Sega Has “No Confirmation” If Yakuza 3 Is Coming Or Not

By Spencer . July 30, 2009 . 1:12pm

image Last night “news” spread that Yakuza 3 (Ryu ga Gotoku 3) was “never” coming out in North America. Crushing words, but there’s hope for Yakuza fans.


First, the Examiner updated their post and said the quote from Ray Almeda, a Sega employee, was not an official statement.


We asked the Sega PR representative that worked on Yakuza 2 what’s going on with Yakuza 3 and received the following statement.


“We have no confirmation on whether or not Yakuza 3 is coming over to the states. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes.”


While this isn’t a confirmation that Yakuza 3 is coming out, it leaves the door open for a possible release. There’s also a slim chance Yakuza 3 could get an international release via another publisher like Atlus or NIS America, two companies that specialize in localizing Japanese games and published Sega titles outside of Japan.

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  • TurkeyPotPie

    What are Sony’s rules on Japanese audio only for PS3 games? I know they relaxed that for the PS2 (which is how Yakuza 2 got released), but what about the PS3? If they require an English dub, that alone might kill a North American release given the previous two games’ sales here.

    • ragolslayer

      Well, if they release Yakuza 3 here with no English dub, it’s going to bomb anyways.

      • TurkeyPotPie

        I think the game would bomb *with* an English dub as well. There’s no market here for this game, unfortunately. The sales of the first two (on a much more healthy platform) show that.

        • ragolslayer

          Totally agree.

          I find it funny that nobody on the internet cared about this franchise until it started becoming a PS3 exclusive series. And now apparently everybody on the internet is bitter at Sega for not bringing Yakuza 3 over. Where were these people when Yakuza 2 came out?

          I remember all the stupid criticism of Yakuza 1 when it came out here in the States – “OMG I thought this was GTA in Japan?! It’s not? Well this game sucks then!” It was easily GOTY 2006 for me.

        • thaKingRocka

          the english dub was the reason i didnt buy the first one. i preordered part 2.

    • jarrodand

      SCEA demands dubs on retail but not digital iirc. Potentially, someone could release Yakuza 3 subbed only on PSN, but I doubt Sega thinks it’s worth it.

      Honestly, I think this would be a great opportunity for SCEA to swoop in and handle the game themselves. It’s a de facto exclusive with a lot of potential, and at this point PS3 can use all the help it can get…

      • thaKingRocka

        where does SCEA outline these ridiculous demands? i really would like to see them.

        • jarrodand

          I doubt they make submission guidelines and QA policies publicly available.

          • thaKingRocka

            it’s gonna sound like i’m busting chops,but i’m not. where’d you get your info from, then?

      • Pichi

        They are also hypocrites in a sense. Can’t remember names, but I know they themselves have published games with Japanese audio only. They can break their own rules at will. I bet when the next console comes, they’ll let it slide more just like the PS2.

  • Hideo2009

    Yakuza 3 sad, SEGA? sonic the hedgehog… the Playstation game. sad be confirmed…

  • Trotmeister

    Yawn, just the usual PR bullshit.

    PS. Never cared about the series and don’t pretend to.

  • thaKingRocka

    i just checked my battle fantasia box, and there is no exclusivity mentioned. it’s pretty likely this is the scenario. scea really are jackasses. i know they fought against kof single game releases for ages until they got budget prices.

  • Aoshi00

    While I’m all for Jpn dub since this is a Yakuza game after all, wouldn’t it be cool to find big shot Hollywood actors to voice all these gangsters, like James Woods or Alec Baldwin. I imagine they could sound pretty bad ass, and they did voices for the Simpsons and FF The Spirits Within, etc, not sure what the budget entails, sometimes they even do it pro bono if they’re interested in the project. The Kansai/Okinawan accents could be mimicked by Southern or Boston accents or whatever.

    I haven’t finished the 2nd game yet (Act 8), it really didn’t look good on the big TV, blurry and all.. and give us a freaking HD Shenmue 3 already.

    • Strike_Man

      The problem with any new dub crew would be very similar to the one many Shenmue fans experienced in the US (at least by those of us who imported the subtitled UK version so we could play without waiting another year for the XBOX launch).

      The short version is as follows:
      Shenmue – Japanese boy Ryo Hazuki, in Japan, speaks English
      Shenmue II – Japanese boy Ryo Hazuki, in China, speaks Japanese.
      At that point, we can only presume that Shenmue III will star Japanese boy Ryo Hazuki, in Tanzania, speaking Klingon.

      In the US, we already have had to deal with the fact that Yakuza 1 was released in English, and Yakuza 2 in Japanese. If Sega (hopefully) releases either of the PS3 Yakuza games in our market, I’d prefer that they just stick with the same cast they used in either of the prior titles, if only for the sake of continuity.

      But yes, I join you in hoping for an eventual release of Shenmue 3, even if it means having to deal with “Ndugu, ta’ SoH Sov nuqDaq jIH laH tu’ ‘op sailors?

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, the languages were definitely out of place in Shenmue’s world, but that’s due to the nature of game’s big scope (going to Africa, lol..) I thought it was rather fun to hear the characters speak Eng. w/ Jpn and Chinese accents, in a corn kind of way like the old Resident Evil games.. kind of grating to the ears now.

        Since I see Yakuza being a spiritual successor to Shenmue and they’re milking it w/ so many sequels and spinoffs, the outlook for the third installment seems pessimistic, at least one can hope (like Chrono Trigger 3)

      • pressstart

        Keeping the same VAs is just much harder than it is in Japan, so I wouldn’t bank on it at all.

        Anyway, since it’s blu ray, dual audio. No way can this game take the entire BD.

  • thebanditking

    If Atlus or NISA bring this over I will forever in their debt, if Sega brings this over well I’ll just consider this as a partial down payment for the appology they owe me for the lack of Shenmue 3. After playing the JP demo I can’t begin to explain how much I want to play the full game, it’s like Shenmue 3 but with most of my biggest complaints fixed. There is alot more fighting, and the combo system and overall mechanics are alot easier to get the hang of.

  • If they do the English dub it will not be big name actors, unfortunately, so it won’t be as good as the Japanese dub but I would take that over no Ryuu ga Gotoku at all. It’s amusing that Sony won’t release a game in Japanese. Remember when Microsoft and Sony were trying to deny all 2D games completely? They only know how to try and sell “hype” games which usually sell themselves. Don’t know their @$$ from their elbows when it comes to any title that doesn’t break a sales record on week one.

    PS: Did anyone else enjoy the movie? Good stuff. I can’t believe Miike directed it but then again, maybe I can.

  • None

    Ryu ga Gotoku 3 voice actor, the Yakuza 3? Sega Japan, meet week look game.

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