How Wii Owners Feel Fear With Ju-On

By Ishaan . May 11, 2009 . 1:30pm


Ju-On from AQ Interactive came out of nowhere last month and surprised a lot of people because it actually looked like a decent horror game. Information on the game has been pretty scarce so far, but now we finally know how it controls.


As expected, you use the Wii remote’s pointer to control the flashlight, but there’s a catch: the B trigger is used to move forward, while Down on the D-pad is used to move back. The A button acts as your context-sensitive “action” button. Apparently, the game doesn’t make use of the Nunchuk at all, which sounds so-very-cool. The game has a mechanic by which your flashlight can run out of battery, leaving you alone in the dark (no pun intended), which should make for some interesting situations.


As we previously reported, Ju-On also has some sort of a “multiplayer” element that sounds akin to Super Mario Galaxy or The Crystal Bearers where a second player can pick up a second Wii remote and introduce some sort of “surprise” element to the game. Details on this are sketchy.


Interestingly enough, Dengeki sings praises of the game’s sound, calling it excellent and advising people to play the game with headphones to further enhance the thrill.


Personally, I’m kind of excited for this. The Wii is getting a lot of survival horror games this year between Fatal Frame 4, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space Extraction. Funny thing is, I get the feeling Ju-On and its original story might just kick all their asses in the scares department.


Ju-On releases July 30 in Japan, and considering the recent increased stake of AQ Interactive in XSEED, there’s a good chance we’ll see this localized.


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  • the B trigger is used to move forward, while Down on the D-pad is used to move back. The A button acts as your context-sensitive “action” button. Apparently, the game doesn’t make use of the Nunchuk at all, which sounds so-very-cool.

    Wait what? This sounds TERRIBLE to me. Dragon Quest Swords would have been a perfect game to me if it hadn’t used a similar wiimote-only control scheme. I don’t like this one bit.

  • Malek86

    If you can only move forward and backward, this may be some sort of on-rails adventure. I was kinda hoping you’d be able to move freely. Oh well, but it looks kinda scary. I might have to pick it up.

    After the mild disappointment that was FF4, it would be nice to have a good horror game this gen.

    • Uh no your directions probably are dictated by where you point your flashlight.

      Which would make the controls that much more horrible IMHO.

      • That would feel rather clunky.

        The control setup kinda reminds me of Killer 7 too. But I didn’t mind it for that game…

      • Horrible yes , but it also increases the scare factor tenfold.
        It’ll be like old school resi/SH but first person.

      • Malek86

        Now that I read the japanese article, it might be as you say. That would most definitely not be cool.

      • Chow

        You know what’s strange? While I’m normally pretty vocal about my dislike of Wiimote controls, for some reason using the flashlight to change direction with a “gas” and “reverse” button doesn’t sound that bad. However, that probably means there’s no strafing in this game, unless it’s included using the left/right on the d-pad.

        • Ju-On, not Virtual-On. ;)

          • lostinblue

            virtual-on Wii…. *drools*

            that gundam 0079 was actually similar to that, (and was surprisingly good) shame it make made it over, might import it someday.

  • I assume the left and right on the d-pad moves your character too right? If correct, I think that should be added to the article to prevent on-rails talk (which seems to scare people these days moreso than the survival horror). lol

    Anyways, I’ll keep my eye out on this one. I loved the movies (ie the Japanese ones) and wouldn’t mind trying this out if Xseed picks it up.

  • I’d play it. The Wii can always use more horror games. :D

  • I’m also worried about the control scheme. I can tolerate a difficult control scheme to make you feel less empowered and more paranoid, but if something as simple as getting from A to B is an ordeal in itself, that’s just frustrating.

    • Otherwise, I’m sold**

      (Pressed Submit a little too soon there)

  • You know I imagine this game is going to be like a virtual haunted house. So players kinda of wander around, open doors, and avoid being spooked. The control scheme doesn’t suit an action game and… letting players assault the spirits relentlessly would break the continuity of the movies.

    • Lucky

      I agree, I’m going to wait for more info on the controls until I decide whether I truly love/hate/whatever it. No character in the movie actually tried attacking or fighting (aside from trying to burn down the house…) so it wouldn’t make sense to get a blunt object and start beating the spirits. This is going to be, like you said, a ‘virtual haunted house’ – Move through the area exploring and occasionally crapping your pants until you reach the exit (If you ever do).

      The Grudge films were pretty good, too. And scary. I hope this game is good.

  • Yea, I’m gonna stand my ground on this one. Kuronoa mentioned Killer 7, which is exactly what I thought of, too, while typing this up. I don’t mind being thrown into a more “linear” experience (doesn’t say it’s on rails, thank God) if it’s genuinely scary.

    I just hope the walk animation is believable (screen “bouncing” with each step you take instead of a “smooth” walk cycle a la old FPSes) and that your walking speed isn’t too slow. THAT would be annoying.

    • I think we need videos to fully understand, especially the multiplayer part.

      In terms of dealing with the ghosts, Toshio isn’t much of a threat but Kayako is. Would we be able to shake her off if we are stuck in a room with her?

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I’m not much for horror games, but I could use a good scare. I’ll wait until I hear more about the controls before I decide to get this too.
    Is NA getting Fatal frame 4? I don’t think I heard anything about that…
    and not just that, man I think theres tons of games I need to find more info on…Fragile (probably should give up on that soon), a bunch of Level 5 games like Ni no Kuni: The Another World, and Ushiro (no news on those at all D: )

    • No info on any of these. E3 is our best bet, but past that…

  • Don’t forget Cursed Mountain :)

    Feels sounds good to me!

    • Ooh, forgot about that one. Bit skeptical about that one because of all the gesture-based stuff though. Still, it definitely is worth keeping an eye on. :)

  • Happy Gamer

    im extremely curious to how this game will be played out. i mean im sure u can’t attack or anything. looks interesting just from that stand point. or maybe u will die or have some bad ending like all ju on movies lol

  • Have to say I’m really looking forward to this, hope it hits the UK soon!

  • axelleos2000

    I can’t wait to get this game!
    Looks amazing!
    I’ve seen the movies and loved them.

    Although the gameplay seems kind of limited, I don’t mind.
    Nintendo Wii needs more horror games :)

    Now Kayako shall haunt us through our Wii’s MUAHAHA.

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