Tales of Vesperia Characters In Unnecessary Swimwear

By Spencer . July 24, 2009 . 1:42am


Terca Lumireis is in peril. The child of the full moon is in your party. What a great time to equip battle ready… bathing suits?


In addition to adding a new character and cutscenes Namco Bandai stuffed swimwear as one of the PS3 exclusive features. These outfits are alternate costumes and each character has one — even Repede.


One would think wearing plate mail would be a better decision, but who knows maybe Yuri’s Hawaiian shirt and Estelle’s “refreshing one piece” emit anti-aer fields or something.


The PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia comes out in Japan on September 17.


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  • Repedes swimwear is brilliant. I’d have him like that the entire game xD

  • Aoshi00

    Very sweet looking. I liked to equip chars w/ swimsuits too for Xenosga ep 2 :)

  • xemnas

    All this teasing is pissing me off…do i have to fork over 80 to import or will 60$ suffice when this gets released..go i hate namco

    • BraveWind

      I love and Hate namco.
      I mean…Localize the Tales Games Please.
      I can’t Import unlocalized things, I mean Tales is getting more and more famous so it’s about time you have a guarantee about them selling in other consoles.
      Tales is my favorite gaming Series and … Swim Suits are NECESSARY for us =D

      • Yeah I never understood why Namco hesitates with the tales games. Like we get a bunch of DS RPGs, even really niche stuff overseas yet entries of a more popular series gets stuck in Japan? Or 2d games don’t get brought over but we have most of the GUST games overseas… Seriously it’s like somebody in Namco USA wants the series to fail on purpose or something.

        • BraveWind

          Yeah…Once I saw an Imported Tales of Eternia on the PSP I flipped and … kinda screamed and all…”Omg Tales! get it , i want to see it please, thanks *shows it to his brothers* Tales! *Reads….* Japanese….”
          I would’ve bought it..but I don’t like to “Hug” the laptop for the translation.

          I swear if Tales of VS gets to NA I am going to have the Idea of Namco Being Stupid! … I really love Namco, it’s one of my top three with Capcom and Atlus but…Really…e.e’…How can someone play a game with people she/he never actually saw or knew anything about.

          Btw Gust has a great Series, Atelier Iris, but when I checked somewhere on a site that there are many..other Atelier it was disappointing.
          Good day.

        • I sort of have an answer for you! I asked Makoto Iwai, the COO of Namco Bandai Games America, about Tales localization stuff…

  • Suzero

    You know, I was reading the Wikipedia article on Pitfall II, and there was a fascinating (but uncited) claim about the subsequent C64 and other Atari ports of the game. The programmers responsible for the C64 and more powerful Atari versions took two different means of adapting the gameplay, and the one used for the more powerful Atari systems was so efficient that they were able to add in a “second world” for the game. The fascinating uncited bit is that, supposedly, Activision didn’t want there to be any differences between the two upcoming ports (!), so the producers snuck the extra content in as an easter egg.

    In light of stuff like this, that pretty much blew my freakin’ mind

    oh, and this still doesn’t beat the secret swim suits in the GBA port of Shining Force

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Come now Spence, you know better than to use logical reasoning when cute anime girls and swimsuits are involved. The same applies to cat ears.

    • This logic is not unflawless.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        True dat….the AR Tonelico’s actually did decent job of giving in-game reasons for why the girls powered up using the costumes they did. But at the end of the day, do any of those really supercede the opportunity to watch some girl fight in a kuma suit? :P

        • <3 Aurica (or Orica, depending what version you're familiar with). I agree. Ar Tonelico is awesome/my favorite RPG series of late, costume changes aside. Great characters, great world, great… costumes =)

    • Your logic is infallible :)

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Repede with an actual costume?!

  • Doc

    Having your ass kicked by someone who’s wearing a swimsuit and high heels is truly the most humiliating thing in the world.

  • Aw Karol’s missing from the gallery. But yeah, these swimsuits (especially Repede’s and his floaters and duck feet, and Flynn’s diving suit) are awesome. :D I think I’m going to have to play this again if/when it’s localized, despite some of the AUGH achievements.

  • Anon

    Interesting, but I’m still more concerned about whether or not this is getting a US release. I’m hoping we hear something soon.

  • I hope they added a skit for this occasion as well. The ones from Tales of the Abyss were hilarious.

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