Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Video And Screenshots Captured

By Ishaan . May 10, 2009 . 8:36am

Here is is, just like promised…the official official Pokémon Gold/Silver remake announcement. There isn’t much footage of the new game unfortunately. Just some walking around in New Bark Town and a few measly screenshots.


Again, further details are expected in this coming week’s CoroCoro and Nintendo Dream.


Something to note: the footage and screenshots show Chikorita following you around in New Bark. Does this imply that the starters are able to follow the trainer right from the start of the game a la Pokémon Yellow? There’s also a rumour making the rounds that Heart Gold and Soul Silver will feature a more in-depth breeding system by which the looks of newly-hatched Pokémon will vary slightly depending on who the parents were.


I wonder what else we can expect to see in the remakes. I guess now’s as good a time as any to start speculating!


image image image image

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  • ShinNoKami

    With that Chikorita following the trainer around… I’d guess (or more likely HOPE) we might have something like Pokemon Yellow?

  • So … Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I’m not completely comfortable with the names, but hearing htem in Japanese makes it sound a bit better.

    I really like the idea of the starter following you around. Someday, I hope they can let you choose who follows you around and see if there’s a stat difference or something.

    The breeding seems a bit … well, it’s a start, that “different parents make pokemon look different” thing, surely. But it doesn’t look like it’ll go too far anywhere yet. Maybe in the future. Wonder if it’ll change stats…

    Fall of 2009 in Japan. w00t.

  • 108

    Shin: You hope it’s like Pokemon Yellow? The further away from Pokemon Yellow we are, the better. That game was just awful. Abysmally terrible. I can’t imagine a Pokemon Yellowing of Gold/Silver resulting in a good game.

    terracannonrandomstringofnumbers: The whole “hearing them [the titles] in Japanese” remark is just absurd. An awful title sounds better to you when spoken in mangled English? It’s a terrible title regardless of whether it’s spoken in proper English, and I very much hope they change it upon localization.

    • Unless you hate the anime there’s little gameplay changes other than different battles and a focus on Pikachu…
      It’s been forever since I played it though.

      Either way, I doubt the starter pokemon following you will make the game crappy.


  • Charlie

    You know what annoys me about the naming of the Pokemon games? They butchered it when they introduced the third game in the series:

    Gold, Silver, Crystal
    Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

    The naming scheme is lost here since Gold, Silver and Platinum are precious metals. If you ask me the naming should’ve been G/S/P and D/P/C.

    • 2dere

      Where’s a time machine when you need one eh?.
      Neil Young, stop your searching, we’ve found your heart of Gold. I actually don’t mind the title myself. And watching that card game looked really cool.

    • Masengan

      Yep I also agree with that logic.

  • Legendary

    Good thing no one’s asking you.

  • galiane

    YAY!!! a new pokemon remake!! When will they finally make a game where we can go in all the pokemon regions seen so far.. that’d be awesome :P Are there any announcement for the english or european release dates?

    • Since these are going to be out this Fall in Japan, I’d say Q1 2010 for U.S. and Europe. April or May sounds like a good time, since that would be the start of a new fiscal year.

  • Mg

    Who cares what the names are. Pokemon is a great game, just play it and quit complaining about the name.

  • penis ass

    yh boy

  • PokemonMaster

    When the starters evolve into there final evolution stages : Meganium, Feraligatr and Typhlosion, do they follow you around ?

    • MyLittleBonsai

      Yeah I read that all the Pokemon in the game are able to follow you (obviously individually). I saw a screen shot of a Steelix following the player and it does still only take up one square (if you understand what I mean?) it is just a lot taller than the other Pokemon. God knows what the hell they are going to do for Lugia and Ho oh. I’m not sure how many Pokemon are in the game it’s something like 400+. I think it’s how ever many there are currently. I’m assuming you’ll be able to trade from other games or even go into the other regions.

  • m3

    this game is aaaaaawwwweeeesssooooooooooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

  • May

    Your annoying Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not the namexs of the games!!!!!!!!!!!

  • May

    Your Annoying Charlie not the names of the Pokemon Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dick Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blkeydpes

    ssooo…can u start with ANY starter? like charmeleon? and squirtle? and what about the new pokemon are they init? and about the following..that’l be kinda kwl but can u get a bike and that? and u know what will be awesome, being able to get every pokemon and going to different regions (sorry about spelling) whould be kinda kwl, lol my favorite pokemon is charizard lol i want a charizard in like ALL of my pokemon games l0l

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