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By Ishaan . October 11, 2009 . 9:00am

This is our first time attempting anything of the sort, so go easy on me. The site’s going through a couple minor changes, so I figured a community update of sorts was in order. There’s basically two things that need discussing:


1. Facebook!


A lot of you guys have been getting very friendly with each other in the comments and Spencer and I have been getting to know you as well. Heck, some of our longtime readers have been around for years now. We figured — since one can never have too many nerdy friends — that we’d open up the channels of communication and let us all interact with each other a bit more.




In light of this, Siliconera now has a group on Facebook. Also, Disqus allows you to list your FB page in your profile and displays it next to your comments near your blog link — as illustrated in my finely-crafted example image. So feel free to head over and start flinging dung at each other. Or, you know, having meaningful discussions or playing games together. We couldn’t do that before but with Phantasy Star 0 and Monster Hunter Tri coming up, I figure this will be useful.


(Yes, I know the font is off and the timestamp is missing in my mock-up.)


2. Siliconera Speaks Up / Facebook Files


SSU is on hiatus as of….last week. We felt it was getting a little too long for a blog post and there wasn’t enough of a discussion as opposed to people just…saying stuff. HOWEVER. It will be replaced by another, similar-but-cooler feature a week or so from now, so don’t be disappointed. Hopefully, you’ll like what we have planned. We’ll talk more about this next week, probably. In the meantime, you can start up your own discussions on the Facebook group. Oh look, there’s one now!


Good discussions that take place on Facebook will be considered for front page publishing on Siliconera as a summarized "Facebook Files" feature, so we can highlight what’s on your minds every week. The format of this feature will be flexible depending on the length of the discussion and the number of participants. This is hopefully something that publishers will find useful, too, since quite a few of them tend to read Siliconera.


That’s about it for now. If you have any questions or suggestions, fire away…we’re all ears. This is a community effort after all!


Public service message: Kimi ni Todoke now has an anime. Everyone go watch it!

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  • Haha, I remember asking Spencer if he liked moe. I’ll never forget the answer . . .

    This is something I’ve been wondering Siliconera should have for while. It’s not exactly a forum (then again, you can only make so many “what’s Your Top 10 Dreamcast GEAMS!” threads), but this is an interesting function with potential.

    Not only that, but my “video game” folder under my bookmark page is getting crowded so this will level it out. Who knows, I might have something interesting to contribute for once, too!

    • Slashlen

      Any chance of sharing that answer?

  • malek86

    Cool. I’m joining. My FB account is a bit empty anyway, this might liven it up a bit.

  • Member 23! :D

  • QBasic

    Kimi ni Todoke? >_> Weren’t you supposed to plug Canaan a WHIIILE ago, dude?

    Lack of love, man… T_T

  • Saint_Tibulus

    I for one am definately going to miss SSU…

    • Trust me, we’re working on it. :)

      • Saint_Tibulus

        I’ll hold you to that haha

  • kazalt

    Signin’ up now!

  • Ooh, we’re at 43 members now. Thanks guys! :D

  • Yes. Perfect opportunity to show off my profile photo from last weekend hanging out with Keita Takahashi. :P

  • thaKingRocka

    well, i think rather than be upset that words that i have never said have been accredited to me, i will simply give you the thumbs up and lend credence to the mock-up. here goes:

    wat lol


    • I was wondering when you’d show up. XD

      Oh, in case you’re wondering, Spencer’s line starts with, “hay guys…”

  • Soma

    Awesome. =D
    Great job, guys. I’m new to commenting on the site here, but I’ve been a long time reader.

    Also, is this Kimi ni Todoke anime released in North America? I’ve been reading it and it has quickly become one of my favorite series. =3

    • Yea, I love the manga, too. I think it’s better than the anime personally. The anime is very new. The first episode just aired in Japan earlier this week.

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks for the heads up. Just watched ep 1 tonight, animation quite beautiful. Sawako was so cute, will try to watch this just for Noto Mamiko alone :) My last shoujo were Bokura ga Ita, Honey & Clover, and Nodame Cantabile. Right now not watching any anime other than Naruto, Dragonball Kai, & Cross Game. Just saw Letter Bee (Tegamibachi) too, love the opening song sung by Suga Shikao.

        • Sawako is gorgeous. She looks so much nicer than your usual anime girl design. Love the hair. I need to finish Nodame Cantabile. Damn backlogs…they’re everywhere imaginable!

          My watch list for this season is:

          * Kimi ni Todoke * Letter Bee * Nyan Koi * Tatakau Shisho – The Book of Bantorra * Kuuchuu Buranko (this looks insane) * Inu Yasha Final Act

          • QBasic

            Oi, oi, oi oi! Aren’t you forgetting To Aru Kagaku no Railgun? That’s like…this season’s highlight, man! D:

          • Isn’t that an off-shoot of something else? I’ll need to go catch up on the rest of the series if I want to watch it…

          • QBasic

            To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index)

            Really. You owe it to yourself to watch em both. …Hmm. Hmmmmm! You can ditch Inuyasha! :P

    • Soma

      Thanks for the info everyone! =D
      I’ll be sure to check out the Kimi ni Todoke anime series soon. The manga is excellent!
      Also, I’ve only watched the Tegami Bachi opening and closing. Love the closing song. HIMEKA is awesome. =3

  • Wow, I disappear for a weekend and lots of people join the group. Awesome! I just won’t link my FB profile here because I’m weird and overly private at times. I’ll just stay on the Siliconera Group. Since I’m a total FB “n00bie” is there a way for me to easily find the Siliconera Group when I’m on? I always have to go up to the top right and search for it. Is it somewhere on my profile? Haha, I’m not taking the piss–I have no idea!

    • Haha, I had trouble with that, too! You need to look at the bar on the bottom left of the screen. There’s a tab that says “Groups.” You can access it from there.

      • Wonderful. I’ll check that when I get home. I’m so ignorant when it comes to these social networking sites…

  • Oh nice. Except that my username here and actual name are completely different :P First one to actually find me gets a cookie xD

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