Atlus Offers Artbook And Demo In The Nightmare

By Ishaan . May 12, 2009 . 2:10pm has quite a few releases coming up, one of them being Knights in the Nightmare for DS. And as you’d expect of Atlus, they’re offering a swanky artbook titled “Tome of Lost Souls” to go with it as a pre-order incentive. You can click on that link to have a sneak peak at it and see if it tickles your fancy. There’s also the soundtrack CD, which we’ve all grown accustomed to by now (which isn’t to say we don’t <3 them).


But wait! There’s a demo, too, just like for Trauma Center 2 and Trackmania DS. You can grab it off of the Nintendo Channel on the Wii to acquaint yourself with the game. And need to acquaint yourself with it, you will. Insert PR:


Interactive, educational, and lengthy, this tutorial demo is the perfect step-by-step introduction to the unprecedented game design of Knights in the Nightmare. Learn about the game’s core mechanics, the importance of properly shifting between law and chaos modes, weapon management, special moves, and much, much more!


Better get cracking on that pre-order if you want the tome…the game releases June 2. If you want to try out the demo, go grab it ASAP, too. Demos on the Nintendo Channel don’t stay up indefinitely.


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  • Lucky

    Art book!? Yes please!

    Yet another Atlus game to add to my pre-order. They are too good.

  • Atlus is spot on with all the bonuses they include with their game releases. It’s a great way to reward the fans as well as combat piracy.

    • QBasic

      Indeed. A very certain other JRPG publisher and developer really ought to follow their example…

    • MadMirko

      It’s also good business sense. Among the many DS RPGs it’s a great way to get more visibility. With art like that it was probably a piece of cake to assemble the book, but that in no way diminishes my Atlus adoration.

  • EvilAkito

    Atlus, you love to make me spend money!

    I tried out the demo yesterday and it was really fun. From the screens it looked like a regular SRPG, but from the demo it sort of felt like DoDonPachi (and that probably won’t make a bit of sense until you try it out yourself). Leave it to Sting to throw the established gameplay rules out the window and come up with something completely original!

  • I love Sting Entertainment’s Riviera, and though I missed on on Yggdra Union, I definitely pre-ordered Knights some time ago. The artbook is a huge shove in that direction for me, anyhow.

    I’m a little surprised that Atlus doesn’t have any pre-order bonuses for SMT: Devil Survivor. Maybe they’ve just spoiled us, but I’ve come to expect goodies for every SMT-related game.

    • Volcynika

      They’ve still got time to prepare us for SMT Devil Survivor goodness, so let’s wait!

      • Usually Atlus announces pre-order bonuses as soon as they make pre-orders available. The Devil Summoner 2 and Knights bonuses have been known since December or January, for example, while Devil Survivor is still a bare-bones sale with only a month and a half to go.

        Although, I hope I’m wrong on this one.

        • Volcynika

          Yeah, though it’d be odd to not have anything from their mainline franchise. Although, I think both Knights in the Nightmare and Devil Summoner 2 had bonuses in Japan, and I can’t remember if Devil Survivor had one on its release…hrm.

          • Try as I might, I can’t find one…I was wondering why Devil Survivor didn’t have a pre-order bonus with it, too.

    • EvilAkito

      Maybe they’ll package a bonus CD soundtrack with every copy of the game, regardless of whether or not it was pre-ordered. That would be enough to satisfy me.

  • Pardon my ignorance, but when you say the demo’s on the Nintendo Channel, is that Wii-only? Because they really should try slapping that stuff up on the DSi Store, too. For those of us who don’t own a Wii, but are still curious about how the game plays.

    …I could, of course, answer my own question and check the DSi Store now. Ehhhhh, effort.

    • Yea, it is Wii only, but I guess it’s mostly for people who own DS Lites. Ideally, it would be on both the Nintendo Channel and on the DSi store. That way, DS owners could actually keep their demos if they wanted to.

      • MadMirko

        Not neccessarily. The Wii could save the demo in flash / on SD just as well as the DSi could. You don’t get to keep the demos easily because they don’t want you to, not because it wouldn’t be possible.

        The homebrew scene could probably provide something, but I can’t think of many reasons why I would keep a demo, TBH. Either I like it enough to buy the game (in which case I have no further need for the demo), or I don’t like it (and why would I keep it, then?).

        • Oh, that’s what I meant…that Nintendo policies prevented you from being able to save them. Copying the demo to NAND technically should be a piece of cake if you have a homebrewed Wii.

          I kept hoping for the longest time that we’d receive a Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days demo (the one from the Square kiosts at the Jump Festa) but sadly, that never happened.

          • MadMirko

            I thought you were implying that if the demo was available via DSiWare, people would automatically get to keep it. My bad.

  • 2dere

    Is Play-Asia advertising the pre-order bonuses? If not can someone recommend a place for me to import from?

    • I would wait if you’re not in the U.S. Play-Asia does include Atlus’s pre-order bonuses but they tend to come a tad late to P-A sometimes. For example; they weren’t offering the Persona 4 visual data artbook until a couple months ago.

      • 2dere

        I’m not from the States and rely solely on P-A for my game imports I guess I’ll look around some more in that case.

  • Malek86

    Yesss. Riviera was awesome, and though I really couldn’t get into Yggdra Union (not a strategist here *cough*), I’m still eagerly waiting for this. Anything Sting makes has a high chance of being awesome. I’m still waiting for Atlus to tell us just what games they are going to develop together.

    Anyway, what are the chances of it getting to Europe? I’d probably be better off getting the US version, but don’t know if my EU cartridge of Yggdra Union would be ok for unlocking any bonus stuff.

  • Joanna

    curses, I really wanted this game, but I won’t be in the country on the date it releases.

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