Siliconera Speaks Up: Pitch a Game Idea

By Ishaan . July 26, 2009 . 7:12am



Welcome to Siliconera Speaks Up! Since Louise is out of town this week (but she remains with us in spirit!), I’ll be filling in for her. Try not to be too hard on me. Also, say hello to our new staff member, Laura. She wrote the awesome Megaten and Tales of Graces features last week.


We decided to get a little creative with this week’s topic. Pick one element each from three games you like, and use them to pitch an entirely new game. These elements can be anything, from setting to art style to gameplay mechanic etc. Jenni: I’d love to see a simulation-RPG game with the character building of Princess Maker, Odin Sphere’s graphics and perhaps the adventuring / storyline / RPG aspects of Final Fantasy. It could be an adventure that stretches across several years of the main character’s life and, instead of just focusing on the whole “Save the world” and traveling part, would also allow for some peaceful periods where the hero (or heroes) could live normal lives to help build relationships in the party or build up attributes, which would then effect the future, their jobs or their abilities.


Spencer: I want to mix a strategy RPG with a shmup. Imagine something like R-Type Command with boss battle style shooting sequences.


Once you engage an enemy you have “X” seconds to shoot the core, so to speak. The defending ship can fight back, but deals 50% damage and takes double damage. The numbers are skewed this way to encourage defenders to dodge. When ships level up they get more shooting time. Each ship on your team would handle differently too, some would be lightweight with short range lasers while others could be sluggish war machines. Each ship would be its own “class”.


Instead of having a game that goes fight -> cutscene -> fight, this game will have a diplomacy option where players can send messages to enemy ships to surrender or negotiate similar to the negotiation system in most of the Shine Megami Tensei game.


But, since I’m melding three niche genres (one extremely niche genre!) this idea is probably doomed to crash and burn. Louise: I’ve been playing a lot of Devil Survivor this week, so my game pitch may sound similar to that game. Imagine a more robust SRPG system, like the one in Disgaea, only instead of recruiting Prinnies and Netherworld inhabitants, you recruit demons. The usual SRPG mechanics like advantage based on which way opponents are facing should be there as well as a teaming-up system that lets allies close to each other join in the fight.


As for art style, I really like the style in Sting’s Yggdra Union. It could work really well with an isometric SRPG. I’d love to see all the SMT demons done up as 2D sprites in that style.


I’m a sucker for post-apocalytpic stories, and the SMT demons would fit right into something along the lines of Fallout. Hell, even the PS2 SMT games and its spinoffs are already post or near-apocolyptic. I think it’s time that the series went back to their darker, almost cyber-punk like roots. Laura: I’ve always been a fan of “collect-the-monsters” game, although for my influence I’ll have to say that, instead of, say, Pokemon, I prefer the designs from, say, Shin Megami Tensei. A game where you can work with the monsters, as partners and equals, and you live among them, but not just as, you know, fighting tools.


The game’s difficulty heavily relies on the bond you form with the monster, so the more time you spend with monster (and the fewer times you refuse to help a monster when he requests it), the better he/she’ll work with you. Eventually, this will culminate in a relationship akin to that of Wander and Agro of Shadow of the Colossus. In battle, this can also be reflected in a sort of “learning AI,” where the monster can learn your fighting style and combos if you have one, and move in to maximize the effect.


There would be two possible plot ideas. One would be to explore the bond formed. It might just be more than it looks. Another is to focus on a more “epic” plot, like a war a-la-Suikoden. In this one, the bond would be taken for a fact of the world. Ishaan: My three features would be: setting from Tenchu, art from Street Fighter IV (halfway between the pre-rendered and in game art), and being able to choose from multiple partners (in combat and otherwise) — an element from dating-sims. These would be meshed together in a well written romance/stealth co-op ninja game.


Gameplay-wise, it would play out largely like the better Tenchu games, the difference being that you’d be able to choose from a list of Kunoichis to be your partner on various missions. You could either stick with one, or use different partners for different occasions. Each one would have their own AI in combat, as well as an “emotional” AI, which attempts to create a bond with the player, similar to games like Ico.


You’d have to cooperate with your AI-controlled partner to get through missions together, and watch each other’s backs. You would also get a chance to establish and grow a bond with your partner during and in between missions. The goal is to get the player to truly care for the AI by the end of the game. Depending on which partner you end up with, the last set of missions — and the ending by extension — would wary.

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  • I have two different ideas.

    1st: Make a Fantasy FPS JRPG, it’s played like any traditional FPS, but you get to use items and magic and such, and fight gigantic fantasy monsters and gain experience and level up. It’d be great on the Wii.

    I never played Valkyria Chronicles so I don’t know if that game is basically that idea.

    2nd: How about a Sonic game that’s using the Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz/Step & Roll engine? The art-style and music suit Sonic perfectly (the guy who composed for Sonic Rush also composed SMB:BB), and you can make it a puzzle platformer, there’ll be badniks to get in your way, rings to collect, and your scores based on time and rings collected.

    Those are my two cents.

  • Zefiro Torna

    One unique idea (unless it’s already been done) I’ve had for quite some time has been a humorous and lighthearted 2D arcade-style/platformer in which the main goal is to do as “poorly” as possible, by losing as much health as possible. The twist? It’ll actually be quite an arduous task to do so.

    The game will star a masochist character who seeks the thrill of inflicting pain on himself/herself by venturing into hazardous locations and situations. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of obstacles which will prevent the player character from accessing environmental hazards (beds of spikes, electrical wiring, etc.) from locked gates and doors to stacks of difficult to move crates to health power-ups littered at key locations.

    One double edge sword exists in roaming (yet non-respawning) goons who have a random probability of either pursuing and inflicting harm on the player (yay), or tossing the player to elsewhere in the stage, or fleeing upon spotting the player. If the player does get harmed by a goon, the goon will lose interest after a short while and leave the stage for good.

    The player may also take a risk and try to beat up the goons in hope for some sort or item or tool that may be useful in harming oneself, moving obstacles, or capturing other goons (a lasso for example). The best thing about capturing goons is that they’re guaranteed to resist and harm the player in the process (before fleeing), and other items may be acquired from them in while in the captured state.

    Of course, the stages do have time limits, which leads me to the game’s final element: the medics. Somewhat similar to the ghosts in Pac-Man, medics can be found roaming the area, in which upon seeing the injured player, they will pursue and attempt to spray antiseptic from a distance on the player and bandage him/her when caught. As time begins to run out, the medics will search for the player in frenzied panic, which is when it would be an ideal time to head for the stage’s exit. Also, to prevent the player from spamming damage on the environmental hazards, the medics will overhear the player’s screams after some time and swarm the player’s location.

    As most of my details suggest, the game already has a great risk element to everything in order to make harmful progress, and even the most “too good to be true” elements can backfire on the player. Heck, even jumping in to a seemingly “bottomless” pit will surprise players upon learning that there’s no such thing as a bottomless pit, and despite taking damage upon landing the player must still climb to the surface in time before a rescue team arrives.

    And yes, there will be bonus stages, mostly of an autoscrolling nature including a “flee the ambulance” stage.

    • Holy shit. That’s awesome! It’s like MadWorld or that PSN game (Pain, was it?) in reverse. Loved the part about medics chasing you with their spray. Brilliant.

    • Actually I think this is the most hilarious idea I’ve heard of in a looong time. It’s awesome! XD

    • Sounds awesome. Great choice for a game.

    • I like this idea! The risk/reward relationship encourages players to survive with the least amount of health possible.

      All you need to do is add in a YouTube uploading feature and you have a solid PSN download. Go develop it, I want to play it!

  • QBasic

    Ever heard the song Ultimate Showdown by Lemon Demon? Yeah. I’d love to have an SRPG just like that.

    But not like any other SRPG. A song like that needs moar; a fighting game mechanic! Hence when you select your opponent, it turns into a fighting game, ala Soul Calibur III’s thingy. Only not crappy. :P

  • – The ‘growing a relationship with a town’ aspect of Rune Factory,
    – the multiple generations of adventurers from Phantasy Star III (and to a certain extent DQV and Agarest Senki),
    – the giant bosses of Shadow of the Colossus.

    Basically the protagonist, who for once is probably born into the town (I’m not a fan of mysterious wanderers) has a certain number of in-game years to do a few things: make solid friends, find a wife, raise a kid, train himself and the kid up, and then go engage in a hopeless town tradition: attempt to slay the giant that stands nearby, overlooking the town.

    The giant, for his part, not only barely notices the town, but is not particularly aggressive towards it. The town, however, is extremely frightened of the idea that he COULD someday attack them and strives to take him out.

    After the character dies, as the first few generations do? You start it over with his child. New friends, new wife, different styles of training (maybe his dad was a swordsman, but this child strives to be a great wizard), but eventually once he hits a certain age he, like every man, must throw himself vainly at the giant. Ideally the townpeople would have fairly deep characterization, but I’m no writer. :)

    Repeat until eventually some child is able to slay the giant.

    • I see… You could also have a culture of the town centered around the giant, such as a love-hate relationship, except the “love” would be worshipping as kind of a god and “hate” would be trying to kill it ever step of the way XD

      Anyways, great idea =O For some reason, this reminds me of the old PC game Black & White, except you’re in the POV of the people in the town rather than the monster (or more specifically, the God behind the monster…).

      • I thought a bit of Black & White as well. The giant part also made me think a bit of Shadow of the Colossus.

        I’d definitely play this kind of game.

        • And here I thought I’d be the only person interested in this idea. :) I’ve actually been turning this idea over in my head for at least a year and a half; I have a notebook of ideas and notes.

          I could probably implement it; I just need to get in touch with an artist. My art skills are about as proficient as a dead tree stump flailing at a rock with crayons.

          • Oh? I’d love to hear your ideas. Can’t say I’m amazing as an artist, but this is really interesting =P

    • I like the idea of having generations trying to fight the same giant. Perhaps, kids inherit a percentage of their parent’s skills. So if you have a wizard dad and amazoness you can have magic rangers, which gives the next generation a better chance to save the town.

      In the sequel you should have kid giants doing the same thing to get revenge.

  • James

    I would like a fighting game that you won’t get stunned from getting hit by a weak attack and both player can just exchange blow at each other while takings hit. Careful player would still choose block over berserker style, and strong hit still can stun.

  • I want to make a on-rail, rhythm shooter – it’ll be like Rez but with Hi-Energy (80s style) instead of the “modern” music. And, it’d be really involved with the music.

    If that wasn’t creative enough, I’d like to see a game going through it’s roots – an interactive history lesson, if you will.

    AND, failing that I’d just make a game combining my three favorite things; zombies, dance music and kittens. I can see it now!

    • Rhythm shooting, zomibes, and LOLcats — an idea so crazy it’s guaranteed to be a hot selling iPhone game.

  • Chris

    Disgaea more robust than Devil Survivor? I’m surprised you consider a system designed around victory being determined by level over one designed around victory being determined by strategy.

    Now I’ll pitch the RPG I’ve been waiting for for years. Valkyrie Profile + Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor + Xenogears

    What pisses me off about most ‘nonlinear’ games is that they don’t really give you many choices. There’s one main plot except you have two moral categories to choose from. What I like about Devil Survivor is that your choices of how to use your time drastically affect the course of the game. So I would take that multilinearity and apply it to Valkyrie Profile’s ‘8 chapter’ system.

    Here’s how it’d work. There are N time periods in a game. In each time period, there are various events set to happen, and various places each NPC will choose to be. You make your choice though of where to be and what to do. There are various NPCs whose opinion of you varies based on your choices, and it’s impossible to please all the NPCs at once. Like, maybe in the same time period, somebody tries to kill the princess and somebody tries to steal the Orb of Death. If you try to save the princess the orb gets stolen. If you try to save the orb the princess dies. Or you can ignore both and just pillage the Temple of the Ancients. Depending on your choice, NPCs may choose to join your party, leave your party, or band together and kill you. You can try to kill NPCs, and it will actually work. Which NPCs are alive in any given chapter and their opinion of you affects the outcome of any given event. (And NPC opinion of you would be based a lot more on your actions than just your dialog choices.)

    If you do get the Orb of Death, you can choose to destroy it and save the world or use it to destroy the world. Or save the world so you can then take it over. Or ignore the world and just get rich.

    And with all of this, the plot would have the grand epic feel and as many different villains with different motivations as Xenogears.

    As for combat, I would probably blend together different games, but this topic only allows three, so let’s say: The dungeons are designed with puzzles like Valkyrie Profile only 3d like Xenogears, and combat would be tactical like Devil Survivor only with the ‘real time/turn based’ blend of Valkyrie Profile.

    I understand a game with this kind of complex multi-linear plot would be hard as hell to make, but if somebody made it, it’d be my favorite game of all time.

    • Chris

      Oh, one more thing to add.

      There would be difficulty levels like in Valkyrie Profile. ‘Hard level’ wouldn’t just be normal level with enemy stat multipliers. The dungeon puzzles would be harder, enemies would have different ability sets, and it would be harder to make NPCs like you.

      • Wow, very … thorough idea O-o

        I like the extreme-non-linear idea. I mean, life continues on, doesn’t it, whether you make this decision or that, so why shouldn’t not deciding to do something affect the outcome? Hehe, this game would be massive though =P

        I also like the idea of not taking part in some of the events at all. It’s a viable possibility.

    • I like the idea of NPCs/potential party members turning on you if you piss them off. That would make for some really dynamic storytelling. What would be awesome is if you could keep playing after you’ve acquired the Orb. Like, acquiring it is the halfway point, and the rest of the game is about what you choose to do with it. That would be great.

    • Very story heavy. I like that, but I imagine it might be difficult to have all of the characters in the game react to you. Perhaps, this could work if some characters died or vanished after each time period so there wouldn’t be as many branches.

  • I would like to see something like a point and click rpg. You search for items and clues like in Hotel Dusk yet battle in dungeons and stuff.
    Originally I had an idea for the dungeon part where it’s like in Etrian Odyssey with the FOEs but more survival horror. You don’t really fight at all much you avoid them and if they catch you, it’s taken to a traditional RPG screen where you can run, try and fight or negotiate with the enemy to see what happens.
    I thought it was kinda cool like that considering it may complement the point and click adventure gameplay.

    Another is an idea for a communications RPG.
    You don’t fight at all. Instead you talk to villagers and level them up, then they go off to war or dig in mines and stuff. It can be like animal crossing where you talk and please them. You cannot get a game over, instead how you develop the town you may get a poor ending right away. Like if the town’s soldiers die your town is subject to taken over or destroyed.


    Finally an idea for an action rpg.
    You are a prince of the sun kingdom and you must stop the war of two moons. You only choose the first moon at a time then visit the other moon. So you have to play the game twice to get the most out of the game.
    The battle system will not be in a separate screen but instead within the game world like Final Fantasy XII and such.
    I originally thought of a system where your party members are the enemies themselves and you brainwash them like in Code Geass. XD But I dunno if that idea makes a good battle system or not.

    I have others but not really put together enough to share right now.

    • The communications RPG sounds like a good idea! It kind of reminded me a bit of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, or Little King’s Story. That could be a great game!

      The action RPG where you have to play twice to really win sounds pretty cool as well.

    • JeremyR

      There was something like the first for the PC. Superhero League of Hoboken from Steve Meretzky. Had the RPG style combat anyway (though not on a separate screen)

  • Saturnus

    Well, my ideal game would kinda play like a board game. Each dungeon is composed of ‘spaces’ and your party moves further through the dungeon by rolling a dice which decides how many spaces they are able to move. (I can imagine this might be a bit frustrating, so there are items which can affect the number shown on the dice). Enemies can be on spaces, treasure chests, or nothing (you can take the time to rest or build up social links between the characters). There are sometimes special spaces which activate cutscenes (non-storyline related) or with merchants who sell rare goods. There are split paths in the dungeons so it’s not all linear, either. Some ’empty’ spaces let you mine to get ores to use for later.

    The battles are pretty standard fare, and if you’ve ever played Riviera they are pretty similar, except can only equip 1 weapon at a time and they don’t have x number of uses, and skills don’t depend of the current weapon. Battles are graded on a scale of S > A > B > C > D and depending how well you do, you’ll get better treasure after battle. (And of course there are bosses at the end of each dungeon, sometimes a midboss or if the dungeon is big enough >1 boss). Each roll of the dice and whichever action afterward is counted as 1 ’round’. Reaching the end of the dungeon in a certain amount of rounds nets you a special prize, or even a different boss.

    There would also be a ‘alchemy’ like item creation system using old weapons, ores, etc., to create better equipment. There is a lot of focus on exploring each dungeon, and a map is drawn for you as you explore the dungeon which can be used later to help you get through again. There would be a normal / hard / extreme modes, extreme being unlocked after completing hard mode. (Let’s you carry over things from your last game, but most of the enemies are replaced by much stronger iterations and bosses are much tougher (EX appears in front of their names) and have different color scheme, or sometimes look completely different).

    • Great idea for systems of games =O The first part sounds kind of like Dungeons & Dragons XDD

      Got any ideas for plot? =)

  • anbu

    i just thought this up. it sounds really cool. my game would be,

    the setting is similar to grand theft auto 4, almost exactly the same world. also you can go inside almost all the buildings and houses. it would be part rpg, part real time battle. and it would deal about ghosts and the supernaturals and love. the main characters are 1st year high school kids where they set up a ghost hunting club. they investigate rumors they found on the internet or tips that are send to their club website. you can either go ghost hunting together w/ your other characters or you can split them up to investigate other missions.

    supernatural enemies varies from ghost to zombies to vampires to werewovles to demons.
    weapons that the main characters use can be bought thru black market or thru ordering online. they start the club at school and evetually able to set up a headquarter in the city.

    they can ride trains, bus, cars etc. like in grand theft auto. there will also be day time and night time.

    you can buy costumes too for your characters.

    • So it’s like a big interactive city that’s haunted, and it’s your job to hunt them?

      This actually sounds like a really fun premise =D

    • That does sound awesome. Are you thinking of a modern day setting? Something set in older times could be even cooler and creepier! Or perhaps some sort of evolution through the ages.

    • This sounds like it would be a fun online game. Especially, if some players can be the supernatural forces. Maybe you could have like an online auction system for ordering online.


    Here is my I did this a while ago. While playing the import version of Wii Sports Resort.

  • thanekos

    i’ll take the general aesthetic of Megaman Legends, PowerUp Forever’s idea of growth (growing larger as time goes on, and facing larger threats), and Encounters in Space flight/manuverability.

    right, so you fly around in 3rd person shooter style gameplay, utilizing any-direction manuverability to conquer your enemies and complete plot/optional missions on a terraformed colonized planet. (throw in some Homeworld in the aesthetic too.)

    the twist? You can grow/shrink to three-four magnitudes of difference in size. You can go from normal human to ten-foot tall hulking monstrosity to giant robot to giant man from space size, or from normal human to short combat mech-size to mouse-size to atom-holy-shit-this-looks-weeeeeird size.

    Destroy buildings by growing too big in them!

    Gain these growth/shrink abilities in temporary Cave Story LVup style!

    (First thing that came to mind, since I’ve been meaning to replay it…)

    Discover that every distinct room has, really, three different versions! Normal, way too big (way too bigs overlap for most rooms, obviously), and way too small! Explore these versions to find powerful weapons and health powerups!

    Fight enemies with this ability!

    (So that I don’t get TOO unrealistic with it, you can’t really go inside enemies with it; flying around ’em and buzzin ’em’s cooler, anyway. Oh, and you can’t solve all your problems by going big and squashing them; there are other threats at that size, and too much fighting on that scale might prove detrimental for you. But at that size, you can also go to space, so yeah.)

    … yeah, this needs some editing.

    • Haha, well, you’ve got a good start =O

      The continual growing/shrinking may prove a bit all-encompassing (ie, an easy solution for everything), but as you said, there would probably be a limit to what you can squash. I like the 3-types of levels idea. The same place, but viewed from several different perspectives.

  • I have a very complex RPG battle system plotted down in a notebook somewhere, but since I’m trying to get into the software industry, I’m saving for that once-in-a-lifetime chance where I can actually pitch it (maybe if a game is made from my novels, for example).

    I won’t delve into it, as I don’t think people want me to type up over 30 pages of scribbly notebook nonsense. Just imagine: Chrono Cross meets Star Ocean, with bits of Suikoden and toss in the customization/growth options of the original Grandia. Trust me. It’s an amazing concept and I hope I can see it realized someday.

    • So … running around in a battle screen + percentages + combos? *takes a wild guess* XDD

      If you’ve got that much planned out, then it must be well-thought out. I hope they take to it when you show them =)

      • Maybe Star Ocean was a bit inaccurate… but not. I can’t say ATB battle system, because it isn’t necessarily reliant on a gauge filling up, but it has real-time control like Star Ocean, except over multiple characters. It’s an incredibly hectic/fast-paced system, really. I’m sure a lot of tweaking needs done.

        After watching a few trailers for End of Eternity, I really want to see how they’re making that battle system work and if it’d serve as a better example of something close to my idea.

    • Oh boy, you said Suikoden. I hope you’re prepared for Laura to stalk you your whole life.

      • I believe I’m prepared for such a task. Nice to see you guys found another big Suiko fan to join your ranks!

        • Suiko Suiko Suikoden!!! =DDDDDD


  • My idea has been done in the 16 bit era and remains one of my favorite games for SNES. I’l talking about the unique Demon’s Crest. My game would be in vein of that. You would play a demon about to be executed, and you escape from you jail and the entire game would be comprised of you escaping Hell to get to the mortal plane. The game would play like Metal Gear Solid, you’re not a particularly powerful Demon so you have to do alot of sneaking and stealth kills, you will also have the power to steal “DNA” from other demons and add it to your own for various bonuses or even physical changes and abilities…

  • I liked the career mode of ISS2000 for the N64.

    But I would want to take the dating simulation from most visual novels and add them into a soccer game.

    You get to create a character, decide on how tall, his weight, his dominant foot, any traits and what position he can play.

    Then you throw him into having to train for getting selected by the first team and as time goes on the national games.

    When you´re not training soccer and increasing your stats there you have the option to relax and maybe find some love interest. Succeed in helping them with their problems might make give you extra abilities that you can make use of in your game or you can try and polish your apperance and get a fanclub.

    If things go well then you´re on the road to stardom. Otherwise you´ll fail miserably and get sent back to the second team and it´s game over.

    For all of those that have seen the anime Strain I think it would make a brilliant game. Mixing school life, maybe a love interest with training in how to pilot a mecha to fight of enemies, given a special situation you get to choose if you want to destroy the universe or try to save it.

    Think mixing in the battles from Zone of the Enders 2 into a love simulation game and it´s a pretty good idea if you ask me :p

    I´d also like to see in a RPG that you play as the bad dude and try to destroy the world or universe or that small little town you´re so jealous of. Beats me.

    Overlord is more about using minions to do your bidding, this is a one man/woman job.

    Add in some naughty play(if you want to) and well I´d just love to play it. Thinking of new ways to destroy the world. All we get to see are the heroes, I want to see at least one game from the villains point of view.

    • bonafide

      Ohh not a bad idea. Instead of a game over though, wouldn’t it be a better idea to let you continue and try to get back on the first-string team? It would certainly add to the difficulty since you’d have to win matches with teammates that aren’t as good, less efficient training regimes, lack of popularity, and so on. You could even make it so that being on the second-string is a requirement for dating a specific girl (the cute team manager maybe?).

      • Yeah. That is a better idea. Good point.

  • Rocketujuiso

    jRPG town centers and battle system, with dungeon crawler movement in.. waddaya know: dungeons! Field movement would be as in a Tactics game: grid based, but enemies would appear randomly on the screen, although enemies 3 levels or more above you would appear further out as long as you had a line of sight (with no obscuring terrain) like in a war sim (making your current facing as important as placement). You would also have a second party to move on the field, and you could combine forces to topple a particularly nasty baddie (like if the hydra over the hill just snuck up to one party) on both the field and in dungeons. Sometimes you would need to send one party another way, though, for the storyline or puzzles (all I can think of are the stupid “stand over here and door opens there” ones for the moment).

  • memoryofwater

    There are some pretty great ideas in this thread.

    My own daydream game combines elements from several existent games, but it’s easier to reference just one (or two, rather): a plot-centric, Japanese RPG filtered through Fumito Ueda style minimalism.

    – No random battles. Ever. They’re just not there. The game consists of exploring, solving puzzles and fighting bosses; there’s some overlap in all three, but there are no small time enemies scattered throughout an area.

    – No character growth. Players only have one character to work with and s/he begins with all the skills and stats s/he’s going to have for the entire game.

    – Every boss is a puzzle, weak to a certain attack pattern or strategy. Winning depends on figuring out how to exploit weaknesses.

    – Intriguing plot, well directed cut scenes etc. etc. with a script of maybe four pages in length.

    – There’s only one town, where much of your down time in between boss-slaying is spent. It’s pretty huge and crammed full of interesting characters; both the town and the characters change over time, and it’s in your interest to keep a good (or at least working) relationship with the townsfolk, but you can’t please everyone all the time.

    – No money. The town operates by a gift economy. Be nice to people, and they’ll be sure to thank you later.

    – The ultimate JRPG blasphemy: it’s under 10 hours. No sidequests. No minigames. Ultra linear.

    I’m sure a lot of people would hate it, and it would most likely be lumped into the (to me) puzzling “no replay value” camp, but it would certainly be interesting. Maybe it just shows that the things I enjoy about JRPGs are pretty well far away from what most people like about them.

    • I like the idea of puzzle boss battles for a RPG. Usually fights come down to over leveling or having the right skills.

  • i would take super paper mario 3d/2d(5d?) vagrant story combat system(hand drawed art style) and relationships with summons/fairies/ different romance endings lol into a sidescroll pg/ dating sim focussed on story telling… one pitch is too low… there a lot of different gameplays i would try mess with… like adventure games, fighting ones there lotsa of possibilities

    PS: a thought just came to my mind… a game where in each chapter the player have to “write the story” as example we give em 3 choices of the place where the story will take place, the kind of the enemys, what is he fighting against( king, religious leader, demons..etc), the someone you love, what you want to protect etc and then the story is being “made” by the player.Every time the game would be new( or atleast for a while). I think the best gameplay for a game like this is a metroidvania or odin sphere with mixes of visual novel for the cutscenes between actions =.= i dun know it came just now to my mind and i thought it could be great… now back to my visual novel project that i want to put going other than my head and papers…

    • Rocketujuiso

      If combat is engaging like those two examples of RPGs, then I don’t usually notice a grind. Paper Mario is probably the extreme example of the system’s simplicity, and Vagrant is somewhere near the end. Vagrant was so freshly juiced rupee-shaped awesomeland.

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