Rising Star’s Muramasa: The Demon Blade Uses The Same English Translation

By Ishaan . September 14, 2009 . 2:43pm


Since some of our readers wanted to know, we got in touch with Rising Star Games to check if they would be doing their own English translation for Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Here’s what we were told.


“For the English version, we have taken the US localization and tweaked it slightly to iron out a few minor text issues, but for the most part, I’d say about 95%, it is the same as the US release,” a representative from Rising Star Games explained. The English translation was outsourced to Entalize, one of Japan’s larger localization companies. “Since we localize into five languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) its just more efficient to use something that is already available. We will only localize the English text again if the US translation was significantly flawed.”


On the bright side, Europeans don’t have too long a wait ahead of them before they can play Rising Star’s version of Muramasa. A representative from the publisher confirmed to us that they’re targeting November 13th as a release date, give or take a week at the most.

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    Thanks for following up on that Ishaan! Unless the original Japanese text isn’t that expressive to begin with, it sounds like the game was given a serviceable translation, but not too much of a localization by Entalize.

    • No problem. ;)

      A couple years ago, this sort of thing might have passed for a “decent” localization but after Okami, we have a really good point of reference for how these games could/should be handled. Muramasa is very similar in spirit.

  • Aoshi00

    Perhaps the potential PS3 version would include both Jpn and Eng text? If not, I might import the Jpn Wii ver. if the English translation is only so-so as some say. That’s why I was curious if the US version had Jpn to begin w/.

    • It really is so-so, I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Ignition with it. They were really lazy with the translation, just so everything fits in the box.
      They don’t make it as fun as what is actually said in Japanese. Atlus would have >>;

      • Not trying to defend Ignition too much, but they weren’t totally involved in the translation. Like Lux Pain, Muramasa was outsourced, but to a different firm. Entalize is credited with the work.

        Atlus and Xseed usually do translations in house with their own editors, which is different from the way Ignition handles Japanese games.

        • In all fairness, if every Marvelous game Ignition publishes is going to be badly localized, they may as well have stuck to XSEED who can handle things inhouse. :/

          • Aoshi00

            After Lux Pain, we gave Ignition the benefit of the doubt, and now two strikes w/ Muramasa :(… want this game so badly and hope to find a cheap Jpn copy, but telling myself to “wait”, too much double dipping… But on the positive side, at least it was localized and people get to play it in Eng. and the Jpn voice acting was kept for the true Jpn period feel.

          • You double-dip for damned near every other title but not one of the most fun games in recent months? Maybe our upcoming feature will help… ><

          • Aoshi00

            I do.. but most of the times I still try to get the best deal by jumping on sales. If I hadn’t heard about a likely potential HD port, I would’ve just gone ahead and pre-ordered the Wii ver. But now I hear you saying the translation is only passable, and Gametrailers saying the same, I don’t think I would want the half baked English localization, and it made me decide getting the Jpn ver. But the import is around $70 as it stands. If I see it on discount I might import it, otherwise I would wait a bit to see if it comes out on PS3 (like 428).

  • ECM

    It’s a great game even if the translation is merely run-of-the-mill.

  • Gringovic

    As long as it keeps the original Japanese voices and translation is only for the written text and the menus, I can live with it and will get the game once it’s out here :D

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