Fate/Extra Is An Alternate Scenario

By Ishaan . October 4, 2009 . 11:38am

http://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/fateextra_new.jpg It seems Fate/Extra isn’t going to be canonical. Instead, it’s an alternate re-telling of the Seventh Holy Grail War with some old and new characters. It still takes place in Fuyuki city and the protagonist — whichever one you pick — will be attending the same school.


Tohsaka Rin and Shinji are confirmed to be in the game. However, details are still scarce on what the deal is with Fate/Extra’s red Saber. Also, the story will play out differently depending on whether you pick the male or female protagonist.


There still isn’t any info on the battle system. However, judging by screenshots, it seems that both masters and servants will be required to go into battle in dungeons. The game is being worked on by a pretty star-studded team so I have faith:


Producer: Kazuya Niinou (7th Dragon)
Director: Shuetsu Kadowaki (Luminous Arc 2: Will)
Story supervisor: Kinoko Nasu (Type-Moon)
Art supervisor: Takashi Takeuchi (Type-Moon)
Main Theme: ALI Project


The game’s official website is up. After digging around, there seems to be at least one entirely new servant (pictured above) in the game. Fate/Extra basically looks like Persona 3 with a Fate theme — or to put it simply, awesome.


The game will release in March 2010. Limited editions will ship with figures created by Japanese company Figma. Come on, Xseed!

image image image

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  • Xien12

    I called it.

  • EvilAkito

    Sweet! ALI Project! I like their music, even though all of their songs sound exactly the same.

  • geosaferi

    I want this despite the fact that it’s an obv persona clone.

    • Ereek

      Edit, for the sake of clarity: Unlimited Codes was a fighting game, and everything I’ve seen shows Extra is more of an action-RPG. Other than aesthetically, I’m not sure how it’s like Persona at all.

      • geosaferi

        No, of course not all dating sims are Persona clones. Please just take another look at the screen shots. They are obv. going for a Persona vibe, if you are too blind to see that I have nothing else to say.

  • keriaku

    This looks delicious.

  • keriaku

    This looks delicious.

  • Kris

    I might just have to get this. I’ve been curious about Fate: UC, but haven’t purchased it because of the hesitation of spending $30 on a portable download.

    • Vaane

      I think it’s well worth the £20 i splurged out on it, but that’s probably cause I’m totally in love with the FSN series as a whole :P It’s pretty much a complete fighting game, and can be pretty complex, even if the AI is lacking a bit in some aspects. I really hope they release Fate/Extra over here, even if it’s just a digital download.

  • All I want is for this to be released outside of Japan so I can play it.

    With it being a RPG and all I definately want to get it :)

  • thebanditking

    Im in so long as its a disc release. I just hope someone good like Atlus or NIS picks this up, as I would hate to see it poorly localized.

  • gquain

    Oh damn, another game to write into my list of must-have games…
    I worry about my money right now c(-_-C)

  • HLL

    “Fate/Extra basically looks like Persona 3 with a Fate theme — or to put it simply, awesome. ”
    You spoke my mind there. Not the last part, though.

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