Analyst Suggests New Nintendo Portable Next Year

By Ishaan . October 11, 2009 . 1:32pm


This is one of those stories that are hard to comment on because it could really go either way. Earlier today, Nintendo’s shares in Japan gained by 6.7% on the Osaka Securities Exchange — their biggest advance in almost a year — after financial services company Citigroup Inc. raised their investment rating on the company.


While the DSi is doing fine, sales of the Wii in Japan haven’t been anything to write home about for the majority of this year. Citigroup analyst Soichiro Fukuda, however, believes that the worst may be over and that Nintendo will introduce a new DS model in June of next year to help boost its earnings.


Common sense would dictate that the Wii is the machine in need of a revision right now, but I guess that goes without saying. Following this holiday season’s fairly impressive line-up of releases, there’s nothing that has been announced for 2010 that Japan would be particularly interested in, aside from the Vitality Sensor.


If you take the worldwide market into account though, yeah — the Nintendo DSi is going to be faced with some tough competition next year and this is something they’ll probably want to address.

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  • eliel

    that be cool if Nintendo dose announce a new handheld, as long as its compatible with ds/dsi games(i still use the original DS)

    or a new Nintendo console….

    • And as long as its region free. :D

  • It’s too soon… I don’t think this will happen for a few years.

    • pedrron

      yeah. way to soon. just keep releasing great ds games nintendo/third parties. besides, i would never trust anything citi does/says. company is in the crapper.

      • Ereek

        I also agree it’s too soon.

        I still play my GBA games! Not to mention my GBC games on my GBA. . .

        • I actually *just* got into GBA games! Never had one before, but it was a pleasant surprise that they could play CB and CBC games, too.

          As for a new handheld, it is a bit soon, but who knows what they actually have planned for it. With each system they push out there’s at least some new function or feature that is different enough to warrant interest.

    • Joanna

      agreed. DSi launched just last year. Unless they mean new colors, then sure, Japan always gets a bunch of colors.

  • geosaferi

    I’m not buying any sort of DS til they are done with these revisions, probably by the time they create the next Nintendo portable.

  • doodofdoods

    DSi Micro.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I predict that the Wii 2 will come out next for Nintendo, they have done nothing but portables as of lately and the console war will happen again soon.

  • Aoshi00

    Pls tell me this is a joke, I alrdy have 3 DSs alrdy, phat, lite, and DSi, no more.. also like others said, thought the priority would be Wii HD since it’s practically a dinosaur..

    Speaking of Citigroup, I still hit myself over the head for not buying its stock when it hit under 90 cents per share last year… well, no should’ves or could’ves, still….

    • pedrron

      You realize it’s at $1.10 right now right?

      • Aoshi00

        I remember it jumped back to $3 – 4 after a couple of days and stayed there for a good while.. like I said, no use for calling “ifs”…

      • Aoshi00

        BTW, I thought about it and it didn’t sound right. You looked at the stock for CIT, which is a company that does factoring (among other things, requested for gov’t bailout several months ago but got denied, I was worried too since the company I work for also does business w/ CIT), not Citigroup. Citigroup has been above $4 and stayed there after the rebound (hit the lowest below 90 cents last year). that’s what I meant by missed opportunity. I was actually going to set aside $2000 for that, I thought if I lose it I lose it, but worth taking a chance, but was convinced not to by a friend who’s an “expert” (he bought it at over $30/share at 2007).

    • I also hope this isn’t serious. I’ve been strong-willed in not buying my 3rd DS (the DSi) for a bit now. If they come out with a bundle I’ll be hooked like a fish and sad at the same time. The DSi is so tempting simply because of it’s matte finish instead of the super high-gloss shine of the DS Lite.

      • Aoshi00

        Matte is definitely better than glossy, the DSi is much more comfortable to hold as well since it’s wider (phat was bulky and lite was too small). My Lite was an onyx and I found myself constantly trying to wipe clean the fingerprints which of course was no use. I too fell for a bundle, the white Gyakuten Kenji one w/ the blue badger emblem which is pretty cute and less boring than plain white. So I’m hoping they won’t come up w/ yet another DS w/ slight modification, that’s just ridiculous..

        • Saint_Tibulus

          Glossy looks a way better than matte, and if fingerprints are a problem then clean your hands :p

          • Aoshi00

            Glossy looks good but it’s not practical, not to mention matte gives a better grip instead of slippery. All my games are in pristine condition and I’m extra clean when it come to handling my collection. I think the fingerprint problem wouldn’t go away unless I burn off mine like a criminal :P

          • Saint_Tibulus

            Or get a pair of custom gaming gloves:P

          • Aoshi00

            Well, to think that people actually buy a rubber protective cover for their portables to get a better grip (I think wearing gloves would pose more of a hazard). Also I do have the LE DSi now, problem solved, feels great sliding my mitts all over it, lol

          • Saint_Tibulus

            Show off:P

          • No way. Glossy does nothing more than give you annoying glare. Seriously, I despise glare. I prefer matte HD TV’s without a high gloss also. I don’t enjoy seeing myself on the TV while watching a movie in the dark. =P

          • Saint_Tibulus

            There are matte and gloss HD TV’s? I had no idea if I’m honest. I assumed they were all standard. Learn something new every day….

          • Gotta reply here (silly length of replies!) I didn’t know about the Gloss vs Matte until I did a lot of research for my HDTV last year. I can’t see any articles at work, but this link looks like it might give an example of the “VS” even though it’s for computers they have the same deal with the TVs.

            ttp:// [add the “h” at the front]

          • Saint_Tibulus

            Crap. I did no research when I bought my HDTV, I shouldve looked into it.

          • Aoshi00

            My 46″ Samsung I got 2 yrs back also has a glossy frame, but it’s a great TV and thankfully the glare doesn’t district too much (did lots of research before buying it). I was annoyed by even the chrome tray on the Elite seeing my own reflection moving, so I’m perfectly happy w/ the white tray :)

          • Aoshi00

            BTW, I meant to say my TV has a matte screen, just the frame around it. They say glossy screen is actually better for viewing movies, but it only works when the room you watch movies in is dark enough so there would be no reflection. However, the glossy screen on my Vaio notebook is quite distracting, I had no idea that it wasn’t matte, I thought all monitors are matte..

  • Saturnus

    Waay too soon. A lot of people just blew a ton of money on a DSi, and if a new model is excepted so soon? That’s ridiculous. :/

    Guess if it is true and the DS2 gets released 2011 I’ll just exchange my DSi for it lol. Hopefully it’s not true.

    • Aoshi00

      The thing is they haven’t even done anything for the DSi yet… other than stretching your face and adding a Mario mustache…

  • MadMirko

    The awesome JoshuaJSlone (from GAF) posted a few examples of how long it took from one revision to the next:

    GBA to GBASP: 20 months
    GBASP to GBM: 31 months

    DS to DS Lite: 16 months.
    DS Lite to DSi: 32 months

    PSP to PSP-2000: 33 months
    PSP-2000 to PSP-3000: 12 months
    PSP-3000 to PSP Go: 14 months

    DSi to June 2010: 19 months

    • ShinGundam

      GBM and PSP go are too different from previous models

      • Saint_Tibulus

        GBM was exactly the same as the original, just smaller. There is no comparison at all with the PSP Go.

  • ElTopo

    This seems perfectly in line with Nintendo’s previous track record of new system lineups. Three revisions and then a new model. For those complaining too soon, you don’t have to buy it, there’s still plenty of great software within the DS’s library of games that I’m sure you haven’t played as well as many more releases coming out next year and in the following year even after a new handheld was released.

    If a new system comes out its very much going to be a fully new handheld, not a revision. More like a DS2, hopefully set up to compete more with the power of the PSP 3000 and the Iphone. I would love to see a DS with 2 touchscreen OLED’s with multitouch, a nvidia tegra processor, flash memory, SDHC, wifi, blutooth, with BC support for DS/DSi games.

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