Sony Cat Is Pleased To See Tales of Vesperia On PS3

By Spencer . September 16, 2009 . 7:39pm


Toro, the Sony cat, and his buddy Kuro featured Tales of Vesperia on Torostation. The show highlighted game’s new features like full voice acting, Patty, and extra bosses made for the PlayStation 3 port.


Toro and Kuro appear to be really happy about Patty, the newly added pirate girl.

image image


And Patty is squealing with joy about the freedom to move in 360 degrees.



Meanwhile in Japan, an Xbox 360 owner pinesTales of Vesperia wont start.”




The picture from 2ch is a joke, but it would be nice if Namco Bandai released all of the bonus content in the PlayStation 3 version as DLC, even paid DLC, or an append disc.

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  • xemnas

    “The picture from 2ch is a joke, but it would be nice if Namco Bandai released all of the bonus content in the PlayStation 3 version as DLC, even paid DLC, or an append disc.”

    Um…no? that would screw over US ps3 owner since Namco would have EVEN less incentive to bring it over.

    • malek86

      PS3 owners in the west have been craving for some good RPGs, so I don’t think that would be a problem.

      Anyway, it probably won’t happen. Hey, for all we know, Sony might have asked for exclusivity on the additional content :P

    • Hraesvelgr

      Most people who wanted to play Vesperia already bought it, so I’m fine with the idea. Might get some extra sales off of the game from people who bought it already.

  • Aoshi00

    Yes, they really should offer these “practical” extras as DLCs for people who’ve alrdy bought the game (Ninja Gaiden 2, Vesperia, SO4, Eternal Sonata), I would rather pay $15 more for extra story/chars/bosses instead of being forced to get it again on PS3. These would be legitimate DLCs instead of us being nickle and dimed to death. I know people are going to say these are optional, but the extra ships in a shmup which should be unlockables? I’m looking at you Raiden IV.

    • xemnas

      If you bought it for the 360 you got it early, that seems to be the trade off.

      • Aoshi00

        You’re right, we get to play it one year early. But still, for people who supported them by buying the original game on day 1, it would be nice to be offered to purchase these additional contents if we are willing to fork over extra, like I bought the 360 ver for $60, I wouldn’t mind paying another $15-20, or even 25 to upgrade to this new edition, like the Lost and Damned for GTA4 or Mass Effect/Fallout 3’s new missions. So effectively 360 owners would have paid $80-90 for for getting this game 1 year early, while PS3 owners get to have this ultimate edition for just $60 1 year later (unless it’s Sony exclusive like malek86 said above, I dont know who makes this decision of putting it up as DLC or not, Sony, Bamco, or MS). That’s what DLC is for (ideally), to pay extra to purchase optional content that is created “after” the game is released. Instead, right now they just strip away what has already been made and sell everything by pieces (clothes from Dream Club, char/ships in shmup).

        I’m still going to buy the PS3 version, and realistically I don’t expect these to turn up as DLCs for 360, just wishful thinking.

  • Kris

    I have no idea how to play Mainichi Issho.
    Could anyone explain it to me?

  • thebanditking

    You guys might have missed this, but according to a member of the development staff there is just no way to release the extra content on the 360. He stated that the problem was that all the new stuff was programed for the PS3 only, meaning the game does not run on a multiplatform engine. So when the 360 version was finished they ported all the code to PS3 and began working on the extras. Simply put he stated that it would take a year to port all the stuff back into 360 code.

    Also stated that MS paid Namco for the game to be exclusive and the main reason for going that route the 360 was easier and cheaper to develop for, but they knew they were going to loose money on the sales of the game so it was planned that after the 360 version was done work on the PS3 version would begin, using the free money from MS and the 360 as a way to make PS3 development easier to afford.

    Also he stated that they never intended to cut anything from the 360 version but due to the release schedule Namco and MS settled on the game had to be put out, and that when they went to Sony about a PS3 version Sony told them they would have to add in bonus content to make it different from the 360 version or they would not license the game. The article was on Sankaku Complex (which is HIGHLY NSFW) so I wont be including a link.

    • I saw that, but that developer didn’t work on Tales of Vesperia. He worked on Vampire Rain, which was developed by Artoon and published by AQI.

      The origin is a little unclear, since it’s from a blog, but since it’s gone there may have been some truth to it.

      • thebanditking

        I see, I did not realize that the original post was removed. Since we will never get direct confirmation on this (thats how this stuff works) we will never truly know but the senario he laid out seemed right in line with others so I bet there is more turth to it then fiction. Still then all the better you did not include it in the article

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