Dream C Club’s Soul Crushing Ending

By Spencer . August 31, 2009 . 5:18am

image If working virtual jobs to pay virtual hostesses wasn’t depressing enough wait until you see this ending in Dream C Club from D3 Publisher.


Usually, dating sims end with the protagonist winning a girl or guy. A happy ending with a dream date is the genre’s reward. Dream C Club‘s courting process has players pay to spend time with virtual hostesses in hopes of winning their heart.


But, you can’t win Amane! After spending over tens of thousands of virtual yen and dozens of hours trying to woo her a 2ch poster discovered Amane sacks the player in the friend zone by saying “You’re my closest friend, aren’t you?”




And then she gets married… to her boyfriend.




Ouch! To add insult to heartbreak your reward is a measly 10 Gamerscore points and the “Dream is Over” achievement.



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  • bonafide

    Good lord! I didn’t see that one coming. It’s realistic in a way… disgustingly so.

  • MadMirko

    Awesome. :D

  • That’s life, man. What was that thing Shakespeare wrote… “better to have dated a video game character and win at losing”? Anyway, this happened to a friend of mine that frequented at a gentleman’s club, but at least this is virtual money!

    I heard about this ending a few days ago (release day even, yikes!). I wonder if the other hostesses “leave” you…

  • Cloud_ST

    Soul Crushing indeed.

  • shion16

    ouch that hurts
    but its a great ending

  • Kris

    Haha! I love how the heart icon gets so tiny afterwards.

  • maxchain

    That’s pretty amazing–what little I’ve seen of this game paints it as a pretty tongue-in-cheek take on the genre. Someone oughtta take a chance and release it in the States! Well, if a PSP port happens someday, at least.

  • Brutal

  • Aoshi00

    Ouch.. Love Plus all the way, the girls fall for you and “confess” to you instead of dumping you, lol. I guess that’s what the producer was talking about when he said there would be a big surprise.

    Kind of a spoiler though.. I wonder what would happen w/ the other girls too, if things all end up badly. What’s even worse is if you spent an extra 800 MS points on either the DLC gothic girl or the android and they kill the player at the end.

    Rui the teacher is my choice, I would shower her w/ virtual yen :) BTW, I love all the outfits. Will get this eventually.

  • nyoron

    Fine I’ll stick with Nao, she won’t betray me ;_;

  • Ahahaha, shows that money can’t always buy you love. Brilliantly and painfully realistic this.

    I’ve seen endings where your love interest tells you (s)he loves you but still goes away overseas or whatever, but this is the first time I’ve seen the player actually getting dumped. Hmmm, but this is the best ending you can get? Because if its a ‘bad’ ending its not too surprising.

  • anond

    I think now is the time to make an add-on for raeping scenes

  • DSveno

    *Get dumped*

    *Go home playing Dream C Club*

    *Get dumped again*

    *Hang myself*

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