Your First Good Look At Dragon Quest VI On The DS

By Ishaan . September 23, 2009 . 11:12am Here’s your first good look at Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie, the last game in the supposed "Zenithia trilogy." Unlike its predecessors, which were all developed by Chunsoft, the original DQVI was developed by Heartbeat — the studio that also worked on Dragon Quest VII for the PS1. The remake is, of course, being handled by ArtePiazza.


Heartbeat no longer exists but its original members went on to form Genius Sonority and develop Pokémon Colosseum, its sequel Gale of Darkness, Pokémon Battle Revolution and Dragon Quest Swords.


As we reported previously, Dragon Quest VI will be playable at Square Enix’s booth at TGS this week. The game features "Real" and "Dream" worlds, both of which the player must navigate through to reach the end.


For everyone that’s worried about a localized release, don’t be. It’s as good as confirmed.


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  • I’m not worried about DQ6. I’m worried about DQ9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pressstart

    Chunsoft developed the original DQ1-5 on the NES and SNES? I never knew that. I always thought it was just Enix’s inhouse developers that made it.

    • jj984jj

      Enix never had an internal team, they were always a publisher. That’s how Yuji Horii was able to work on Chrono Trigger.

  • maxchain

    Yikes, I’m suddenly less worried about a US release than the fact that this one was originally made by the minds that managed to make Pokemon battling boring.

  • Joanna

    screens look really nice. but Ishaan, that site hasn’t been undated in a while because DQ IV says now available, while DQ V still says coming Feb 2009, so I wouldn’t take the site as a confirmation, but more as SE originally intended to release the whole trilogy. They probably still do, but those remarks about DQ9 and DQ4/5 sales are worrisome :/

    • I do think they’ll still want to put DQVI out before Dragon Quest IX. I mean, it’s one of their biggest franchises in Japan and they spend so much time developing each new game. It just doesn’t make sense to let them stay put in the East.

      I think VI is inevitable because it’s just another game that helps build the brand. But yea, who knows what those comments were meant to imply…

      • weathervane

        As of Mar 31 of this year, DQIV sold 110k copies in NA and DQV sold 60k according to this chart ( Mere peanuts compared to FF, with DQV being their second-worst seller (Valkyrie Profile DS sold 50k). I’m sure that the numbers are higher by now, but not by much considering that a.) by that time (roughly a month after the game’s release in NA) people interested in the game had either made up their minds to buy it or wait for the S-E tax to be erased by a price drop and b.) DQV is out of print and becoming rare.

        There’s really not a lot of motivation to continue trying to foster interest in the series outside of Japan when sales are that low and only getting lower (note that DQV had roughly half the sales of DQIV at that time, though obviously we don’t know how many of those missing sales were tax holdouts, how many were people not yet done with DQIV, and how many were DQIV purchasers who didn’t like it enough to buy DQV). Even S-E’s new IPs Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery did better by factors of three to four. I hate to be pessimistic about this and I’ll be the first in line for DQVI and DQIX if they come out, but the future of the franchise looks extremely bleak to me.

      • mooncalf

        A text only translation can’t cost much, it looks like extra money for free to release an English version.

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