Furret, Sudowoodo, and Lanturn.
    It may change though, depends…

  • pokemon fan

    iam 15 years old and still play pokemon iam sry but its just badass…… and this game is gonna be bamf the beastyest of pokemon. chickorita is a badass but so is totidial and cyndiquil hahaha i cant wait for this game and i can tell it will be fun.. i heard it has a great storyline and evenbetter graphics

  • Unknown

    Fake images

  • mee1996

    so when does it come out

  • o0goof0o

    How much would the English version of Soul Silver be in america

  • bob9898

    so is there a english verison of this game ??

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