Magnacarta 2 Liberated This October

By Spencer . July 24, 2009 . 7:20am

If you have a Japanese Xbox Live account handy you can play Magnacarta 2 three months before it comes to North America. A downloadable demo will be released in Japan this Sunday, two weeks ahead of the August 6 ship date.


We have to wait a bit for Magnacarta 2, but the lag isn’t long. Namco Bandai will release Magnacarta 2 here on October 13.


We’ll be posting more Magnacarta 2 news soon including an interview with Masahiro Knittel, the Localization Producer. For now check out the third battle digest video, which features a boss monster.


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  • Would NOT mind a European release but knowing Namco Bandai and their 1 year wait for Tales of Vesperia that’s unlikely..

  • Hraesvelgr

    Nice tip, I think I’ll give it a shot. Would be interesting to see it end up like the Tales of Vesperia demo and have it all in English, depending on your system settings.

  • Hello Hello

    Actually, the demo is up NOW on the JP marketplace.

    • Aoshi00

      Awesome, I’m d/ling it now. Usually they tease the silver members and lock it for a few days (since only my US acct is gold).

      I hope they keep the Jpn voices in the US ver. since I like Fukuyama Jun and Hirano Aya a lot, but I highly doubt it.

      I’ve seen all the play digest videos, I really don’t like the font they use, it just doesn’t look very good..

      • Hello Hello

        I just finished the demo. The boss was a little tough and Juto died on me, lol. I’m looking forward to the finished English version. Don’t hold your breath for JP voice acting though. =p

      • Hraesvelgr

        Personally, I can’t stand Aya Hirano (outside of her role as Haruhi), but either way, I wouldn’t expect them to include the Japanese voices in the US version.

        • Aoshi00

          Yeah, I’m not counting on it either. I hope they wouldn’t be so stingy, I mean Bamco gave Eternal Sonata, Ace Combat 6, and Dragon Ball Burst Limit dual tracks. I’m waiting to see, if not I’ll import it later.

          Actually I like Hirano Aya a lot for her other roles, but have not watched Suzumiya Haruhi at all. The first role that made me fall in love w/ her voice was Mamori-neesan in Eyeshield 21, sounding very mature/sad/sexy/sympathetic, it was very attractive and I thought of her as a modern Yokoyama Chisa (Sakura in Sakura Taisen) ever since. Liked her Misa (Death Note), Mahiro (Busou Renkin), & Polka (Eternal Sonata) too. One could say she sounds too pretentious, but that’s what seiyuu do..

          I want to play this in Jpn because Juto and Zephie are voiced by Fukuyama Jun and her respectively, they played brother and sister (Kazuki and Mahiro) in Busou Renkin, so it’s interesting to hear them in completely different roles. Also Fukuyama will be the kid in FF13 too, I quite like him.

    • Wha?! The press release said 7.26! Thanks for the update :) It’s late, but I’ll fix this.

      And thanks for coaching everyone through the tutorial!

  • Hello Hello

    The tutorial is a little rough for non-Japanese speakers. Quick walkthrough:

    -Go into the menu and manually change your leader.
    -Do a chain
    -Do a chain break a bunch of times until you’re sent to a new area.

    Then you just fight baddies until you get to the boss and you’re done.

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