Video Games Live To Debut In Japan

By Ishaan . June 21, 2009 . 2:10pm


Video Games Live is set to make its Japanese debut this September. Titled “Video Games Live in Japan,” the concert will be held at Hall A of the Tokyo International Forum from September 21 – 22.


The concert timings for the two-day event are 6 PM and 2 PM respectively. Tickets will be available from July 19 onwards. More info can be found at the event’s official website.


It’s going to be interesting to see the selection of music at the event. Probably less Splinter Cell and more XenoSaga. Personally, I’m hoping for some tracks from Ōkami myself. Given how much Japanese music is traditionally played at VGL, this is like coming full circle.

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  • daizyujin

    I went to their concert two years ago here in Louisville, Kentucky. It was pretty good I but like any other fan of Nintendo and Sega’s older stuff, it was a let down to see all the Mario and Sonic music come from the first games. Super Mario Bros 3 and World have a much more varied and awesome music set than the original Super Mario Brothers. It just seems like such wasted potential. There is nothing wrong with the original game’s music, but it is hardly collectively exhaustive.

    Me and my buddy just sat there with our fingers crossed for Shenmue to start being played (after all that is at least a bigger title than Advent Rising) but alas it didn’t happen. It saddened me.

    I would go again this year since I hear Shenmue has been added to some city’s rosters but I just wish they would tell people what is going to be played at specific concerts rather than leaving it a surprise. I want to know how much of a performance is going to be different. $40 is a lot of money to go see a show that is only marginally different from the first one I went to.

    • Sigh. I feel your pain. I haven’t been to a VGL but I love watching them on YouTube. And every time, I hope they’ll do the theme from Metroid Prime, but it just never happens. The few times that they did Metroid, they stuck to the classic NES theme, which is really unfortunate. Prime and Prime 2 had some amazing tracks.

      • daizyujin

        They did the same with just about everything. Sonic the Hedgehog they did practically every piece from the original game but that was it. Even odder though is that they showed video footage on the monitors from every Genesis Sonic title. It didn’t bother me much but that might just be because I do personally love the original game’s music more than its sequels. On the other hand that is just an personal opinion. I am sure others felt the same way I felt about the Mario tracks.

        Like I said, it was for sure worth the cash, the first time. If only to see them perform in a ritzy hall. All the old volunteers at the performing arts center didn’t have a clue what anything going on was about and it was hilarious to see all these people of “lower social standing” such as myself understand a performance better than the snooty staff. The Space Invaders contest was just a fun bonus.

        • The co-founder, Tommy …something, mentioned that they had to go through lots of copyright holders or something to get to the Sonic music. Maybe they’ll have Azure Lake Zone or Sky Sanctuary Zone in the future.

  • It was really cool to see the Live CD go to the top of the billboard and that they have taken this around the world.
    It will be interesting to see what will be in the line-up. I hope they play “Moon Stage” from Duck Tales! Maybe they’ll get some old-school composers to show up, too.

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