Look, Albert Wesker Isn’t Coming Back

By Spencer . July 24, 2009 . 11:40am

wesk *Something* happens to Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5. At a Comic-Con panel yesterday an attendee stepped up to the mic asked Masachika Kawata, Producer, if Wesker would ever return.


Kawata replied, “Even if you want Albert Wesker to come back there is no chance of that happening.” Perhaps, Kawata meant “there is no chance of that happening in Resident Evil 6“. Wesker will make an appearance in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles which Kawata is working on so he’s fair game for future remakes, ports, spin offs, and prequels.


Another attendee asked if Viewtiful Joe would return. Jun Takeuchi, the Producer of Lost Planet 2, fielded the question and said If we get a chance to work with Kamiya-san he would consider continuing the series. As of now there are no plans for future Viewtiful Joe games. Kamiya is now at PlatinumGames as the Director of Bayonetta.

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  • Mr. Mee


    • Suzero

      exactly what would you want in an Okami sequel that you didn’t get five times too much of in the original game?

      • lostinblue

        Wii controls for the ground up?

        And isn’t that true for every RPG and Zelda/Zelda-clone in existance? people just want more.

        As for a Okami sequel… Capcom prefers to make saturday movie games now, just over a few hours long, action and without requiring you to think… and it’s working out.

  • People still don’t know that Wesker **** * ****** ** *** **** ** ***?

    • lostinblue

      ya, people still don’t know Capcom totally dropped the ball with Resident Evil 5?

  • Trotmeister

    The king is dead, long live the king!

  • Saturnus

    Knowing Capcom, and how many remakes / ports they LOVE to make of RE, we will see him many many more times to come. Maybe not in brand new iterations (6 or 7) though.

    • Ereek

      This is the most likely reason he will “return.” Capcom sure loves milking money out of its remakes. I liked him in the first game, but when he “changed” in C:V, my interest dwindled.

  • Don’t know what happend to him in RE5, but Capcom tends to recycle nemesises. Sigma, Dr Willy, Wesker, etc.

  • Chow

    Okay, so he won’t be back for RE6. He’ll be back and manly as ever in RE7. What happens in RE5 does not faze him.

    • Aoshi00

      Got to love Wesker the man :) Can’t believe I couldn’t figure out the killing blow and had to resort to youtube after circling and shooting him for an hour :)

  • squall3031

    if two bloody rockets didn’t kill wesker, then i will quit playing. such a bullzhiet game :P

  • brett005

    To be quite honest i dont think it will be the same if they dont bring him back, because hes the bad guy who is really cool, but can be evil as anything from hell, he has made resident evil what it is because he is a character you will never forget hes always on your mind when you think of resident evil even over all of the good guys hes the one you cant forget, not bringing him into the new resident evil 6 would be a crime, he must be the best bad guy and character from resident evil of all time because hes cool looking and witty but also evil. Its a shame because none of the other bad guys in the franchise never made a lasting impression they were always that boss at the end of the game who was never a challenge but with wesker it totally different hes not the boss at the end hes WESKER, i just hope they will reconsider and bring him back and this time use him to his full potentional i was a little dissapointing they didnt use wesker enough in resident evil 5 another flaw in the game, he wasent featured enough in the game, he still made a lasting impression but giving wesker more scenes and fights makes him character you want to know more about for that matter they didnt look enough into the past of wekser in resident evil 5, i have the umbrella chronicalls on on the wii and my favorite part of that was playing weskers story i really wanted to know more about his character and history as he starts off as a leader of the stars which was failed to be shown in the real life resident evil films, on that he was just a chairman again not using his character enough, so he starts off good and then he sees the t-virus and changes views which was great but you dont get enough history behind him and his connections with the stars team, i mean when chris sees him in resident evil hes just like ohhh him well better kill him then, but he should have liked stop breathing for a minute or something as wesker left a lasting memory that would never go in the original game, i hope that a game will come out that fills the gaps in the story and i hope that wesker will return as he is one person that should never be shown the exit off of a game that he made famous.

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