Atelier Lina Gets Her Alchemy Career Off To A Blazing Start

By Laura . October 6, 2009 . 6:02pm

imageThe story of Atelier Lina is a pretty hilarious mixture of misconceptions.  As Lina, you’re a girl just starting out as an alchemist, having just passed the state exam.  Just when she was going to tell the good news to Luon, her childhood friend was apparently in a big fight with his dad and ran off.  She chases him and they end up at the edge of some woods … which happens to be on fire.


Of course, being at the scene of the crime automatically means “caught red-handed” to the monsters who live in the forest, so to make them pay, the two have to earn enough money to rebuild the forest in three years.


What a great way to start a new career!


imageLina starts a business to fuel her forest repayment fund.  In her travels, she meets up with the head of a trading company. In return for a favor, he helps her with a peddling business.  The game runs akin to a quest system: Lina finds missions from rumors, then she completes the task, which you’ll probably have to do with alchemy, and then after it’s done, you earn money.  As you complete the requests, the story unfolds. 


The art looks beautiful, and the music on the homepage of the official site isn’t bad.  The merchant business is something new to me and the characters all look eccentric and fun to play as.


Atelier Lina, the next DS installment in Gust’s Atelier series, is slated for the Nintendo DS on December 12 of this year in Japan. 

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  • Ooh I hope for the best here, I also want to play Annie when it comes out. ^^

    • Annie does look cool. The plot sounds a little less silly than Lina’s, too. I was just reading up on it earlier this week!

      • I think the silliness is a sort of charm it has. I haven’t played any of Atelier series, and it’s honestly not the highest on my “to play” games list, but this does look interesting.

        The quests system is a bit of a skeptical thing for me, although the fact that you’re bartering as opposed to fighting does put a new light to things. More and more games seem to be fond of this quest system lately…

        • Mana Khemia 2 was my first Gust RPG. I’m a fan now.

          • Ereek

            Haha, welcome to the club. Did you try the Iris games released in the US?

          • No, Mana Khemia 2 is the only one I’ve played so far. In fact, I’m still working my way through it…there’s so much to do!

        • I feel the same, Laura! Honestly, I’m with you and Ishaan. I haven’t exactly dabbled deep into the Gust library, yet I have almost all the games sitting on my shelf. Is there a particular one I should start with? Not that I’ll get around to the series soon with all the games I have lined up but it’d be a nice mental note.

          • Ereek

            Maybe Mana Khemia or the first Atelier Iris? The first Atelier Iris is probably the closest to a traditional Atelier we’ve received until Annie is released.

            If you have Ar tonelico, that is probably the best to start with, since it is a nice balance of synthesizing and RPG.

          • Thank you. I believe I have both Atelier Iris and Ar Tonelico (I may only have AT2 and not AT). I’ll make a mental note of that. Need to check the game list and see if I ever got AT.

    • Ereek

      I definitely want Lina, especially since we’re not getting Lise. I already have the Annie Premium Box pre-ordered from Rosenqueen.

  • Atelier-games is something I’d like pumped into my veins so I’m definitely looking forward to this. Sadly I’m doubting NISE cares anymore because I think Atelier PS2 series sold pretty poorly in EU.. will have to get some numbers on that.

  • Soma

    Lina looks to be another great installment in the Atelier series. =3
    Hopefully Annie is received well in NA and we’ll also get to see Lina.
    I’ve been a huge fan of GUST since Atelier Iris was first released in NA.

  • Rciwws

    Alchemist? State Examinations? I smell FMA

    • Ereek

      Have you played the Atelier series before? It has had this theme, including the examinations, before FMA existed.

    • Also, Gust’s “alchemy” seems more rooted in chemistry than the philosophical, slightly magical aspect depicted in Fullmetal Alchemist.

    • Joanna

      guys, I think s/he was being sarcastic. :3

  • artonelico

    I do love Gust titles and I buy every single 1 that comes to America but I want Ar tonelico 3 for PS3 ASAP. Plus with Atelier Rorona coming to PS3 in America next Summer gets me very excited as well. Plus Atelier Annie this month in America and i’m going to reserve the Rosen Queen special edition for it.

  • Oh my goodness that looks absolutely adorable! Yay for more portable Atelier games!

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