D3’s PSP “Trap Adventure” Game

By Spencer . October 14, 2009 . 12:02am

Misshitsu no Sacrifice (loosely Sacrifice in the Secret Room) takes place in a facility deep underground, known as the Foundation, where five girls are trapped.


The set up is as mysterious as the game. D3 Publisher pegs Misshitsu no Sacrifice’s genre as “trap adventure”, but gameplay details haven’t been released. All we have is this trailer, which introduces the characters.



Trap adventure made me think of Night Trap, but Misshitsu no Sacrifice could be a sci-fi visual novel. D3’s interpretation of adventure is different than ours. Vitamin Z is also classified as an adventure game.

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  • MisterNiwa

    You dont want to know what i thought first when i read ‘Trap Adventure’ …

    • malek86

      Yeah, me too. Too much internet can do that to you.

    • Slashlen

      We’re all thinking the same thing.

      • overlord_laharl

        Same here, more when they said five “girls”

    • In retrospect, I see why you may have thought of Admiral Ackbar. Should have been more careful with this.

      • I believe he’s talking about a different, more retarded, internet meme, Spencer. Unless you’re also implying that with the Ackbar reference. ._.

        • Oh, now I see what you mean… (*needs to be more careful about internet memes*)

          • QBasic

            Worry not. You weren’t the only one who thought of that… =_=

            It’s only proof that we’re just a bunch of old dudes.

          • Hahahah… damn, you’re right. I may go cry now.

    • Totally thought the same thing. So I know as well.

      And what are the chances of us getting this?

  • CIN

    Trap you say, I wonder whether I’m having the same thoughts as you right now :]
    It’s not the Internet, it’s Japan’s fault for putting all that stuff into our heads!

  • Trotmeister

    I actually read “trap” as a “trap” in a conventional sense of word, I feel special.

  • I wonder if the traps will be similar to Tecmo’s Deception or Theresia.

  • We need more cross dressers in games we really do

  • eliel

    sounds pretty cool, When i saw “Trap Adventure” i thought of the saw movies…..

  • doubleO7

    It kinda reminds me of Higurashi. A bunch of cute anime characters suddenly turning violent…

    It looks interestng though. I wish D3 would release it in America, but its probably not going to happen. These types of games rarely get translated.

    • It makes me wonder what D3Publisher is actually doing in the U.S.
      Let’s see; Astro Boy: The Video Game, Secret Saturdays, Texas Cheat ‘Em, 30 Great Games…

      . . .

      • Well D3 seemed to be willing to try out some Japanese stuff like OneChanbara though I doubt this will get picked up. I’m hoping it’s more than a visual novel so we have a better chance of localization (assuming it’s good).

  • vegalta

    Crap, another game I’ll have to import due to its, um, promise of interesting gameplay mechanics. ;-)

  • Chow

    Besides the Visual Novel and Night Trap-style idea, may I suggest that it might be a Crimson Room-style game?

    Though, I’d really like to see this done in a Night Trap-style game. I’ve played the Sega CD version and some Flash adaptations of it, and they’re really fun if you know what you’re doing, though I can’t say much about replay value. There aren’t enough of those.

  • dv8shun

    Can’t watch the video because I’m at work, but is this going to be one of those wacky guro visual novels?

    • There’s blood, but no gore in the video, but it’ll probably be. Like mentioned already “Trap Adventure” seems very Saw or Deception-like.

  • meganeshounen

    A game full of girls, turning out to be traps?

    I’d say… fund it.

  • Is this releasing in America?

  • Aoshi00

    I think Misshitsu here is better translated as “locked room” as in locked room murder (misshitsu satsujin)?.. since this is kind of like a “Saw” scenario. They really like to go for the cute girls who get bloody for shock value these days don’t they. There are a couple of simulation games on the 360 that seem to have lots of violence too. Will need to see reviews before getting this.

  • Moriken

    Looks visual novel-ish alright. The screenshots on the official site seem to indicate something in the direction of an AVG-type novel. It has narrative text, although you obviously are able to move around a cursor on the backgrounds as well, indicating some more interactivity as has become the norm with the genre nowadays.

    And I get some huge Secret Game/Killer Queen vibes from this scenario…

  • Nekobo

    Makes me think of Higurashi. Moe and violence, yay.

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