Capcom Introducing Platinum Hits Triple Pack

By Ishaan . August 11, 2009 . 7:53am

If you’re short on cash and still haven’t caught up with some of Capcom’s Xbox 360 games, you might like their Platinum Hits Triple Pack.


The pack includes Dead Rising, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – Colonies Edition and Devil May Cry 4 for $39.99, which is an awesome deal if you haven’t played any two of these games. At the standard $29.99 price for a Platinum Hits game you’re getting one for free.


The Platinum Hits triple pack will be available September 8, 2009 onwards.

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  • jarrodand

    Amazing deal. They should reissue the older Phoenix Wright games this way. Or maybe the Wii RE games. Or the PSP MegaMans.

    • Yea, a Phoenix Wright box set would kick so much ass. I don’t know why more publishers don’t do this kind of thing. You’d think packs like Orange Box and Metroid Prime Trilogy would be viewed as lucrative oportunities.

      • jarrodand

        Yeah… the Metroid release actually has me thinking there should be huge opportunity for last gen reissues too. Imagine if Microsoft did something similar with Halo 1-3, it’d be a gigantic seller. Or SCE reissued ICO and SOTC on a single Blu-ray in preparation for TLG. Or all those GBA games that are now (1) out of print and (2) not playable on a DSi. I’d snatch up a MegaMan Zero Collection on a DS card in a heartbeat.

        • I know, right? Imagine if they were to do it with the Zelda games. You could probably fit every single one going back to the Gameboy (b/w) era on a single DS cart. That would be a pretty monstrous hit.

          • jarrodand

            Sounds like a good Club Nintendo release. Honestly, I’m sort of hoping that’s what the Super Mario Collection trademark turns out as.

  • phew

    Once you level up a bit (by restarting the games a couple times.) and learn about the book system, Dead Rising is great… I’d consider it a unique classic and I hope it becomes a parrallel sucess to the RE series.

    • Aoshi00

      Dead Rising was fun, but it was very hard for me, especially saving people under the time limit. I rebooted the save file once accidentally (at least it keeps your levels). It was very hard to see things when the lights are out in the mall. I probably went to a boss that I shouldn’t have gone to, I was no match for the shotgun guy, and the corridor was filled w/ zombies at night..

      I heard they’re throwing out the time limit thing in the 2nd game, if so that would be great.

  • BraveWind

    No, No Phoenix Wright!!! Bad Deal, I had to buy all of them last month D< and with this! I am having enough pain right now….

    • I only need Trials and Tribulation left and it is… rising in price. :(

      Capcom should at least reprint the games if there’s no bundle in the works.

      • Aoshi00

        If you don’t mind the “great hits” label, the Jpn Gyakuten Saiban 3 is only $24.90 on Playasia and it has both English and Jpn text. I have Jpn version of the trilogy since they came out earlier and had both languages anyway, I only rebought the US version for the first game because of the unique cover.

        • Does it have “English text” or the “English localization?” There’s not much point playing it without the awesome localization if you don’t understand Japanese…that’s what makes it so entertaining. ;)

          • BraveWind

            Yeah HUGGING the laptop for Translation kills the fun, makes it seem like home work hahaha.
            and I wish never ever! they make a greatest hits thing or something like this right here for Phoenix Wright because i am Already in enough pain….I got all the above games…..and Now I saved money just to get those Phoenix Wright, I got them last month, ALL of them in four days….Phoenix Hunting…it was tiresome lol

          • Aoshi00

            As I mentioned, the Jpn Gyakuten Saiban DS releases “are” the US localization. They just waited a couple of months to roll out the US version. So if they are rare and sellers are jacking up the price, just get the Jpn version.

            I can read Jpn and am almost done w/ Gyakuten Kenji now.

          • Aoshi00

            The Jpn release is 100% identical to the US localization, including the numerous typos that the subsequent US release didn’t bother to fix. The only difference is it has the additional option to choose to play the game entirely in original Jpn. Basically you get two saves, one for Eng and one for Jpn, and you get two games for the price of one. That’s why I never bother getting the US PWs, except the first one which had a different cover.

            I agree, I did play thru PWs in both Jpn/Eng, the localization done by the Capcom team is absolutely brilliant, I mean Taiho-kun as Blue Badger :) Save a few typos which aren’t a big deal but seem a little unprofessional w/o proofreading. Too bad I can’t say the same thing for Konami’s Time Hollow. I stopped in the middle of that game, but I’m replaying it in Jpn now and am able to get much more into it, maybe the “1-12” names just sound forced and stupid in Eng..

          • Yea, I remember you can read Japanese. You were making us drool with your Gyakuten Kenji impressions.

            If you thought Time Hollow was bad, you should’ve seen Lux-Pain. Marvelous decided to translate that themselves for some reason, and handed off their own English build to Ignition, who then tried to tidy it up with English voicework that would make more sense.

            Unfortunately, what you were left with was a game that tore your brain apart because the voices and text (littered with typos and bad grammar) were completely different.

        • I got lucky and Gamestop had the game for 20$. Thanks for letting me know about the import versions though.

  • danielyoung

    does anyone know how the games are packaged? do they all have their own box or are they all stacked ontop of each other like star ocean the last hope was?

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