Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Lands In November

By Spencer . August 10, 2009 . 11:21am

imageGungHo announced Lunar: Silver Star Harmony will be available in Japan on November 12. Pre-order the Japanese version and you get a limited edition soundtrack containing “Wind’s Nocturne 2009” and “Tsu Ba Sa 2009”.


Xseed originally slated Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for fall, but I doubt we’ll get the game before Japan. Multiple retailers say they’re stocking Lunar: Silver Star Harmony in December. Before the game comes out enjoy more eye squinting screenshots and a trailer courtesy of GungHo. (Thanks for the tip Pesmerga00!!)



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  • pressstart

    Nice! I’d like to hear the 2009 version of those theme songs.

  • Ereek

    I want it, but silly GameArts. Stop remaking the same game over and over. Remake others, like Grandia, too.

    • I’ve never played any of the original/remakes, own the Eternal Blue package for PSX, but haven’t played that either. Hope this is a worthy effort to introduce the series as the characters and backgrounds look great compared to the older versions. Of course I can’t get into the whole argument about GameArts translations and stuff, so I’ll just accept that this could be the best version available.

      • Ereek

        Well, that comment was mostly because this is the fifth or sixth remake of the original Lunar. Off the top of my head, and I know I’m missing some, there are Sega CD, PSX, GBA, Saturn, and PC.

      • Ereek

        Ah, and to clarify my statement, I don’t just mean the fifth or sixth “port,” they’ve pretty much remade the entire game for each of those. The PSX and GBA versions are a good deal different from each other, and the Sega CD version even more so.

    • jarrodand

      Ugh, I would KILL for a cellshaded, HD Grandia remake.

  • Pichi

    Would love a Lunar 3!

  • malek86

    Did they keep the text formatted as if it were on a 4:3 screen? It looks really weird.

  • activa

    Game looks so nice. Now, if only Xseed will keep John Truitt as Ghaleon’s voice actor, and retain the original humor and charm, this will be the greatest game of 2009.

    • Ereek

      Truitt is really the only actor from the earlier English Lunars I will miss. He’s so bad and nasal, but so good.

    • I thought I heard in an interview they were going to stick with the original Japanese voices, instead of doing an English dub? I could be mix my games up…So much news about RPGs and voice acting these days, it’s hard to keep things straight, haha.

  • lalalander


  • maxchain

    I must say, I’m mildly shocked Gaijinworks didn’t call dibs on this one.

  • Kris

    Does anyone know if this is Lunar 1 & 2 or just Lunar 1? I’ve never played anything in the series before, but aren’t 1 and 2 supposed to be played together?

    • aion_lode

      This is just Lunar 1. Lunar 2 is a separate game, and is a sequel to the first one. You can tell just from the trailer though, this is one satisfying RPG.

    • I’m sure if this does well they’ll also remake 2.

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