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Fairy Tail RPG Shares A Closer Look At The Main Characters, Magic Battles, And Guild

By Sato . September 15, 2019 . 3:15am

A Fairy Tail RPG announcement came out of nowhere earlier this month by Koei Tecmo and Gust. At TGS 2019 they followed up with more details and a new trailer, showing more of its characters, setting, and Guild.

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Fairy Tail’s New Game By Gust Will Have Command-Based Battles

By Sato . September 11, 2019 . 12:30am

Koei Tecmo recently announced that a new Fairy Tail game that is in development by Gust. Additional tidbits of info has surfaced on the game in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.

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Gust Teases A Brand-New Project With A Teaser Trailer And More Updates To Come On May 28

By Sato . May 24, 2019 . 1:00am

Atelier series developer Gust is cooking up a brand-new project and we got a little peek with a new teaser trailer. More information is expected to follow on May 28.

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Atelier Lulua: The Alchemist of Arland 4 Announced For PS4 And Switch In 2019

By Sato . October 24, 2018 . 12:00am

We got a hint of a possible new Atelier game reveal and this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has delivered with Atelier Lulua: The Alchemist of Arland 4 for PlayStation 4, slated for release in Japan in 2019.

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Atelier Arland Series Gets A Teaser For A New Title

By Sato . October 23, 2018 . 3:00am

Koei Tecmo and Gust teased a new entry in the Atelier Arland series in a preview for this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine with a look at an image board of a town that will be in the new game.

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Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists Will Have Guests From Ciel nosurge And Other Gust Classics

By Sato . September 24, 2018 . 1:30am

In addition to a new trailer and gameplay footage we saw at TGS 2018, Gust had a few more surprises to share for its upcoming title Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists.

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Here Are The Top-40 Atelier Characters As Voted By Fans For Series’ 20th Anniversary Poll

By Sato . August 23, 2018 . 5:00pm

As part of the ongoing celebration of the Atelier series’ 20th anniversary, Gust had a character popularity poll a couple months ago, and the results are in with the top-40 characters as voted by fans.

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Atelier Series’ New Vocal Collection Album “Akkord” Releases September 26

By Sato . August 14, 2018 . 2:30am

The Atelier series is getting a special vocal collection album with songs performed by singer Haruka Shimotsuki, featuring tracks from Atelier games dating back to Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.

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Atelier Series Teases A New Development Set To Be Revealed On June 14

By Sato . June 1, 2018 . 3:30am

Gust recently started a new character popularity poll for the Atelier series, and those who participate are greeted with a page showing the 40 characters from the poll and a little teaser.

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Gust Celebrates Atelier Series’ 20th Anniversary With A Character Popularity Poll

By Sato . June 1, 2018 . 3:00am

Who will you pick as your favorite Atelier character from the list of 40? Will it be the more recent Lydie or her sister Suelle, or Escha & Logy? What about Meruru, Totori, Ayesha, or even Marie or Schia?

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Gust To Announce The Next Atelier Game In May Or June, More To Come For Blue Reflection

By Sato . March 19, 2018 . 7:30am

During a recent broadcast by Gust called “A Look Back On Atelier Lydie & Suelle Special” it was revealed that a new Atelier game is in development and it is expected to be announced in May or June.

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Gust Wants To Make A Blue Reflection Sequel To Respond To Fan Demand

By Sato . November 7, 2017 . 3:45am

Gust producer Junzo Hosoi had a little bit to share about the future of Blue Reflection in a creators interview feature in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

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Atelier’s 20th Anniversary Commemoration Video Looks Back At The Series

By Sato . June 16, 2017 . 6:00am

The Atelier series is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Gust put together a nice little video for the fans, looking back at many titles from the alchemy-themed RPG series.

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Gust Is Preparing A Special Title For Atelier’s 20th Next Year With Fan Appreciation In Mind

By Sato . December 27, 2016 . 8:30am

Gust brand producer Keisuke Kikuchi sat down with 4Gamer to share a bit on what they have planned for next year, which happens to be the Atelier series’ 20th anniversary.

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Gust And Toei Animation Teaming Up For A Major Project To Be announced September 16

By Sato . August 29, 2016 . 1:30am

Toei Animation and Koei Tecmo brand Gust are teaming up together for a major project that is expected to be revealed on September 16, 2016.