Tales of Vesperia Demo Includes Playable Patty

By Spencer . July 13, 2009 . 7:25am


A Tales of Vesperia demo is on Japan’s PlayStation Store, just like Namco Bandai promised. And it’s not a rehash of the Xbox 360 demo. You can use Patty Fleur, the new pirate girl added to the PlayStation 3 version. Switch Patty into the lead to directly control her.


Unfortunately, this demo doesn’t have hidden English text and voice acting like the Japanese Xbox 360 demo. Sorry, no stealth confirmation about an international release… yet.

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  • xemnas

    The demo was indeed awesome..they threw in a Giganto monster to kick the players asses too…and the boss was much better than the Gattutso that they gave us in the 360 demo

  • Sir Fratley

    DAMN, i really want to play the PS3 version, i hope that namco release the game soon in the states.

  • One of the things about the demo that really bothered me was that I couldn’t change the confirm button to Circle… It feels so strange to me playing a Tales of game with confirm being the X button… I should just sell my PS3 and buy a Japanese one… That’d fix my confirmation button problem good… But then I can’t do that, seeing as I still want my backwards compatibility(damn sony for ever taking that away).

    Does anyone know of a way to hack a PS3 to change the confirmation button like you can on the PSP? I think the way I did it for my PSP back in the day was something like dumping my PSP’s NAND and changing some strings then transferring it back. Is there some way to do that with a PS3?

    • No idea whether that can be done, but it annoys the hell out of me too, mostly because I keep accidentaly confirming/canceling things I don’t mean to. What I noticed about my (Jap) PSP is that it usually switches the confirmation button to x when playing pal games, but at times this includes when saving, and at times not. While my (pal) PS3 just changes the confirmation button of japanese games to x period. (exept for BlazBlue in which you can manually change that setting)

      • xemnas

        Are you guys serious? you do know it’s based off of your ps3’s setting right? you wouldn’t really sell a system because of something as trivial as a confirmation button would you?

        Worst case scenario you get used to it..i play Japanese and english games and it’s weird going from X to O but it’s not a tragedy or anything.

        • No it’s not a tragedy, simply anoying. I wouldn’t sell my system for it though. It’s my own fault for owning games of different regions after all. It just surprised me that I can’t find a setting on the PS3 to change confirmation to O (someone please tell me I’m blind and that it is there)

          Why was it changed in the first place anyway?

          • Suihi

            Intuitively, X means cancel and O means. Whoever decided to change it just wanted to change it for the sake of changing something.

            I was really surprised too, it’s the first import game I’m playing on the PS3 and therefore it’s only now that I notice it’s the system’s region, not the game, that defines the X/O scheme. At least on the PSP it’s determined by the game (all the Japanese games I play on there use O as confirm). Why must they force it upon us like this? It should be easy to add the feature – if PSP hacks can do it, surely official updates can too.

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