Pachislot Report Says “Persona 5 For PS3”

By Spencer . July 20, 2009 . 9:32am

imageRemember the Shin Megami Tensei slot machine? One report from the event says something about Persona 5.


The news comes from pachinko publication 7rush, which claims Persona 5 will be announced for the PlayStation 3 soon in the midst of a MegaTen boom. (Thanks for the tip Pesmerga00!!) Persona 4 was also revealed in an unusual way with Bloomberg mentioning the game in a financial report.


However, other media like Dengeki Online were at the event and didn’t report anything about Persona 5.


Right or wrong, Persona 5 is inevitable. MegaTen is growing worldwide and Persona is leading the way.

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  • Volcynika


    I’d still end up getting it if it happens, but I just hope for a little Persona break.

  • malek86

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Persona has apparently “superseded” the SMT series in terms of popularity.

    Well, it’s not like I’ve got any qualms about a P5 being the first next-gen SMT game (P4 is pretty much my favorite PS2 role-playing game, and besides I think Persona games would benefit more from HD production values than something like, say, Nocturne). Though maybe something different would have been nice as well.

  • If this is true I hope they really take it to the next level. As much as I love 3 and 4, I was thinking the other day of the types of things they could do with the series with PS3’s processing power. Not just graphically, but in the scope of the game and features they could include.

    • Yeah, there are a lot of possibilities. Like making a MMO-lite component where you bond with other Persona players that join your game.

      • I was thinking like a Shenmue level of scope/detail, so instead of using a map to go from area to are you could physically explore everything yourself.

        • Vino (Tim N)

          Shenmue is one of my favorite series, added something like that to Persona would be awesome.

        • Pesmerga00

          That would be amazing. I’m all for a Shenmue level detailed city in a Persona game.

        • lostinblue

          That’s too high profile, one thing I really like in persona/smt is how streamlined it is, keeping costs down and such. they focus on tweaking the little things… it’s a modest game with a lot of heart.

          Shenmue was so megalomaniac when it was done that… well, story tells the rest.

          Don’t get me wrong, I love Shenmue, but it’s too high profile.

  • Parable

    I love Atlus and the Megaten games… Persona is fun and all but I’d really like to see SMT4 instead of another Persona game.

  • BK0000

    I hope it’s more like the real Persona games and not Persona 3 and 4.

    • QBasic

      Evolve with the times, or keep dreaming.

    • Hraesvelgr

      I hope it’s more like something new instead of either formula.

    • Devonian

      implying P3 and P4 aren’t “real Persona games”

      • BK0000

        They’re aren’t. They’re just Persona in name only. Persona 3 and 4 are as much a Persona game as Front Mission Evolved is a Front Mission game.

        • lostinblue

          I disagree, they’re clearly different than previous persona’s, but they’re also clearly the same franchise to me.

  • epy

    Seeing as P3 and P4 are the reason the Persona series has become so popular, I doubt it.

  • Akimitsu

    I think a lot of people would love to see a main SMT game instead of another Persona, but the Persona series has gotten very, very popular now because of P3 and 4. Either way, I know I will be getting it.

    • Ereek

      Unfortunately true. I actually wouldn’t mind a non-main series game, but I do think ATLUS Japan needs to cool down on Persona for a while. And I trust Dengeki, who said nothing about this, more than I do the specific site this “leak” comes from, not Siliconera – the original leak, but we’ll see. It’s really hard to say if it’s a good business decision or not, since from what I hear, the core fans in Japan have little interest in the recent Personas. The North American sales may make it so slightly Japanese sales doesn’t matter.

      • @Ereek

        Not sure where you heard about Persona 3 and 4 not being big in Japan, as 4 had huge sales. Over 200,000 in it’s first week, and it stayed in the #1 sales spot for quite awhile after that.

        It has been far and away Atlus’s most successful title.

        • jarrodand

          Persona 3/4 have done well, but they still aren’t hitting the same heights Devil Summoner did on Saturn (P4’s still about 50k shy). Also, SMT3 outsold P3 on PS2, so it’s not like only Persona games have done well recently.

          • malek86

            SMT in general seems to have fallen a bit in Japan. No game has reached again the numbers of Devil Summoner and Persona, and we’re talking 1995/1996 here. Persona 4 just about reached the sales of Soul Hackers, and that’s not considering the PSX version. This despite the end-of-cycle PS2 being far more widespread than the Saturn/PSX in their early days.

            Of course, it’s gained popularity outside of Japan, so I guess that compensates…

          • Vino (Tim N)

            P3 was a pretty big hit in Japan, and has a good following. Its been like 3-4 years since its been out, and recently a major figure making company Good Smile is adding Aigis to their Figma line. So the fans are still there.

  • Fantastic news! Can not wait for the official announcement!
    The Persona series (well, 3 and 4) are my all time favorites games. They will be able to do incredible things with the PS3 as it’s platform.

    Very very very excited about this!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    I fully understand a wish to see the other SMT franchises, but from a business decision, it is probably best if the first HD release is a Persona title. Especially in the states, that is the far more recognized name and concept.

    That being said, this IS the time to reboot things. Keep the social aspects — but do far more and with more events but move the combat more towards the DDS/Nocturne side of things. People who have played P3/P4 should now be familar enough with the ‘elements’ stuff that they could handle a bit more depth with the creation process, battles and such.

    • Yes. Please, Atlus, if you choose to make another Persona, at least make it difficult. P4 was almost insulting after I told friends how difficult SMT games can be.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The only P4 fights I really had to work on was that early Yukiko fight where you have spend a bit of time to create an opposing Persona (I did it without) and the boss in the 8bit dungeon.

        • Vino (Tim N)

          I had to solo the 8bit boss with my protagonist ><;

          as for P4. there are easy, normal and hard modes are there not? *can't remember*

          • Yeah, there are difficulty options, but I’m a default hard mode person. If the option is there, I take it. I really only struggled against the one boss that was some funky angel guy. Sort of near the end, well, depending on your ending. Been a while… wish I could be more descriptive.

            However, if you hard mode Nocturne… uh… good look if you’re planning to battle Satan. It’s hard. Real hard.

  • Saturnus

    Hmm… Interesting, coupled with that teaser site for another SMT game (‘Strange Journey’) do you think they will release a Persona game, and then try to run off it’s steam and hook people into another kind of SMT? Or maybe they are the one in the same, and the person who reported this just confusing the 2?

    And they mention a ‘MegaTen’ boom, which sure does back-up my first theory (releasing a classic SMT game called Strange Journey, and Persona 5).

    • jarrodand

      “MegaTen boom” makes me think multiple games and probably multiple platforms. Similar to the early 32bit gen, when we had MegaTen on SFC (SMT series), Saturn (Devil Summoner series), PS1 (Persona series) and Game Boy (Last Bible series) simultaneously.

      We know that PS3 and Wii Megatens were in the works going by Kaneko’s previous comments. Persona 5 PS3 and Strange Journey Wii? I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new DS, PSP and even 360 games too if it really is a “boom”.

      • lostinblue

        Kaneko never implied he was doing a Wii SMT, he only said, before the Wii launched that he could picture doing some crappy low budget niche first person spin-off that nobody asked for… for it.

        In short, kaneko as everyone else didn’t expect the Wii to lead… but it did. If they go ahead with that crappy approach then they’re dumb.

        (yes, I know smt started like that, but damn, it’s not proper for a home console, neither does it have the appeal current games have, so efectively launching a game like that as everything smt they’re doing on the wii, a market leading platform… is throwing sand to our eyes; there’s a good reason such mode was only optional in SMT3)

        they should properly focus on the Wii with something established, AAA and good.

        • jarrodand

          No, he said “probably Wii and PS3” when asked specifically about where Megaten would be going in the future.

          And your analysis of what he said is insultingly dismissive and way too embittered. What he actually said was simply that he’d like to go 1st person again, like the classic games. “Low budget”, “niche” and “spin-off” are purely your inventions, not Kaneko’s words.

          • lostinblue

            I think you’re overblowing what I said. Of course Kaneko didn’t say “low budget” and “niche” nor “spin-off”, but do we really think they’d do SMT4 for the Wii in first person? at this point in time, the return to the past is niche, so it would be lower budget and of course… a spin-off since they aren’t willing to jeopardize their IP.

            I stand corrected on the “probably Wii and PS3” though, he said it like that although I think you and I have different interpretations of what he really said. To me he said, indirectly in 2006 that Wii would probably get some low budget spin-off… in first person.

            If, the Wii was to get that whereas the others were getting proper installments of the franchise then they’d be dissing the Wii and not treating it as they should.

            Plus that was a 2006 interview and to this day the only thing Atlus did for the Wii is… Trauma Center games.

            And yes, I’d totally feel insulted, bitter and dismiss a SMT for the Wii if it was first person. I’m playing through the SNES SMT games and like them for what they are and the time they were done… But I don’t want more. I find wonderful the option they left in SMT3 for a first person mode and wouldn’t be oposed to that but I’m totally opposed to a first person spin-off instalment… I had the same reaction when I heard Devil Survivor on the DS, also; from the name I got a real “first person dungeon crawling” vibe… and I didn’t want it.

            Plus, the fact Kaneko says he wants to do First Person on the Wii is not a good thing in my book. I want proper SMT 2009 games instead, not a throwback to 1991.

            Bottom line: First Person Dungeon Crawler’s made in 2009 for a home console totally creep me out, and it’s not what I want from a new SMT game at all.

  • Well with Strange Journey also coming it won’t be a one-sided deal with the franchise.
    I just hope both games are on the same system. It’ll make me sad if one’s for 360 while the other’s PS3 (for the record I have a Wii, PSP and DS so I’d be screwed).

  • Kris

    I’d prefer SMT 4, but regardless:
    (if it’s true)

  • Wouldn’t mind multi-platform. On the other hand, that ain’t gonna happen.

    • jarrodand

      Don’t be so sure. Atlus R&D1 mentioned they had two 360 projects in development to Famitsu earlier in the year iirc.

      • Oooh, I’m intrigued

  • no not on PS3. Xbox 360 is the home JRPGs!

    • dv8shun

      The PS3 isn’t that bad being the home JRPGs!

    • lostinblue

      with the sales it has in Japan? only if they were sadomasoquists.

    • The report never said PS3 exclusive so, if real, this could be multiplatform.

  • clyde

    well if this is true.. it pleases me greatly. hopefully its like P4… since that and P3 are the only megaten games ive played D:

    i want to try out the other ones … just dont have time D:

  • Guys, remember that this doesn’t say anywhere that it’s related to the teaser from last week. As Spencer said, Persona 5 is inevitable and will almost certainly be on the PS3 by default (and perhaps 360 as well).

    The teaser on the other hand…that’s probably for a different MegaTen game.

    • Yeah, I second this :) SMT: Strange Journey is going to be a different MegaTen game.

      • lostinblue

        do you know something?

        • No, not this time! I’m sure you know this, but it’s because Strange Journey has SMT in front of it. Persona games are spin offs in Japan.

          • lostinblue

            Yup, I wonder what it is.

            TBH the first thing that comes to mind when I see the image with the world seen from space is a MMO.

            Then again “strange journey” throws me back to a personal lonely journey of sorts… So, like Devil Survivor before it I’m kind of urked that the name might mean it’s a first person dungeon crawler. *shivers*

            Best thing to happen would be if it was sorta like Devil Summoner, a new AAA spin-off of sorts… or this generations Digital Devil Saga. Then again in Japan Digital Devil Saga didn’t have Shin Megami Tensei in the name either, but perhaps they are only putting it in for the first game or just for the announcement. Doesn’t sound likely, I know.

    • hey do you think that makes sense persona 5 in ps3? for me it only would make some sense as a downloadable title using this as a 4th wall broken concept like “a game that you downloaded and make you summon demons” in game story =.= megaten doesn’t need the ultra high technical specs of ps360… but if you look well neither disgaea 3 needed lol

      • I think it makes a lot of sense. Let me explain:

        1. So far, Atlus have been developing/publishing games almost exclusively for the non-HD systems. DS, PSP, Wii, PS2. It’s a low-risk approach, and has guaranteed them profits while a ton of other Japanese developers scramble to find their footing. This means they probably have the money for high-def development at this point.

        2. Now that they’re done with the PS2, going either to Wii or PS3/360 is the logical choice for the next Persona. However, keep in mind that, after P4, expectations are sky-high. A lot of us want to see fully-voiced dialogue, even more social links and sidequests and whatnot. While that may or may not be possible on Wii, Blu-ray would certainly help given the amount of space a single disc can hold.

        Personally, I’d love for it to be on all three home consoles, but I don’t think that’s viable, since even porting across three different platforms costs quite a bit. Let’s see how it goes. :)

        • lostinblue

          Wii should still be their first choice, as sky high as those expectations are they can’t be over 1 million sales; plus, it’s a generation starting anew, the sales might not even be as good as P3 and P4 on a playstation 2 towards the end of it’s lifecycle.

          Plus, tbh we’re fine with P4 graphics and all, but let’s face it… a game coming out from atlus can’t possibly compete in the HD console field… and IMO, they shouldn’t even try to. But not trying will be the same as not competing in that area.

          They’re fine as they are, atlus should just focus in keeping costs low and continuing their development pipeline for as long as they can. I see them going into the HD’s as nothing more than stubborness. it’s a risk not worth taking when they aren’t even leading. (if the PS3 and X360 were leading the market worldwide as well as japan, they’d have to, since they’d be the viable platforms, but as is…)

          • i think more probably is p5 for psp… since no persona has made it out of the sony family and as namco, S-E and others have showed us the psp can do very pretty visuals

          • lostinblue

            They were on Sony platforms because they leaded the market. there’s no “fidelity” from a third party, just like Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei used to come out primarily on Nintendo platforms (NES and SNES) and jumped ship.

            Arguably, it’s time to jump ship; plus, it even suits them since Nintendo’s ship requires less budget and Atlus is a small company. But whatever they decide it’s their money.

            PSP can pull “somewhat” good graphics, but the lack of anti-aliasing in a portable screen hurts my eyes. Still would make more sense than a high end platform and could recreate Persona 3/Persona 4 graphics perfectly for the most part though.

          • hey!! i think our discuss has ended but i had a great time in it

  • I hope it ends up being on the PS3 and makes my investment worth while. Then again you can’t trust buying any RPG these days cuz they will just make an upgraded version and put it on the opposing HD console.

    • Aoshi00

      Very true.. Regardless, definitely excited about an HD Persona 5, on either PS3 or 360. I hope they go all out on this one, unlike Disgaea 3.

    • Selling two games is a great way for publishers to double dip, but I wish they released the “upgraded” features as a pay to play patch, append disc or something of the sort.

      • Pesmerga00

        Exactly! At least give us the option of the extras.

        I would gladly pay 5-10$ for the Vesperia or Last Remnant extras. Though in Vesperia’s case it may simply be too much added and reworked. This is if the PS3 extras even get an NA release. I’d say 50/50 Namco’s localization decisions haven’t exactly made much sense in the past. One can always hope.

  • hitosura

    *sigh* another persona? whatever i just want a HD SMT game like nocturne, that would be truely epic…ah well im sure after they release this game and everyone buys it they will make a SMT like nocturne for the ps3 and then ppl will buy that but they might be like “uhhh is SMT:’insert cool name’ like persona?” like they was when devil summoner 2 came out…lol

  • lostinblue

    what a shame.

  • gvnmadeinheaven

    *sigh*. DO NOT WANT ANOTHER PERSONA. Period.

    EDIT: Oooh… And Strange Journey…? interesting >:3

  • Gakuji

    arrrrggh, why PS3?!

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