Unlimited Blade Works Movie Confirmed!

By Ishaan . August 9, 2009 . 12:30pm


Yup, the upcoming Fate Project movie is Unlimited Blade Works all right. The latest issue of Newtype magazine confirms it.


It also mentions that the movie will be animated by Studio Deen (responsible for the original Fate/stay anime as well as the ongoing Umineko no Naku Koro ni series), and directed and written by the same people that worked on the anime as well.


Unlimited Blade Works is set for a January 23, 2010 release.

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  • Reflect

    Whats up with the title? oO

  • Is this the Sakura path?

    • No, this is the Rin/Archer path. The Sakura path is Heaven’s Feel.

  • Awesome!

  • QBasic

    I still weep for the lack of love towards Fate/Zero.

    • I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. I can’t see Geneon not milking the Fate Project, considering how much of an asset it is to them.

      I just hope someone decides to bring the games over officially one day. I want my Hollow Ataraxia. ><

      • QBasic

        That’s true. Kara no Kyoukai got a pretty sweet movie-series treatment, so who knows when.

        As for the VNs coming stateside…I doubt it’ll happen. =/ Perhaps if they make PSP ports, we could hope Xseed would pull it off. But I think there’s other things to hope over…like the PSP ports themselves. Truth be told, TYPE-MOON has other things to prioritize than ports of their old games; there’s still that fabled “Tsukihime 2” that’s supposed to be happening.

        • Tsukihime 2? Isn’t that like, an urban legend? The only thing I remember is that fandisc. >_>

          To be honest, I’m kinda hoping Capcom decide to bring it over. I mean, they released Fate: Unlimited Codes in the West (although, it’s digital only in the U.S.). Who else would buy it other than fans of the franchise?

          I think a DS port (or even DSiWare for that matter — split it up into three different games, each with one path) would be somewhat viable…they’d just need to market it appropriately.



          …with like, one thread.

          • QBasic

            Lol, nice. One thread, nine posts. Isn’t that like…as niche as it gets?

            And besides…I recall reading some stuff over the past…urm, few years, that included some tidbits from TYPE-MOON. Most of the stuff they were talking about was Realta Nua, but I definitely recall them teasing Tsukihime 2 VERY subtly. I caught it on these old forums I used to check out, the Beast’s Lair:

            Being the dedicated and professional journalist that you are, perhaps you should do some snooping around for the scans? :3

            In any case…Tsukihime 2 IS gonna happen. Maybe not in our lifetimes, being the old men that we’re becoming, but Tsukhime and Melty Blood just left out too many things open. Like the story with the Apostles, and that Enhance dude.

          • I’d give up Metroid: Other M for Tsukihime 2, I kid you not. I’ll see if I can find these scans you’re talking about, but no promises unfortunately…I’m not a hardcore researcher like Spencer is. More of a features person. :(

            You know, it’s kinda comforting to hear you say Tsukihime 2 WILL happen…I’m wondering why it’s taken them so long. I actually though Tsukihime was better than Fate/stay overall.

          • QBasic

            Oh, it definitely is better. The only reason I surmise that Fate is more popular is that Fate got a better treatment, aka, didn’t get a batshit crappy anime adaptation.

            And while I’ll always love Melty Blood to death, Fate/Unlimited Codes is ultimately the better and tighter fighting experience, which is actually sort of surprising seeing as Cavia developed it…

            And….would you really give up Other M….seriously!? Stop…then think what you said. This is Metroid + Team Ninja we’re talking about…

          • Quick update: That Tsukihime “sequel” that people keep talking about in the Type-Moon Ace mag is actually a remake (totally checking that out). Far as I can tell, right now, Kagetsu Tohya is the only sequel to Tsukihime. :(

            Here’s the interesting part though. Nasu is also working on something called Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, which is a vnovel he was writing before Tsukihime. The protag just so happens to be the same lady that Shiki met at the start of Tsukihime.

            Nasu said he’d work on the next chapter of Mahou after the Tsukihime remake was done, so there’s still hope…

  • Starting a new thread. Not like anyone else is talking in here anyway. :P

    Here’s the link for the info: http://zepy.momotato.com/2009/01/19/stuff-from-type-moon-ace-vol2/

    P.S: Don’t get me wrong. Other M made me wet my pants. I just really, REALLY want to see Shiki and Arcueid’s relationship elaborated upon further, and everything else in the world fleshed out. If it came down to a choice between the two…yea… ><

    • QBasic

      The VN with Aoko, hm? Wasn’t that delayed and re-announced like…thrice…times two?

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