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New Details For Upcoming Yakuza Game Featuring Ichiban Kasuga Coming July 10

By Sato . June 24, 2019 . 4:00am

Ryu ga Gotoku Studio is working on a new Yakuza title featuring new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga, and series producer Daisuke Sato says they’re announcing more info on the game on July 10, 2019.

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Sega Talks Yakuza As A Multiplatform Series, On Possibilities Of More Atlus Games Coming To PC

By Sato . June 13, 2019 . 3:15am

The Yakuza series has made its mark on PC in recent years and Sega now considers it a “multi-platform series” so we can expect to see more in the future, and possibly more games from Atlus following Catherine Classic.

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Here’s A Closer Look At Yakuza Series’ April Fools’ RPG With Ichiban Kasuga In Full Glory

By Sato . April 2, 2019 . 4:00am

Sega’s Ryu ga Gotoku Studio had some fun on April Fools’ yesterday with a video showing a turn-based RPG Yakuza game inspired by Dragon Quest and Persona, featuring new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga.

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Yakuza Series April Fool Joke Involves Ichiban Kasuga In An RPG Battle

By Alistair . March 31, 2019 . 2:03pm

Sega has revealed a video of Ichiban Kasuga in a Yakuza game that uses turn-based battles instead of action battles, with Ichiban as the Hero class.

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Yakuza Series Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi On Switching Protagonists, And Adding Kiryu To Yakuza Online

By Alistair . March 30, 2019 . 4:12pm

Yakuza series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi commented on switching the protagonist away from Kiryu Kazuma and how the main series will see an evolution alongside it, and why Kiryu was added to Yakuza Online.

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A New Yakuza Game Featuring Ichiban Kasuga Is In Development For PlayStation 4

By Sato . March 20, 2019 . 1:00am

We’ve known that Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has been working on a new Yakuza project, and today Sega revealed that it’s a Yakuza game featuring new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga who debuted in Yakuza Online.

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Sega Wants To Hear From Fans About Sonic, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles, Phantasy Star, More

By Sato . March 19, 2019 . 4:00am

Sega is known for many popular franchises, and the company wants to hear feedback from fans on its longest-running series, including Sonic, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles, Phantasy Star, and more in a new survey.

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Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi On The Development Of Judgment, And Other Sega Games

By Alistair . January 26, 2019 . 5:30pm

Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi was present at Taipei Game Show 2019, where he talked about the development and player reviews for Judgment, as well as some other games like the new Sakura Wars title.

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Toshihiro Nagoshi Talks About His 30 Years At Sega And The Evolution Of Ryu ga Gotoku Studios

By Sato . January 25, 2019 . 3:00pm

Toshihiro Nagoshi, best known as the creator of the Yakuza series has been at Sega for quite some time—30 years, in fact, and he recently talked about working there and how Ryu ga Gotoku Studios evolved.

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Here Are The Top-20 Favorite Yakuza Characters, As Voted By Fans

By Sato . November 20, 2018 . 3:00pm

Sega launched a character popularity poll for the Yakuza series as part of the pre-registration campaign for Yakuza Online and the results are in. Here are your top-20 Yakuza characters as voted by fans.

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Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi Talks About Stories Behind F-Zero GX And Yakuza

By Alistair . August 14, 2018 . 8:30am

The latest issue of Edge magazine featured a long interview with Sega’s chief creative officer Toshihiro Nagoshi, who revealed stories behind the development of F-Zero GX and Yakuza, among other games.

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Yakuza’s New Titles Announcement Event Will Be Available For Viewing On Live Stream

By Sato . August 21, 2017 . 3:00am

We recently learned that Sega and Yakuza Studio are hosting a new titles announcement event for the series on August 26, and it’s been announced that it’ll also be available to watch online.

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Yakuza Studio’s New Title Announcements Event Set For August 26

By Sato . July 25, 2017 . 7:00am

Sega’s Yakuza Studio development team is hosting an event to announce new title(s) on August 26, 2017. Series General director Toshihiro Nagoshi says “there will be numerous announcements.”

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Yakuza Creator To Host Sega Live Stream With Persona Director Katsura Hashino On July 25

By Sato . July 18, 2017 . 3:45am

General director and creator of the Yakuza series, Toshihiro Nagoshi, hosts the next Sega Nama stream with Persona series director Katsura Hashino on July 25, 2017.

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Yakuza Series Director Says Wait Two More Months For “Something” On A New Yakuza Game

By Sato . June 27, 2017 . 6:00am

Yakuza series general director Toshihiro Nagoshi teased in the latest Sega Nama live stream that he’ll have some happy stuff to share about a new Yakuza game in about two months.