Teaser Art For The Next Zelda On Wii

By Ishaan . June 5, 2009 . 10:20am

Here it is at long last. The first hint of things to come as far as Zelda for Wii is concerned. More importantly, here’s a little context from an IGN interview with Miyamoto before everyone starts to analyze the image:


Miyamoto: Well, the story setting for this Zelda is, of course, in a completely different era and Link is older than he was previously. More approaching adulthood. There is one hint. Maybe from the art work you can see that he’s not holding a sword.



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  • A lot are saying she’s the master sword.

    Anyways, I cannot wait.

  • Dais

    so in the end this is the last zelda and it turns out link is gay for his master sword but she turns into a girl so he isn’t gay anymore and oh god I’m just going to kill myself

    • Dais

      I mean the master sword is female but link is gay for it because it is a sword and swords are phallic

      • Dais

        all the women link does quests for, zeldas and malons and zora girls and childhood friends, they all wonder but in the end they pine for him, never knowing for sure

        at the end of that one nintendo power comic link is left alone to guard the master sword and zelda laments that they can’t be together but we know what it was REALLY ABOUT

        • Doctor Bad

          Where’s the “Don’t like” button???

  • Happy Gamer

    if the story revolves around the master sword for example i think it would be pretty interesting. maybe even emotional. i can’t wait for this mostly because for me and i think alot of you, it feels like the first REAL wii zelda.

  • Advent

    Wow! This is awesome!! You know… That girl looks like the great faeries in Wind Waker! Doesnt she? I mean what if… This is Link grown up from WW? I know the style is like Twilight Princess… But if you look at his outfit, you cant really tell for sure or not. Even though Miyamoto says its a different ‘era’, he could mean different era for WW or any Zelda that uses Toon Link.

    Whatever the case, this game is going to be amazing. I feel like team Zelda has learned alot from their mistakes with TP. Like Eiji Aonuma said, ‘I won’t be giving up on the Zelda series until I can make a game that surpasses Ocarina’

    Could this be the game to do it? I think so!

    @Dais – What are you talking about? Stop wasting comment spaces with your negativity. Go complain/troll somewhere else.

    • Dais

      wasting comment spaces.

      I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this site was running low.

    • Spider108

      It may be a follow to Wind Waker, seeing how the Master Sword is wedged into Ganondorf’s skull.

  • Lucky

    So people are assuming the statue-chick is the master sword? Odd.

    I was afraid when I read the quote Link would have some kinda futuristic stuff… I would have cried.

    • Tatsu

      Legend of Zelda Galaxy?

  • MadMirko

    If someone would have suggested two weeks ago that Nintendo would announce this many megatons (sorry, only word that comes to mind right now), it would have to be in a sarcastic tone or they would have been declared insane.

    I, for one, welcome our new core game releasing overlords.

    BTW, is there any information on Monolith’s Monado? That looks completely different than anything I played from them before, and I’m curious.

    • lostinblue

      somma bringer team, they say. I wonder what the Baten Kaitos team is doing, and the Xenosaga Team.

      the style is so FFXII that I can’t hope but well, hope that Matsuno is involved. He was supposed to be doing wii rpg’s after all.

      • MadMirko

        I really wonder why they showed it at all at this point. What with character names like “PC1”-4? That’s so… un-Nintendo.

        • Mazen

          It seems they are so scared from fans that they tried to bring as many ammo/games as possible even if the games doesn’t look finished, I saw gamefaqs boards last year there was a riot am sure Nintendo email box suffered so much.
          Haha I think maybe Miyamoto tried making the Zelda team make a trailer and they refused since the game is still needs work, so he just sneak in and grabbed any poster and run to the airport.

          • lostinblue

            That’s a funny thing to imagine :D

            Well, Miyamoto certainly said he really wanted to unveil Zelda this year, but was unable to.

        • lostinblue

          Well… That too, but perhaps they didn’t want to show too much?

          Still, monolith modeling is usually so much better than this, I mean… look at xenosaga, or even disaster day of crisis, their modeling is capable to wow people. this isn’t, it’s like a low poly FFXII. and no detailed shadows? *cries*

          looks good in motion but needs lots of polish before launch. I hope they turn monolith into a retro studios of RPG’s.

  • Chow

    Naw, he’s Captain Hyrule, and he throws his signature Crested Hyrule Shield… which NEVER misses.

    …he never misses.

  • wii_HD

    Is this an internal Nintendo Japan project.

    I thought the series director Eiji Aonuma said he didnt want to make any more Zelda games after Twilight – even though he worked on Phantom Hourglass.

    Could the mystery game that Retro Studios are delveloping be Zelda.

    • jarrodand

      It’s internal at EAD. Retro’s Zelda spinoff (which was rumored to feature Shiek/Zelda as the protagonist herself) was shelved.

      • lostinblue

        I heard about the zelda spin-off, but never of the sheik/zelda thing.

        Anyway, I dunno about that rumor, seems fishy.

    • lostinblue

      actually he said the opposite, that he felt he couldn’t leave Zelda before he topped Ocarina of Time.

    • Mazen

      If Retro are touching this I don’t want to even see it, even with help from Nintendo Retro games are so far in quality from all Nintendo’s Japan studios, even more the new Metroid seems like finally a Metroid am eager to play and beat, it have a chance of being a real classic.

      • lostinblue


        Seriously though Metroid Prime is amazing. I have full confidence in Retro Studios.


    a different era? maybe an alternative japan? with a samurai sword and armor? can anyone imagine link wearing samurai armor and using a samurai sword?

    • lostinblue

      not that, as the illustration show.

      Must be more in the lines of how OoT, Wind Waker and TP take place in different eras (and TP and WW even take place in separate timelines)

  • artist

    fan art.

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